Underground Doctor — Prologue

I’ve decided to pick up a new project that I’ll do on the side. The full name for the project is ‘The Genius Surgeon Has Started up as an Underground Doctor in Another World.’ For the link to the raw and synopsis, here. I’ll do it in parts, just like how RG is currently being worked on. Now then, enjoy~

Translator: Light
Editor: Onilateur
TLC: MrAnon

In a luxury apartment room, he entrusted his body to a soft sofa.
Right in front of his eyes was a table that had an ashtray and a cup filled with whiskey, with the TV switched on, he absentmindedly stared at the laptop before him.
The sound of the TV entered his mind on its own.

「Yes, I’m on site!! I’m in front of the home that belongs to the person who is called the genius surgeon, Ashiya Kaoru, however he has yet to make an appearance.
He hasn’t made an appearance ever since the press conference.
We will, shortly start following his movements.
If there’s any new development we’ll report it.
This was a report from the site!!」

The reporter said with a bright smile, as the screen switched over to the studio’s.
Critics(commentators) attacked all they could for eternity, as if they’ve found a new toy they disguise their curses within their commentary.
His mood turned sour just hearing about it, so he turned off the TV.

「Without even knowing anything…… Saying whatever they can say……」

While saying that, Kaoru, fiddled with his laptop.
He didn’t need to do that.
It’s just that he has a vast amount of time.
Ever since the press conference, the media has stuck around his home, so he can hardly feel relaxed.
The mental fatigue isn’t normal/ordinary either.
At that moment, his eyes fell on a certain site.

The site’s name was, 【Your new life in another world! We’ll fulfill your desires♪】Usually he would ignore them, however for some reason this time it caught his curiosity.
The site has various fields that needs to be filled.
Gender, age, occupation, HP, MP, skills, avatar, and some blank spaces, so he decided to kill time by filling them in.

Gender : Male

Age : 18 Years old (Light: He’s not actually 18, he’s 35. This is what he wrote in the site. Check synopsis.)

Occupation : Surgeon

HP : 1500


Is what he filled.
What appeared next was Skill.
This one is a blank space, so it appears that he can write whatever he wants.

‘Skill, my wish is that I’ll be able to perform surgery/operations anywhere, I want an operation room.’

‘That is with the help of magic, in other words everything concerning medicine and medical treatment knowledge, is the ability I want.’

‘I want to be able to analyze diseases that I don’t understand.’

‘I also want the knowledge needed in order to cure them.’

‘I want magic that will enable me to create stuff like medicine and organs’.

‘It’ll be great if I can defend myself with Aikido.’

Avatar, he shaped it into his 18 years old appearance.
Other requests column, ―――,  
Once everything was filled in, while thinking ‘what the hell am I doing’ he pressed complete.
On the screen was, 「Now then, please enjoy your wonderful life in a different world ♪」is what was written.

After that he went to bed on the sofa.
When he opened his eyes, it wasn’t his house but rather a completely unfamiliar different world.

Underground Doctor -- Chapter 1: Waking up in another world -- Part 1

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Will be reading this after I am done with my work xD

Dark Jackel

Thanks for the new story! ?


Thanks for the new series




Oh god yes, please keep translating this! 😀






Wow WN (to bad it wasn’t LN) finally a Doctor who ship off into alternate world. Now my list is increasing there now a cook , a pharmacist, a gamer, a blacksmith, a thief , an assassin and now finally a doctor.


and there is a veterinarian too XD




So far so good!