Riot Grasper | Vol. 2 – Ch. 7 | The Final Outcome | Pt. 2

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2nd Volume, 7th Chapter 【The Final Outcome】 2nd Part


At that moment, an entreating cry resounded in the tranquil wetland.
――From the mount which the demon was earlier astride.

Dragging its body that was crammed with arrows, it approached.
It wanted to protect the demon… but it didn’t seem to have strength…
It was almost crawling on the ground.

After struggling for a while, it stopped close to where the demon and I were facing off.
Its abdomen could be seen heaving faintly which meant it was breathing. Even though it was still alive… it didn’t seem to be able to move anymore…

「I have one request.」
「…And that is?」
「After you kill me, finish Luna off as well. It has been suffering for too long… Poor creature…」

…Stop it, me…

…What are you thinking?

「For going along with my selfishness… Thank you, Luna…」

However, it was necessary to confirm one thing.

「There is one last thing I want to ask. In the south of Souven Empire――from here, going south across the Liebe Mountain Range, there was supposed to be a beastkin village. It was invaded by demons… Did you participate in the invasion?」 (Translator’s note: Rave Mountain Range has now been changed to Liebe Mountain Range)
「South of Souven Empire… huh? I have no idea…」

――I heard from Arnold-san afterward. The demons who invaded the village were cruel beyond limit. The way they killed everyone, it seemed as if they enjoyed homicide.

「I… don’t feel hesitation in killing humans, but I don’t partake in it as a hobby… However… I have an idea as to who may have done it…」
「They are…」
「Would you understand if I tell you? …Oh well. If you go south from that beastkin village, you will meet them.」

「――I understand. Well then, you have two options. Choose.」
「What do you mean?」

While receiving the demon’s gaze, which was full of suspicion, I pointed to the jaw of the lying abreast mount.

「First of all, I can’t kill that mount. Didn’t I promise you so? …I won’t touch that beast no matter what… After all, you never touched my companions.」
「When you were going to kill me with that huge Fireball, you said you would keep your words, and you indeed didn’t touch them. I can’t be the only one to go back on my words.」
「Don’t kid with――「…Am I? No, I’m quite serious here…」

My opponent kept her promise. I must keep mine, too.

「If I did that… err… Luna-chan? …would suffer and die groaning…」

Looking into the eyes of the enraged demon, I continued.

「You don’t accept charity, right? Then, you have to pay compensation.」
「What… do you mean?」
「What I mean is, I will heal that mount, and in exchange, you will have to pay compensation. Furthermore… When it has recovered fully, it may go on a rampage, so it will be your duty to take it with you. If you don’t mind, I can heal your injuries, too.」

For a moment, the demon’s face turned silly. It really was precious to her.

「Are you in your right mind…? I may cause you harm again once my injuries have been healed.」
「Although the situation is different, are the details not essentially the same as I offered earlier. At that time, you rejected it and contested. Now that you have lost, you have to swallow that very same offer… Even though it may seem like adding to the humiliation…」

After gnashing her teeth, the opponent laughed.

「You… are good with words…」

…Although I would die if she attacked in perfect condition, my overly indulgent life would be settled…

「Oh well. That’s only one of the two options. There’s another option…」

I budged the thrusted sword a bit and spun those words while forcing a fearless smile.

――Or die? It might be a cool thing to say, but…

「――――Or be my pet.」

「Fu… haha- ahahahaha―――― …You really are one amusing human…」

――It might be my imagination… but those words of hers didn’t have that cold impression.


She stood up with a *goto* sound and threw the large bow onto the ground.
I decided to have the demon temporarily disarm during the treatment.
Even though her Body Arts were a risk… I had no choice but to trust that the opponent would not resist.

――The demon naturally chose the first option.
Actually, the second option was merely for the sake of it. However, if she really chose that, it would then be perplexing.

「Is it fine now? If you told me to take everything off, I would have to abide, but…」
「Eh!? No… It’s fine, really… On the contrary, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on healing if you did.」

During that exchange… 『No! It’s so embarrassing! Kyaa!』 Well, there was no way that would happen. The demon was probably talking about disarming everything.

I told Lim I would explain the situation later. She had been on alert for quite some time now. I started healing the mount right away.

By the way, my flank had already healed by itself.
The demon was observing quietly from the side. Her healing had been put off.

I extracted the sticking out arrows from its body with one hand. Simultaneously, I applied 《Light of Healing (Light Healing)》with the other hand and patched its wounds up.

-――After repeating the process a number of times, only the large arrow fired from a crossbow remained.
Because it had penetrated deep into its body, it would be difficult to extract it with one hand.

「Would you please give me a hand?」

Upon my words, the demon meekly nodded.

「Ah, I understand.」

While the arrow was slowly extracted, I applied 《Light of Healing (Light Healing)》 with both hands.
The mount groaned a little in pain, but firmly endured.

「――Fuu, the healing of the mount is complete.」

It took a good deal of time, but the healing finished safely.
I gazed at the figure of the mount once again.

Luna, huh… Its race was Griffon. Upper half of an eagle’s and lower half of a lion’s… right?

As for the skills it possessed, 《Claw Arts Lv3》, 《Wind Magic Lv2》, and ――《Perception Sensitivity Lv3》…?
Was my Optical Camouflage seen through due to this?

The demon, who had been quiet until now, had her attention drawn.
The mount was ready.

「…Now then, it’s your turn next…」

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