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Hello hello…So Yuusha Onna finally got a TL to word on it. (That would be me) Anyways without ranting on this is my first TL work as in EVER hope the work is to everyone’s satisfaction. Well thanks to Cyro for helping me out we got it done somehow.

Editor Note: Hi Guys, Cyro here. I edited this one, but this project will require a full time editor to get back up to speed. The editor will need TA + Atlas set up so they can double check lines. Here’s what I had to work with:

Yuusha Onna Ch.31 Unedited

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TL: PsychoHater/Aodfionn

Editor: Cyrogen

Yuusha Onna Chapter 31 – ???


[ Aaaaaah, I’m so bored. ]

She doesn’t know how many times she has repeated herself.  

[It would be nice if a child appeared from somewhere~.]

It isn’t so simple to just  go somewhere without a reason.

Soon she began to experience an auditory hallucination.

The hallucination centered around the voice of a female classmate she was on good terms with.

[I miss you…Lilia…!!!]

This girl, is an incredible lesbian.

[Anyhow, I need to find a good woman. An innocent loli would be excellent! ♪]

Loli, Loli! The girl strolls down the hill singing.

She was beautiful, with long flowing black hair that pleased the eyes, and a massive chest area, as a whole she was very charming as long as she said nothing.

[Fufun. A strong one would be great although weak ones are also fine ~♪ A loli with power, please hurry up and appear!~♪]

The girl walked on the hill with light footsteps.

[Loli♪ Loli ♪ Looollliii♪ Hmm?]

Suddenly the girl’s footsteps stopped.

[The scent of a loli!! It’s this way!!

The girl relying on her sense of smell runs with certainty.

Quickly she achieved a running speed that left behind afterimages.


Arriving at the top of a hill, she looks down at the location from where the scent of a loli came from.

What she saw were several corpses.

[Except for the bodies there is no one to be found!!]

The girl kicks a stone near her feet with all her might.

Hyu, it flies through the air crashing into the ground some distance away.

[……………….. You too……. are?….]

Oh? Someone there?

[Over there ♪, A Loli!! I found her!!I found her♪]

Just as she hoped, there was a girl below the cliff, the girl excitedly springs towards the loli.

[Ufufu, come play with onee-chan ♪]

She jumped off the cliff to get to the girl.

[Are you hurt? Are you alright? Then, come sleep with me ♪]

[…………….. Disgusting……. Don’t come near me……..]

What’s up with this girl?

Several corpses were spread around where the loli stood, there was no one alive other than her.

In the girl’s hand was a knife drenched in a dark red fluid.

[Come take a nap in the nude with onee-chan ♪]

Just now, the loli loving girl with the depraved mind arrived.

If she is willing, although I am older than her I will love her completely. Till the moment I leave her should I disappear.

Be she older or be she younger it wouldn’t change a thing.

That’s why I will love this girl before my eyes!

[ The smell♪ It’s here♪]

With a smile the girl spreads her arms, emphasizing the volume of her chest which exceeds the common woman’s.

On the other hand, the loli, without changing expression, stares at the smiling girl.

[Please, don’t come…]

The girl implores seriously.

As if fearing something.

[It’s ok, isn’t it painful? I won’t hurt you so come ♪]

[Don’t…. Please go elsewhere….]

Being told so, the huge tits girl got slightly mad.

[That’s so cold…. Well then, why don’t we both go?]

[……. *sigh*…. I’m tired of this….the end………..]

Mmm ♪ I’ll tempt her ♪

The huge tits girl slowly approaches the loli delightfully.

[I’ve been so frustrated lately… Hey, please?]

[I hate it…, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!]

She grasped the blood soaked knife, thrusting it at the huge tits girl.

[I said, that I hated it…, Ah aaahhh.]

The girl pulls the knife out from the huge tits girls.

[I’m sorry………]

The girls mutters sadly, she glances at the knife as the huge tits girl falls to the ground.

[? How strange, I’m lucky,]

The knife glistened with a sticky liquid.

[Oh? This is strange, how mean~.]

As for the woman that fell to the ground, she stares intently from the ground.

[What, you’re alive…?]

[No, no young lady. Wouldn’t I be dead if there was a knife stabbed into my stomach?

It’s normally impossible, but the huge tits girl looks up at the young girl with a smiling face.

[Ufufu. Lovely♪ You’re not wearing clothes? An open air erotic play!? I am aroused he he ♪]

The huge tits girl rises from the ground immediately embracing the girl in front of her.

[Ufufu. I would love it ♪ For you to accompany me!!]

[It hurts, …..Stop, stop!!]

As the huge tits girl embraces the stark naked girl, the girl twists the knife into her.

[Mu!? Doing such a thing is useless ♪]


The huge tits girl takes the knife with one hand and tosses it away.

[Ufufu. You are depressed, I can smell the sweetness ♪]/[Ufufu. I can smell it ♪ The sweetness coming from your sadness♪]

Now the girl who was deprived of her knife came to a conclusion.

She would be killed..


[Hmm? What’s wrong?]

The huge tits girl laughingly smirks while staring at the other.

The huge tits girl had arrived at a single conclusion.

This girl, I will break her and eat her ♪

However, the huge tits girl had committed a grave mistake.

This girl was already broken.

[ Again, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, Aaaahhhhh!!!]

[ Oh!? What’s this!?]

The huge tit girl’s eyes widen with surprise.

What is being performed right in front of her, is magic.

A considerably brutal one at that.


Everything in view becomes pitch black, as it expands suddenly.

The corpses that had rolled around the girl some time ago suddenly began to decay, and maggots began to gush out.

Just now, the magic that this girl used

Is categorized as range type magic,

Planet Demise

This magic decays a specified area.

Everything within the targeted area rots, returning back to the earth from which it came.

The girl’s escalating screams could be heard.

[ After all, this smell, what is it……]

The sweet fragrance was being released from the humus that gathered.

The huge tits girl, that moments ago clung to the girl was nowhere in sight.

[I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry………….]

The small girl, while sitting on the piling up humus continued to apologize.

She has once again done it.

Why does everyone around me only torment me..….

The corpses around the area had attacked the girl when they were alive, and she then killed them.

And now, she has done it again.

While the girl cried, she grabbed the knife which was rolling by.

[Such a world, is horrible…]

She brought it towards her neck…….

[Ahahahaha!! I have!! Resurrected!!]

From the ground the huge tits girl springs out and knocks the hand with the knife aside.

[What, how are you alive…?]

[Ufufu. It’s because it’s me!!]

With her chest sticking out, the huge tits girl emphasized her breasts

[After all, You love me!! Right? Let’s become friends okay?

[………… Friends?]

The girl stops swinging the knife, and directs her gaze at the mysterious huge tits girl.

[Friends…..With me…?]

Like a child wanting to become a hero, the girl looked at the huge tits girl with longing.

[!!What amazing power………]

The huge tits girls face reddens in surprise.

[Yes, of course. Now become my friend?]

[………. Friend………..]

The girl who was uncontrollably raging about until moments ago stares at the huge tits girl with a conflicted expression.

[I stabbed you. You want to become my friend?]

[ Of course!! Love isn’t stop by merely being stabbed!!]

The huge tits girl extends her hand while laughing delightfully.

[ Let’s go♪ any place you want to see!!]

She holds out her hand to the girl covered in a deep red liquid, and the girl took her hand.

[Ufufu. Lovely ♪ What would you like to do first?]

The huge tits girl asks the girl.

[……. What should I do?]

The girl asked the huge tits girl standing up.

[Oh well….. At first it should be to change clothes ♪]

Replies, the huge tits girl laughing.

Thus, this is how the two met,

The huge tits girl and a girl dyed in red,

As for these two meeting another two people, that wasn’t too far into the future.


Yuusha Onna 32

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