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2nd Volume, 7th Chapter 【The Final Outcome】 3rd Part

Next, the healing of the demon commenced.
First, the gash she received from her shoulder through to her abdomen due to my slash.
The wound wasn’t deep, though, because the power had died down during the contest with the Fireball.
I held my palm out to her shoulder, then chest, and then abdomen in order to heal.

The mutual distance between us was close. My hand was moving along the curved lines of the woman’s body… However, not a single rude thought rose in my mind…
I wasn’t so brave as to get excited amidst the risk of getting my head twisted to 180 degrees in the event of slight negligence.

――When the demon’s healing finished safely, too, I spat out a breath.
Out of the corner of my vision, when I saw the demon putting her hand in the sack on her waist, I was alarmed a little.

「…Relax. Here――」

――What she tossed to me was a small radiant white oval… ball?

「…With this, I have paid the compensation. Unfortunately, I don’t have a human used currency on me, at the moment. Since you can convert this white magic crystal, it can be considered money in itself.」
「…Well then, thanks.」

I couldn’t remember thinking over compensation at all. I stuffed it into my pouch.

「That was for Luna. I would of course pay its compensation… However, that was the last thing of any value I had. As for my compensation… How do I pay?」

Aah… What to do…?

「Even if I have to leave the spear or the bow lying over there, it will be fine.」

The first thing that came to my mind was a skill.
Either the demon’s Body Arts or the Griffon’s Perception Sensitivity.
However, because I had already received a jewel as the Griffon’s compensation, nothing could be done about it.

Let’s say, how about if I send the demon off after taking a skill from her?
I could obviously not tell her about Thief’s Godly Skill; however, under incomplete information, the demon would suspect me. Her fellow demons targeting me afterward; thinking of such a situation churned my stomach.

「First off… Forget that today’s affair ever happened.」
「Why is that?」
「Don’t you think that you crashing here, in Paudal Wetland Belt, is an irregular occurrence? Therefore, I don’t plan on reporting it upon returning to the town. You, too. Forget about what happened today. It would be too unpleasant to be revenged by your fellow demons later on.」

I didn’t know as to what her status was amongst the demons. However, if she turned out to be a young lady of some big shot, it wouldn’t be funny. If they sought me to settle the score, I would seriously cry.

Judging from her strength, she would definitely not be of lower status amongst the demons.
The opponent nodded in acknowledgement.

「I can’t think of any compensation right now… As for the settlement, how about granting me a wish?」

Saying just that, the demon straddle the back of the Griffon and took off into the air.
Flying dexterously at low altitude, she collected the spear and the bow lying on the ground. Right after, she turned back and tossed something.

――As for the object… A bone…? Its build was that of a small oblong pipe.

「Once you have decided on your wish, whistle it. Luna’s senses are sharp. Further south from here… in the vicinity of what you humans call Uninhabited Area, whistle it. Wherever you are, it will be able to reach me.」

That’s right.
She just wanted to tell me how to convey the wish.

「By the way, what should be the scope of the wish?」
「If it’s within my scope, I’ll be able to grant it……for example, offering this body.」
「That… erm…, what do you mean by that…?」

The bewitching face with which she said that was terrifyingly beautiful.
My expression was same as that of a lamb’s in front of a wolf.

「Kuku, I’m just kidding. Don’t take it seriously……however, I will grant you only one wish. Afterward, I have no intention of getting along with you. And pray that you won’t have to regret like a worthless man for not killing me.」
「Please don’t say such a terribly terrible thing with such a straight face… By the way, I would like to ask one more thing…」

As for what I was going to ask, I already had the answer. Just that… it would have more significance if I heard it from her own mouth…

「Is there something still left unsaid?」
「…What’s your name?」
「What would you do when you heard it? It’s nothing of importance.」
「Knowing someone’s name is a form of attachment. Honestly, I don’t mean to fight you once more. Please take it as a silly precaution. By the way, I’m Seiji Agatsuma.」

The opponent, who had a discouraged expression about her face, heavily opened her mouth after a brief moment.

「Alba… Alba Mewt…」

Saying merely that, Alba went away at the same speed with which she came crashing, as if it was played back in reverse.
After a short while, only a black dot could be seen.

――Really… She was just like a storm…

「I’m so tired~~ It was too much.」

As it was, my body flopped back like 大.
The moist ground caught me softly.
…Although I couldn’t steal any skill, it’s fine, isn’t it?

Lim was rushing toward me, while I was in such a state. She had a smile born out of delight over my safety, tinged with a color of desire to hear the story.
I thought she would blame me for letting Alba go. However, it didn’t seem to be so.

My heart, that was tired after the battle, was healed by Lim’s smile.

「――――That was why…」
「So, it was that.」

I recounted my conversation with Alba from a while ago to Lim.
Even though Alba herself wasn’t the ringleader of the invasion on the village, I didn’t think she would understand that easily.
However, the words Lim said next took me by surprise.

「I think Seiji made the right decision. But I… will never forgive demons… Had I been alone, I would have ended up killed. I’m not capable. I was only leeching off Seiji, so it’s definitely not my place to get angry.」
「That’s that, but I was rescued by Seiji. Therefore, I’m sincerely grateful to you… Thank you…」

Aah… My persevering was worth it…
That was why I was able to protect her well.

After caressing Lim’s head for a while, I patted the side of Rook’s neck.
Although it was covered in tough scales, it somehow felt good and raised a delighted cry.

――Well then. Although it was still early in terms of time, I wondered if we should return for today.
I didn’t feel like hunting Slimes, and we had enjoyed the scenery already.
Above all, I was tired.

「…Hey, Lim… When we straddle Rook on the way back――can you please sit behind me?」

「Eh? Okay, but…why…?」

「There’s no deep meaning to it. Think of it as part of your thanks toward me.」

Although Lim had a wondering look about her face, she nodded obediently.

――Now then, let’s return. To the town of Merville.

Author’s note: Thank you for reading.

So, how did you find the turning point of the 2nd volume?
If I had to give a subtitle, it would be 『The Devil of the South』.
Beside that devil, how will the story progress in the 2nd half of 2nd volume…?
How will Seiji’s decision turn out to be!?

Please look forward to it.

Well, this may be the last update before the end of the year. There may not be another.

Everyone knows how busy New Years can be. Please pray that my body doesn’t break.

The next update is planned for next year. Please continue to read with the same love. m(^^)m

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