Demon lord’s Pet ~ Chapter 11

Peerless: The Pet and the Moldkiller!!!

TLs: Fairy, Light
Editors: Onilateur, Onionrings27

Onilateur: Light sure loves his bukkake

Without much further ado, please enjoy the chapter filled with battle scenes, bukkakes and lewd moments.

「Hey, today while cleaning, I opened up a single room…」

During lunch that day, Kazuya reported the results of spring cleaning to Izuna and the rest.

「I’m really sorry about this, always making you take responsibility for this.」
「You are cleaning this morning as well? This is terrible Current Master.」
「Being tasked to do spring cleaning is fine, but there is no one else other than me who wakes up early in the morning…」

Izuna as usual sleeps late.
Sefina is also bad in the morning.
It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, afternoon, or night. Mary will always be sleeping.
Rena takes time to start up.

With those reasons, all 4 of them are weak in the morning.
Now, even though it’s in the afternoon, other than Izuna and Rena, the rest are still not awake.

「Ahh! Kora! Renarisu. That’s my bacon! Don’t take it!」
(TL note: It’s a sound. Say it at the top of your voice KORAAAA)
「I do not listen to Ex-Master’s commands. Rena will only react to Current Master’s commands. With that said *Pakuru* *Chomp*」

Even though both of them are in the midst of scrambling noisily for the bacon, Mary is still fast asleep on the sofa. Speaking of which, today as well, she snuck into my bed and although I managed to peel her off, it was hard work.
Even so, she isn’t awake now.
Although she is a supernatural existence, “What’s with this ‘unable to wake up early’ syndrome.”, I thought. Well, I will just place her breakfast here.

「In any case, I had searched the room but…」

「Hmm, why did you trail off? Did you find something weird?」
「I guess so. From the door, there is the subtle smell of mold. It can’t be opened.」

That’s right. In the deepest region of level 1, a room exists in a location even deeper than the place where I dug out Rena.
However, the dust really is in a different league. I can even smell it from outside the closed door.

「Oh well, I‘m planning to re-instill my fighting spirit and start cleaning it this afternoon…」

“That’s why” is what Kazuya tried to convey as his mouth suddenly came to a halt.
That’s because,

「Mold?! Is it mold?!」

Izuna’s face paled as she suddenly grasped me.

「A-Are you alright, Kazuya?!」
「W-well, it’s because I didn’t open it.」
「I-I see… It’s a blessing in disguise… But, this is bad! It’s an emergency!」

Thus, with a *batabata* as if searching for something, she started going around the room flipping through things, here and there.
“What is she doing?”, thought Kazuya as he was looking. With a *Tototo* Rena approached him,

「You have done well to return safe and sound. As expected of Rena’s current master (Go-Shujin-sama)!!」
「Ah, you really can’t say that.」
(ED note: That is the literal translation. None of us could figure out what it meant either, or even who said it. We believe that it was that Izuna that said it.)

「Eh? You guys, why are you in such a fluster…?」

For these people, who are oblivious to dirt; none of them should be surprised about finding mold at this point.

「This isn’t the time for that kind of talk…!  ――This is it, I found it!」

With that, the thing that Izuna pulled out, was a big cane.
She fastened it to her thinly clad waist.

「Now, Let’s head to that room, Kazuya!」

She said, while having sweat drops on her forehead.

After approximately three minutes, we made it to the room on the first floor. In addition to the castle being dirty, it’s also huge. Just reaching the room takes time.
However, there’s something more worrisome than the travel time to the room.

「About this room… Why, are you all so equipped…?」

For some reason, Izuna was carrying a staff whose length was approximately her height. In addition, Renarisu was wearing something resembling a visor. They were in an attire completely unrelated to cleaning mold.
(ED note: This is a visor as in a mask or the glass of a motorcycle helmet; not the hat variety.)

It can’t be helped. Therefore, even if it’s only himself who is being level headed, Kazuya brought vinegar from the kitchen. The vinegar can be poured onto some cloth to rub off the mold.

As expected of using flavorings ….
「TL note: The Author specifically uses SaShiSuSeSo which is explained below. Therefore I had translated it as flavourings
Sa- Satou ( Sugar) Shi – Shio ( Salt) Su – Su ( Vinegar) Se – Seuyu ( Soy Sauce) So – Miso (Miso)」

「Umm, why is current master grinning while taking a look at that bottle of vinegar?」
「Ng… No I am just thinking to myself.」
I’ll be treated weirdly for being seen grinning while holding a bottle of vinegar. Let’s be careful.
「――More importantly, what are you doing Rena?」

There is red light emitting from Renarisu’s visor as she stares at the door.

「I was confirming the interior and whether the mold is growing or not.」
「Ehhh? Are you able to see through things?」

If that’s true, then that’s an awesome tool.

「Eh? But I’m not able to… This is an additional tool used to somewhat increase my sense of smell. So, I was trying to sense things out by smell. To be frank, it stinks of mold.」
「Then, isn’t it hardly any different from me?!」

Even a human like me can figure that out?!
(Light note: As in, even he can smell it without any need of equipment)
「Oh well (Maa), please don’t worry about it! Anything a human can do, an automaton can do as well, after all.」

Rena laughed with a “Kara kara”.
Is it really possible for this girl to be part of the existences known as the four devas?

「The two of you; I’m sorry to intrude, however it’s about time.」

Meanwhile, Izuna is the only one with a serious expression. I’ve been wondering what’s wrong since earlier.
The atmosphere is changing.

「Umu, get yourself fired up, Kazuya… That’s right… I will pass this over to you.」

Izuna handed over something that looked like a dagger, or maybe even a cleaver.
「ED Note: it’s not a cleaver but we couldn’t find an english equivalent to it. Picture Link

It’s a short bladed weapon.

「It’s a dagger embedded with a special power. It can grow both large and small. If you wish for it, it can even take the appearance that you prefer.」
「??? An appearance that I prefer…?」
「Umu, for example, if you find it to be a hassle wielding it as it is now, it is possible to shrink it.」

Certainly, it’s not currently a size that would fit comfortably in my hands.
In that case, let’s try it…

… Please shrink…

Then, the moment I wished for it, the sword shrunk, and became of a size that could settle in my palm.

「This is amazing. Are you sure that I can take it?」
「What? It’s just a sword infused with magic. Even with your magic power, you can still use something like this. Even though it’s sharpness is only comparable to that of a letter opener.」
「Iya, Thank you.Still, why are you giving something like this to a housekeeper…?」
「Because our opponent is mold.」

Ah, I see. I should remove the stubborn mold with this thing. For the first time, I have realized that Izuna actually knows something regarding cleaning, as well.

「Now then… Fuu…Let’s go…」

Then Izuna took in a deep breath.
It must be quite an awful sight, to make Izuna become this serious.
“Then, I must resolve myself as well.”, thought Kazuya as he extended his hand to the door and opened it.
Then, entering inside, there was,

Mold, was there. (…)

Specifically speaking, it was a green ball of moss. It felt as though it was something that had swelled up to multiple times its size.
Moreover, in the center of it was a big eye.
It was floating there with a *pika pika*

「…What is that…」
「It’s mold. ――I see. So, the cause for the spread was not firmly closing the faucet in the kitchen huh…? 」
「No. Umm, I’m sorry to interrupt as you’re calmly analyzing, but mold shouldn’t have eyes right? It’s not supposed to be floating right?」
「What are you saying, Current Master. This is the enemy of humans, 『House Mold』y’know?」

What the hell are you saying, I felt like tsukkomi’ing Rena.
However, it’s not the time for that.


The enormous ball of mold talked. Or rather, it’s looking here.
Its diameter is probably several meters. It has a strong imposing presence.

「Eh? Umm, why is it looking this way?」
「What are you saying, Kazuya? Even mold has a defensive instinct. If a piece of cloth were to come and threaten its life, isn’t it normal for it to aim for it?」
「What the hell is up with that theory?!」
「For molds, so long as humans enter a room which is easy for them to propagate, they will consider them as enemies. If something clean were to enter the room, it will try to pollute it.」
Just as Izuna said, the floating ball of mold sluggishly neared.

「Now, get ready Kazuya!」

Izuna struck out her staff up ahead, and the tip of the cane started accumulating fire.

「Master, master. Please order me as soon as possible. My combat preparations are ready! 」

Rena’s whole body is emitting both steam and heat.
The tension increased by a lot.

「Umm… why is it, this type of atmosphere?」
「This is… what it means・・・・・to fight mold!」

The mold, started attacking.
His attacking method is trying to tackle us with his body.

「Dodge it, Kazuya!」

So, as he was being urged on by Izuna, Kazuya started moving. However before he could get out of the way,

「Current master, I’ll act as a shield.」

Renarisu advanced forward and received the Mold Ball.
A sound of thud rang from the impact.

「Eh? Isn’t mold, supposed to be spore-like……」
「Don’t lose focus, Kazuya!」

Haa, if you look at it like this,

「Ah, it was impossible…」
「Ahh, Renarisu has been caught by the mold!」

With a *Zumomomo* sound, that matched the force being used, she was being sucked into the Mold Ball.

「Oi oi oi oi?!」
「Heiyaaaaa, please don’t touch meeeeee――」
Renarisu was gradually being buried from her arms to her legs.

Furthermore, some parts of the Mold Ball’s body began to stretch out into tentacles,

「Nuu! T-that’s a place that you shouldn’t enter desu! Y-yada…」

As it was groping her body, it captured her.

「… T-this, I-I hate this. M-masteeer, Rena confirms that she’s in a pinch. P-please retrieevee meeeee」
「I’ll do it so just stop talking――!!」

Kazuya who walked forward, splashed the vinegar at the Mold Ball.
(Light Note: Kazuya who walked forward, bukkake’d the Mold ball with Vinegar.)

Approximately 100ml of vinegar flew in a circular arc, attacking the Mold Ball,


It worked.
It released an obvious groan, and the Mold Ball staggered.
During that time, with my dagger, I scraped off the dust surrounding Renarisu, pulled her arms which appeared, and bailed her out. Using the force from pulling her out, we retreated in one breath and stood a distance away from the mold

「Fuaaa… I thought I was a goner」

While in the arms of Kazuya, Renarisu moved with a robotic *GiGiGi* sound.
Wrapping around Kazuya’s body, she hugged him.

「As expected, the mold is impossible… Rena is weak against particle monsters such as mooold. Since they enter my thermal exhausts and jaaam them.」
「Please say that earlier!」
「Fuueen. Because I’ve accumulated heat, I can’t moovee. Please remove it. 」
「Ah, I’ve got it, I’ve got it.」

He complained in a low voice as he was weakly hugging her, and rubbed off the mold from the various clogged parts.

「Ahh, that place feels good…」

Although she says she’s an android, because she has various squishy *Puni Puni* parts, touching her feels quite good.
Holding her tight, also feels good.
While thinking stuff like that, he inserted a finger into the gap of what seemed to be where her thermal exhaust ports are located.

「Don’t raise such strange moan…」
「B-but, it feels good…nn, desu. Ah …」
(Light Note: I’m keeping the desu. I’M KEEPING IT)

To the weak voice that would occasionally break out in a sweet moan, his heart quivered.
Each time he traced his finger alongside the gap, Renarisu’s back would spasm.
More importantly, her cheeks that were flushed and her drowsy expression was cute.

「Hiyaa… Auu… Nnaa… 」

This is bad. This is cleaning. I’m only removing the mold inside her thermal exhaust ports.
Don’t misunderstand, me, Kazuya kept reminding himself within his heart.
However, *bikubiku* each time her body shudders, wicked thoughts in his mind increased.
The part that shouldn’t be having a reaction is on the verge of having a reaction.

「Nnn… Ann…」

This is, bad. Mouu, at this rate I’ll really hug her hard.
With such desires being intensified, my reasoning was almost blown away.

――At that moment.

「The thermal exhaust is there?!」

The moment I removed the mold from the port, steam vented out.

It’s very hot. My palm is about to burn.

「Ah, sorry. Due to me feeling a bit excited, my temperature rose.」
「Your temperature raises when you feel excited!?」
「Androids’ body temperature change based on their emotions, so please be careful., 」
「You should’ve said that earlier as well!!」

However, after he was somehow able to remove the remains of the mold, Renarisu became able to move.
In front of those two, Izuna came running quickly towards them.
The girl with her unreasonable cold eyes glared at us in disgust.

「…Are you done with your flirting?」
「No, this is…」
「Are you done?」
「Yes, I’m done.」

Because creating excuses is not good, I immediately nodded.

「Obedience is foremost! So for now, I’ll forgive it. … That’s why, with this, you should’ve understood! Lower your guard and you’ll be done in!」

「No, umm…」

About that, there is still something that I don’t understand.
I don’t understand why the Mold would grow tentacles and turn into a monster that attacks girls, is what I want to ask, but it seems like it isn’t the time for such chatter.
The Mold Ball is drawing near.

「I’ll attack it with heat.」
「Rena will blast it with steam.」

Izuna steadied her staff, and Rena readied her fists, as the two entered their battle stances once again.
I don’t really understand, but it’s a fact that we have to get rid of the mold.


In my hand is the dagger. A blade that seems to be able to change into anything.
If that’s the case, according to my wish, become something to fight against this mold in front of me.
(Light: A reference to a brand of cleaning products: Kabi Killer–Kabi being “Mold”)

The dagger transformed in an instant, into a container that could eject liquids, like a sprayer.
I mean, for some reason the contents are there as well.
What, because I imagined the container, its contents were automatically filled? This dagger is amazing.

「Muu, what is it, Kazuya. Is that even a weapon?!」

「I-it’s a weapon, probably!」

I think it’s the ultimate weapon against mold.

「Alright,now then, ――here I go」

And thus, the anti-mold battle unfolded.
30 minutes later.
The 3 of them who became exhausted, sat down in the room where the mold was annihilated.

「I-it’s over right? Izuna… Rena…」
「Yes… However, after defeating the first mold, I didn’t expect that a second mold ball would appear as well~」
「However, it really was all thanks to Kazuya. I didn’t expect that the mist that was ejected from that liquid container could have such effectiveness! Thank you Kazuya」
「Although the sour smell still remains a little, it’s amazing Current Master」
「…Why thank you… 」

This way, somehow, they were able to rescue a room in the castle, However,

「Well, this is this world’s way of exterminating mold. Do you understand how it works now?」
「I understand how it works now. However, everything is beyond my expectations! 」

From now on, whenever Kazuya discovers mold, it is a must to report to her. Kazuya had carved that into his heart.

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