Underground Doctor — Chapter 1: Waking Up in Another World — Part 2

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Editor: Onilateur

「Ah……Hello. I’m Ririka Arnold.」

Ririka too, lightly bows.
After exchanging light greetings, they talked about how they got here.

「Well done, coming this far like that.」

Ririka directed a scornful glare to Kaoru.
Kaoru dodged it by saying, 「I was just lucky.」

「Kaoru, you didn’t take a look at your status?」

「Status? What’s that? How do you see it?」


Hearing Kaoru’s words, they directed astonished gazes at him thinking “how the hell does he not even know that, how was he even able to survive up until now.”

「I don’t know something, that I know nothing about……I’ll be grateful if you told me though.
I think that probably, there are still things that I don’t know. Will you teach me in detail?」

Saying it with a feeling of ‘There you have it’, he clasped his hands in prayer.
To Kaoru who was like that, with a ‘There’s no helping it’ they taught him.
Getting on the carriage, in the leisure time as it was heading towards the 【Grand Palace】,

「I see……huh.」

He nods while putting his hand on his chin.
Right in front of Kaoru’s eyes, the status screen appeared.
‘Throw yer anxiousness out!’ He thought within his heart as he felt like tsukkoming himself while looking before him.

Ashiya Kaoru

Occupation: Surgeon
HP: 1500
MP kjdlfja@¥&?@

Skills: Other Dimension Operation Room, The Knowledge of Medicine, Medicine Refinement, Organ Refinement, Medical Treatment Magic・Mastered, Recovery Magic・Mastered, Diagnosis, Analysis, Aikido

「(This……Before going to sleep, it’s the things I’ve written in that site. Half jokingly, I’ve written ‘I want to be able to perform surgery in any place’ is exactly reflected here. Besides, I can still see the HP……As for MP, the more the better so let’s go with max is what I’ve written and thanks to that it’s all corrupted now)」

Within his heart, ‘there must really be something wrong with my head’, he really felt like tsukkoming. Another worrisome issue is his appearance. Right, the one he created in that site, wasn’t only his status. He’ve also made an avatar.
He just remembered that he created it, with the image of himself from when he was 18 years old.

He secretly used his phone as a mirror to check. There, with silver swept back hair, green pupils, slightly slanted eyes, and to finish it off with facial features that belonged to a handsome man.
For a moment, all thoughts ceased.

In a panic, he thought that there is no help but to kick start his brain.
Because it’s a situation that won’t change just because you think about it.

「Old man Iruga, I still have something to ask ya……」

「Nn? There’s still more?」

Kaoru said with a wry smile,

「About Hp, how much is the usual average?」

「Nn? Probably a 100 at the beginning? I’ve also heard that for experts, they have four or five digits.」

He breathed out a sigh for his broken abilities. ‘I’ve understood various things. Next is money’, he thought.

“Gyuuuuuto” His empty stomach went.
Kaoru, as if to say “you’ve forgotten about me,” he clasped his hands again in worship to the two people.
Iruga, with a “good grief” feeling to it, took out dried meat and bread and handed it to Kaoru.
Kaoru, with the act of mercy he was given, munched on the food.

After filling his stomach, his mood improved.
Kaoru opened his status screen, he then moved the cursor over to the skill column text and an explanation appeared opposite to it.

『Other Dimension Operation Room』

Whenever he wishes for an operation room, this’ll create another dimension.
Alone, he’ll be able to effectively do an operation without assistance, and use from medical kits, to medical equipment, to blood transfer packs, etc etc.

In the time that Other Dimension Operation Room is deployed, it’ll continue to consume MP.

MP Consumption 1000000

Consumption for every minute 100 MP (Light: The above is deployment, while this is for maintaining the field.)

『The Knowledge of Medicine』

Medicine Assistance, Human Body Composition Assistance, Medicine Composition Assistance,

(Light: The first is the knowledge of medical skills, the second is the knowledge of the human body and the third is the knowledge of drugs/medicine)

『Medicine Refinement』

Creating something out of nothing.
If you know the composition of the drug/medicine, then whatever it may be you will be able to create it.
Anything that isn’t understood, cannot be refined.

MP Consumption 1000

『Organ Refinement』

Creating something out of nothing.

If you know the composition of a person’s body, then whatever part it may be, you’ll be able to create it.

What you cannot understand, cannot be refined.

MP Consumption 10000

『Medical Treatment Magic・Mastered,』

Regarding medical treatment, it all can be used with this magic.

It’s special feature is, being able to monitor it on the status screen.

Examples) General anesthesia, Ultrasound, X-Ray and the such

MP Consumption 100~10000

『Recovery Magic・Mastered』

The entirety of magic, from the lowest class to the highest can be used.

MP Consumption 10~500

You’ll be able to search for the cause of the disease, by touching the skin with your hands, and the information will flow into your brain.

MP Consumption 500

What you don’t know, you’ll be able to learn everything concerning it.
MP Consumption 500


Aikido is, an optional on/off absolute counter skill.

While activated, using the attack power of the opponent’s attack in the right moment, a counter that returns double the power is executed.

The body reacts automatically.

The counter can only be executed against human-type opponents.

He lets out a sigh at the skills and magic he possesses.

「(This other dimension operation room, everythin’ that surgery needs, anythin’ I can imagine will appear huh…… At this point MP consumption isn’t a concern.. Though, I don’t know how much I have. Well, it’s another world after all. Moreover, it doesn’t look like it has Japan’s level of medical treatment regulations. It means I can set the price myself. What the, now that I know that I can make easy money I feel motivated. Still, I really need to know the level of medical technology in this world.)」

While thinking that he made a vicious expression by crooking the corners of his mouth into an evil grin.

「Oi, Kaoru we’re about to arrive. 」

He hid back his vicious expression. With a broad smile, he responded to Iruga’s words.
Taking his body out of the carriage, he stared at 【The Great Labyrinth City’s Grand Palace】
There, enormous ramparts as if to enclose the town, were erected.
Its height around 20 meters, it looked like an impregnable fort.

Kaoru, held his breath.
After all, in Japan there wasn’t a single large town surrounded entirely in ramparts.
‘Because I’ve only seen it in movies before, there’s no helping it’ he thought.
Kaoru, was fascinated by the ramparts.

「It tickles a man’s romance. This is great.」

Kaoru’s shoulders began to tremble, as he felt in high spirits as if he was a child.

「Ahahahaha, anyone’s first time seeing, 【The Great Labyrinth City’s Grand Palace】would have their heart dancing by the view.」

Entering inside, the stone pavement of the street seemed out of Middle Ages Europe, the irregularity of the shops’ lining is another sign of taste.
Around them are beings of various races.

A person has a horn sprouting out of them, another with tails and ears, it’s crowded with countless people.
After entering the town, Kaoru parted with the two people.
To the two of them, he waves his hands with a smile.

「No~ow then, how about we investigate various things shall we. For the time bein’, let’s head to a medical shop. I want information after all.」

Raising the corner of his mouth while thinking, 「It’ll be interesting from now on」, he disappeared into the crowd of people.

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