Riot Grasper | Vol. 2 – Ch. 9 | The Ball that doesn’t Fall off the Palm

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2nd Volume, 9th Chapter 【The Ball that doesn’t Fall off the Palm】

「――Thanks as always, Nii-chan.」

Said the shop clerk, who dealt in the mounts, while caressing Rook.
First thing upon returning to Merville Town, was handing the borrowed Rook over.
Today, two people had ridden it already, so there was no need to bring the demon attack up.

「We received a favor from this fellow. Please serve it something delicious.」

Saying so, I handed the shop clerk some extra money.

「Hee~ Nii-chan really likes this fellow. So, what do you think? I talked to you about this before, too. If you buy…」
「Yeah, but I don’t have enough money.」

I had about 100,000 Dalas in hand. It was still not sufficient to cover the cost of purchase.

「Well then, I’ll be borrowing it tomorrow, too.」

I had no complaint over Rook’s ability in the capacity of a mount; however, for the first time, I uttered a few words of displeasure as I caressed its neck before parting.

「――Today, on the way back, you could have rocked a bit more…」

Whether it understood the meaning or not, Rook lightly purred as it stared at me. I headed out of the shop as if running away from that limpid gaze.
It didn’t do anything wrong, though.

――By the way, there was still some time till dusk since we returned ahead of schedule.
Nevertheless, I couldn’t afford to savor the lingering sensation on my back forever. There were a few things to be done.

「Alright, Rook has been handed over. Let’s go to the Guild next.」

I called out to Lim who was waiting outside.
On the way back, I requested Lim to remain silent about the encounter with the demon.

She consented to it, which I was glad about. However, there was a problem. My armor was tattered. Alba’s spear had damaged it at several spots. Lastly, the unification of Wind Magic and arrow――《Arrow of the Storm (Mistral Arrow) (※Named it at his own convenience) 》 which I received at my flank, had bored a hole into one side of it and out the other.

The piercing wound had been fully healed via magic. The small wounds had already been smoothed out completely via Vitality Enhancement. However, it wasn’t the case with the armor.
If Arnold-san were to see my condition, I would immediately be exposed.

Therefore, I planned on buying a new set of armor.
I liked this soft leather armor a lot. It was easier to move in. At the same time, it held reasonable defensive power. Next, I intended to look for a similar armor at Jig-san’s shop or have it repaired.

Of course, it required money.
Lim felt herself responsible to cover for the cost of the armor; however, I politely declined.
I was far off from buying Rook, but it didn’t mean that I was troubled for money.
Besides… Even if Lim had not jumped at the opponent, the battle would have been unavoidable…

As for the reward, I was more than satisfied with Lim’s smile, a ‘thank you’ and the lingering sensation on my back.
With that, I could even withstand two 《Arrows of the Storm (Mistral Arrows)》. No, three.

Well then, I must reflect on the spiritualism alone in the night.
Let’s return to the story.
Together with Lim, whom I had requested to at least accompany me shopping, I headed to the Guild.
The reason being, I wanted to find out the value of the White Magic Crystal which I received from Alba.

《White Magic Crystal》――A jewel that can store magic inside.

Via Scholar’s Knowledge, I somewhat knew what it was used for. However, I didn’t know its price. Because there was a Materials Trade Counter at the Guild, it may be outside Sheena-san’s domain. Still, she should be able to answer us.

「――You… found something valuable again…」

While looking at the oval jewel, Sheena-san murmured.
The feminine elegance in her earnest eyes, with which she stared at the jewel, was different from her usual ‘business smile’… Is it ‘that’?
Are women weak against jewellery regardless of which world it is…?

I, who would get enchanted by the beauty of the dazzling lustre of a metal, had no right to criticize her.
――I saw an illustration called the 《Legendary Metal》 in the library. The yearning I felt was probably the same.

After tepidly watching Sheena-san for a while――

「――! …Excuse my rudeness. The accurate value of the White Magic Crystal, which Seiji-san is carrying, is difficult to be evaluated. However, the White Magic Crystal of such a size is transacted in white gold coins, surely. Please wait a minute… The jewellery shop is in the vicinity of the Commercial District centre――」

While catching Sheena-san, who was taking out and showing the map, with the corner of my eye; I was meshing the meaning of her words just now.
Transacted in white gold coins――means its value would not be below 100,000 Dalas.
Seriously…? The value this one small jewel was more than what I earned in a whole month…?
Despite being so small it could fit into a palm? Preposterous!

According to what I was told after the location was marked on the map, White Magic Crystal was a scarce jewel that was only rarely mined. It was mainly processed into jewellery. Due to its magic storing utility, it was highly priced.

Because the ratio of humans who could use magic was quite low, the powerless nobles used it for self-defense purposes.
As for the strength of the stored magic――shouldn’t it depend on Magic Skill Lv? ――It depended on the size of the jewel.
Considering Alba owned it, she could store fairly strong magic.

「Erm… Can you tell if magic is currently stored inside this White Magic Crystal?」

It would be terrible if a great Fireball were to explode inside the Guild, so I would have to prevent it.

「Yes, of course. If you hold the White Magic Crystal up over your head and peek inside―― …Although it shines brilliantly, it should turn transparent…」

I held the White Magic Crystal up over my head, under the light penetrating through the window. When I peeked inside as I was told, it was indeed transparent.

「If the White Magic Crystal had magic stored, a peculiar gleam could be identified inside. In case of Fire Magic, red… or something like that… Besides, even if magic was stored inside, there would be no issue as long as you didn’t will it to invoke.」

Will it to invoke―― In other words, will for the magic stored inside the White Magic Crystal to release.
A word could be assigned as a 『Key』 by the person who stored magic. Upon chanting it, the power of magic could be unleashed by another person.
By the way, through the degree of shine, the strength of stored magic could be ascertained to some extent.

「Those who store magic leave some sort of signature of their magic. Mostly, that signature is used as is as a key.」

… Like a name, huh? I get it…

In other words,
The nobles who purchased the White Magic Crystal would request a mage to store magic.
For example, if I stored 《Ball of Fire (Fireball)》, I could set 《Ball of Fire (Fireball)》 as the 『Key』.
In a pinch, if a noble were to stroke it and chant 《Ball of Fire (Fireball)》, magic would invoke and burn their opponent.
However, the keyword needed to be learnt prior. If the White Magic Crystal were snatched, wouldn’t it be impossible for the opponent to use it?

If this White Magic Crystal had magic stored inside, it would be troublesome. No one but Alba would have the key――… As to what use the stored magic would be for, I didn’t even want to imagine…

Anyways, I could use all elemental magic. Therefore, since the White Magic Crystal could be sold for high, there would be no problem in converting it to money.

After expressing gratitude, I tried to leave the Guild.

「――Now that I think about it…」

Upon catching Sheena-san’s voice, I turned around.

「Because White Magic Crystal is an expensive jewel that can be used for self-defense, a small sized one is processed into an accessory and gifted to the love interest as a lucky charm… There’s such a tradition…」

I see. That’s lovely.
Oh well. Alba, who cast it away, would have not even 1 micron of such a blissful feeling. Also, the demons would have no such custom anyway.

「If I received such a lovely present from Seiji-san, I would faint out of happiness.」

Although it was a voice that was familiar to me, the words that infiltrated my ears couldn’t be more unfamiliar.

What… is she talking about…?

No, calm down. I must not mistake it as Sheena-san’s rare ‘dere’.
It was obviously a trap. She just wanted to toy with me.

「Err, please stop teasing your junior. Wouldn’t it be terrible if the kid took it seriously?」
「Because it’s Seiji-san.」

Just how serious was the *kusukusu* reservedly laughing Sheena-san?
…n… This person is unpredictable…
In a sense, she was scarier than Alba.

Sheena-san turned back to her serious self, lowered her head and said with a flawless ‘business smile’.

「I apologize for inappropriate behaviour during work hours. But Seiji-san was asking about things outside the scope of my work――… So, it’s a draw…」

When I saw Sheena-san grinning―――― it felt like I had been defeated.

「――n, Is something wrong, Lim?」
「…Not at all…」

When I turned around to leave the Guild, Lim was silently peeking at me.

「Then, shall we go to the next place?」

From there, we walked along the main street to the north. Destination: The Jewellery Shop.

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