Riot Grasper | Vol. 2 – Ch. 10 | The Blue Eyed Girl and the Gentleman at His Prime | Pt. 1

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2nd Volume, 10th Chapter 【The Blue Eyed Girl and the Gentleman at His Prime】 1st Part

――So, this is the jewellery shop, huh…
It had been a while since I established Merville Town as a foothold of activity. However, there had been no opportunity of visiting such a shop thus far.

There was a fashionable signboard depicting jewellery. Although it was a stone building, it wasn’t evoking a sense of uncouth; owing to the sculpture by the wall.
In short, it was a shop I would be too embarrassed to enter by myself.
I was glad I had Lim with me.

I grasped the handle of the door, took a deep breath and pushed it open.
No, no. The reason as to why I was nervous was because I was here to sell a high value item.

I had no such concept as Sheena-san telling a lie (※Sheena-san was allowed to trick), so I was certain that its price was to the extent of being transacted in white gold coins.

For this reason, however, the chances of getting ripped off were considerable.
Therefore, I should first have solicited advice of the only merchant I was acquainted with, Batteau-san. I would not get scammed so easily, though. Also, it was their job.
Oh well. It was needless to be worried of getting swindled at such a legitimate shop in such a big town. If I sold it at a price I was convinced of, I would have no reason to regret over it.

I entered the shop and surveyed the interior.
What I imagined was a spectacle of glass cases ubiquitously exhibiting jewellery, but it was not so.
There was a long *fukafuka* fluffy fur carpet laid out on the floor. The wall was adorned with what could be called interior decor. However, there was not a single article for sale on display.

If so, do I have to ask the shop clerk, and he will show it to me?
Actually, it was happening right in front of my eyes.

Besides Lim and I, there were four people inside the shop.
Behind the counter were two shop clerk-sans――an elderly man and a young woman.
The seeming visitors, whom the male shop clerk was dealing with, were two as well.

The face that was peering into a gorgeous ornamental case dedicated for the jewellery was rather childish.
The girl, who glanced our way just once, was literally a little girl.
Well arranged facial features, blonde hair and blue eyes; on top of that, Tateroll [Ringlets] hairstyle to finish off the 『Ojou-sama [Princess]』 look.
The dress――lines appeared as if there was something round concealed in the lower half――a ball dress? ――The frilly sky blue fabric matched her clear white skin fairly well.

Although her expression was that of a poor lamenting, if she had to be described in one word, it would be a living 『Artistic France [French] Doll』.
As for her age… She had yet to reach 12…
To think she would be shopping at such a shop. Preposterous!

…Ah, oops. I refrained myself from peeking at her status on our very first encounter…

Oh well. As for what I had already viewed, nothing could be done about it.

Or rather, is this girl really the lord’s daughter?
Well, it was understandable.

Then, is the man next to the princess her father? Or so I thought… however, it was different…
Not because I peeked at his status, but because his attire was different.
As for what was different, after viewing him from 360 degrees, only one word came up――『Butler』.

A rufous vest on top of a white shirt; a black suit which differed only slightly from the suits I had seen before; and a black necktie… If that’s not a butler, then what is?
A well arranged moustache; long silver hair tied behind; and auburn eyes that momentarily glanced our way.

He consciously looked at the subconscious me.
As for his age… 45?
Eh… he is! Who is he? A combat butler?
Actually, it was a possibility at this age… If you took only the Skill Lv into account, it would be the current mine’s match…
Previously, he might temporarily have been a mercenary. Or he might be such an existence as escort-cum-butler. After all, Arnold-san had the ability equivalent to a Rank B even though he only just became an Adventurer.
By the way, although I had been monologuing for a while, it had only been a few seconds since we stepped in.
I slightly bowed to the princess and the butler, so as not to appear impolite.

I proceeded to the female shop clerk who seemed to be free.

「I would like to sell this. How much can I get?」

Albeit only slightly, the female shop clerk was startled upon seeing the White Magic Crystal which I had taken out of my sack.

「Please wait a minute.」

Saying just that, she walked to the male shop clerk.
They’re one unit, huh?

「――Lim, I know that you know, still.」

‘Where did you get this?’ in case that question was asked, the two of us had decided as to what we would answer.
Actually, it was something surprisingly simple. Something along the lines of, ‘I healed an injured mount and received it as a token of gratitude.’
It wasn’t a lie. Also, it wouldn’t be doubted if I proved my social status as an Adventurer.

You told me to wait a minute. Why are all of you coming here?
The princess and the butler-san, who were asking for the elderly man’s assistance in buying an exorbitant jewel… were approaching, too…

「Ara! It’s real!」

A shrill voice peculiar to a girl resounded inside. When the princess’ gaze rested on the White Magic Crystal, which I brought with me, she grabbed it and said so.
…Don’t tell me I’m about to be robbed!
Those who called someone else’s possession theirs; this princess would not be an owner of such humanism, surely.

「Marita-sama, it belongs to this gentleman here. Without even a greeting… such conduct is not admirable…」

Before I could cut in, the butler-san chided the princess, seized the White Magic Crystal and put it back on the counter table.

「I-I know. Can’t I even get a little excited?」
「If so, very well.」

The princess, the standing of whom was clearly superior, couldn’t defy the butler-san. It was quite amusing. I was looking at the princess while holding my laughter back.

「No, nothing.」

Being laughed at probably hurt her feelings.

Woah! This girl is pretty scary.
――While I was thinking that, the princess clasped the hem of her dress with both of her hands and greeted impeccably.

「I’m the Lord Albert・Duo・Ballad’s daughter――Marita. He’s the butler, Logins・Crowe. Excuse the impoliteness just now.」
「Nah, it’s fine…」
「Now that it’s behind us, Logins shouldn’t have any issue.」

The princess, my first impression of whom was that of a tomboy, could act like a princess, too, huh?
Although Logins-san was sullen, with the princess’ relaxed tone, he nodded and greeted us.
When Lim and I were done introducing ourselves, Logins-san explained the situation.

――Fumu… The self-defense crystal, which had been processed into a pendant, had shattered due to an unforeseen accident (※Marita was the cause).
They were looking for a replacement. However, they were troubled with only the small ones.
Right then, I came with a large White Magic Crystal… That was the gist…

I wasn’t sure as to how tough a White Magic Crystal was, but it wasn’t something that could shatter just like that. What the heck did she do?

Well, I would sell it if they wanted. After all, that was what I came here for.

「Erm, how much would you buy it for?」

She was the daughter of the lord. She would buy it at a generously high price――
My hopes shattered the next instant.

「Ara, I’m unable to set a fair price. Didn’t you come here to sell in the first place? If I bought directly from you, I would feel bad for the shop’s staff.」

Oh well… It seemed to be her honest opinion…
If the shop bought it, they would first have it processed into jewellery by an artisan from the Industrial District and then set the price of the finished article. Only then would they be able to make profit.

If I sold it directly to Marita, she would have to rely on a skillful artisan for the finished article.
In the latter case, the shop would be out of loop.

However, wouldn’t Marita be incurring loss in the former case?
The price of the finished jewellery would be quite high.
No, these might be the words to keep me from hesitating to sell the White Magic Crystal and further increasing the price.
Oh well. There was no need for me to behave in such a petty manner as to hesitating and increasing the price.

Or rather, racking my nonexistent brain and reading the other party’s though pattern was unbecoming.
Although she looks shrewd, what do I have to be seriously worried about a 12 year old kid for?
Therefore, I brought my train of thought to a halt and requested the male shop clerk to proceed with the sales procedure.

After showing my Adventurer ID, I inquired the amount.

「Let’s see… Such a size isn’t readily available on the market… So, how about 350,000 Dalas…?」

Before I could restart my brain, that had hanged, Marita spoke to the male shop clerk.

「Hey, although I have expectations in regards to the price after it has turned into a finished article, shouldn’t its price be a bit higher?」

Are you… serious…?
I was caught off guard by the first offer, but then came another attack.
Marita was an awful kid.

「We cannot hope to match Marita. Then… how about 380,000 Dalas…?」

This time, Marita smiled as if she had agreed.

「In a business, everyone should stand to gain. You must endeavour to put a smile on everyone’s face――is what my father always says. I found something I was looking for, so I’m glad. This shop will be able to gross profit, too. And you――」

Suddenly, Marita turned around and pointed my way.

「Will be able to sell at a slightly higher price. Isn’t it great?」

As if saying, ‘I have completely recovered from the earlier disgrace,’ the way she stuck her nonexistent chest out looked charming.

No way… Isn’t this princess a nice princess…?
To conclude with merely that, I might be considerably soft.
I refuse. Although I could use all elemental magic, I didn’t have such an element as that. That was why I persistently believed she was a nice princess.

When I was about to consent to the offered amount, Marita spoke once again.

「By the way, where did you get a White Magic Crystal of such a size?」
「Marita-sama, he might have been blessed with such an opportunity due to being an Adventurer. That question was intrusive――」
「Ara, it was just on my mind.」

Even though Logins-san was trying to restrain her, it didn’t seem like her curiosity could be suppressed.
Time to tell the story, that we had agreed upon, of how I obtained this White Magic Crystal.

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