(R18) Frequenting Brothels 24

Beginning for another ecchi chap. Sorry I forgot to post…again =.=

TL by Nymph
TLC/ED by Weslykan

Hot Spring Village sex service

As planned, I used the Blimp to go to Hot Spring Village.

This Hot Spring Village is the next stage after Yukimura Village became the base village for     「Dragon Hunter Portable DOS」、it is the base village for 「Dragon Hunter Portable TRI」。{ED: Dos is 2 and Tri is 3}

With a lot of hype it became an even bigger hit than the previous work, this software was highly anticipated and it was usually called 「TRI」, it was a huge success.

Hot Spring Village has completely changed since the previous Dorahun Series, now the streets give off a feeling of「Peace」.

Thus I went into the game to take a look, steam from the hot springs was billowing throughout the town and the smell of sulfur wafted through the air.

In the regular version of Dorahun Cross you could not actually enter the hot springs. The only thing available was a hot footbath, but since I’m actually inside the game now, I can soak in those famous hot springs.

I stood up from the hot spring and had a drink, then walked around on a tour of the village. I get it now, Reimi-chan and Anri-chan were right, this place is more for tourists, there were brothels but they didn’t look too good.
I handled the invitations of barkers properly and went into an alley on the other side of the spring as I heard from a youth in the village who seemed to be into erotic things.

The Sun was setting so it was dark and the alley wasn’t well lit so it seemed gloomy.
Upon closer looking, there were several 2-story buildings that looked like taverns where the lights were dimmed.

I approached a suspicious-looking bar, a barker came out to invite me in without delay.

「What do you say、onii-san、1000 gold for an hour、it’s real sex, and the girls are good」

Since I already got used this kind of thing, I pulled out 300 gold from my Hunter Card and gave it to the barker.

「My oh my……hehe、thank you」

「Introduce me the most beautiful and young girl with the best service」

「Then it must be 「The Hot Spring Flower」’s Yuki-chan……her reputation is very good」

「Then、I’ll take that girl」

「Yes、this way please」

I followed the barker, a humble signboard with a garden lantern hanging came into view, I was guided to a shop called 「The Hot Spring Flower」.

「Miss、this person is asking for Yuki-chan」

The barker opened the door saying so, standing on the other side of the counter was a middle-aged lady with a well defined body, she answered “Got it”.

After the barker left, the middle-aged lady invited me to have a seat at the counter inside the small shop.
I looked at her, so that’s how it is, this is the so-called brothel madam it seems.

Aside from me, there are also 2 or 3 other middle-aged customers, they looked at me with great interest while sipping their alcohol.

Red/Blue Line is like this, from what I learned from the internet, two to three girls from one shop would accompany the customer, people waiting for their turn would be waiting while drinking and eating at the lower floor.

Bubble Mix had a waiting room where customers all sit together in one spot, but when that happens, the unspoken rule is to keep your silence.
But it’s different here, there was a friendly atmosphere flowing through the shop.

The owner lady asked what I wanted to drink, so I ordered tea, and other customers got themselves alcohol.

「What’s wrong hunter-san~? Just have a drink、Yuki-chan won’t be available for quite a while you know」


…underage, or so I wanted to say, but stopped myself midway.
Right now, I’m inside a game.
Meaning that I’m a game character, so it should be fine.
There is no reason for laws from reality to be applied in a game.
In fact, I already wielded sharp-edged weapons and even used a bowgun to take down monsters, but in reality if an amateur did that he’d instantly get reported to the police.
More than that, during my hunts I already had meals consisting of alcohol and cheese with some other suspicious looking medicines and chemicals.
That said, nobody would blame me for drinking a little bit of alcohol inside game.

「Then、I’ll have some……」

I said so and ordered some liquor.

I tried sipping it a bit, and my throat started to burn as the alcohol flowed.




「Hunter onii-san、Yuki-chan is ready、can you stand?」

I didn’t know how to pace myself since it was my first time drinking, so when I stood up I was staggering a little.

A Hunter’s body is tough, it wasn’t to the extent of unconscious, but drinking like this was probably a mistake.

When the owner lady opened the curtain inside the shop, from there a long blue haired beauty with a thin kimono that looked like a pajama emerged.
Her facial features were somehow ephemeral, but her breasts were huge and attractive.

「Customer-san、are you alright……?」

She inquired with a pleasant voice, it took great effort to retain my mind.

「I’m……I’m fine……Are you……Yuki-chan?」

「Yes……can you climb the stairs……?」

When I looked over, there was a very steep staircase, there were two Japanese-style room prepared on the second floor.

「Probably……I’m fine……nn」

I staggered while climbing the stairs, Yuki-chan clung to me and supported my body.

After climbing the stairs, Yuki-chan opened the sliding screen, I was invited into a gloomy room without even a single candle lit.

Inside the room, there were a small desk and a set of futon spread out.
(TN: Futon is beddings… but since it’s kinda different from american bedding I’ll leave the romaji there… c’mon, you watched animes, you know what a futon is…)

Yuki-chan took off my equipment and put them into a corner of the room, on I sat down on top of the futon in my underwear and we stuck to each other’s lips.


How do I put this, there was quite a bit more feeling and sensation when kissing with a flushed body like this.

「……Now then、let us begin……」

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“1000 gold for an hour”
“I pulled out 300 gold “


zeroes look strange. What crappy font do Japanese use?


The guy advertise the shopprice of 1000 gold – that you pay when you leave. The 300 was a tip for him to recommend a girl.


thx for explanation expert-san


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(Perfectly viewed on mobile….. probably?)


Thank you!


Um I think another site finished this story already or it is the same author check http://www.machine sliced bread .com


The translator already put that note in like the first 10+ chapters here. He’s the same original translator of those, but those are all unedited. The ones here are edited.