Riot Grasper | Vol. 2 – Ch. 11 | The Good Ol’ Balloon | Pt. 1

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2nd Volume, 11th Chapter 【The Good Ol’ Balloon】 1st Part

Author’s note: Finally, that man……!

——7th month, 1st week, the day of Origin.

Even after keeping them company to the late hour drinking bout last night, I casually strode downstairs. So, it’s the effect of Abnormal Status Resistance, after all, huh?
Last night, Doorey-san decided to stay at Feeder Pops’. However, for the sake of temperance, he was already in the dining area.

「Yo! Morning, Seiji-kun.」
「Good morning.」

The moment I returned Doorey-san’s greeting, Lim could be seen coming downstairs, too.
Umu, as for Arnold-san, it will be the same as always, I guess?
Well, drinking without restraint is inevitable after reuniting with a long separated friend……right?

After the three of us were done with the breakfast. I told them I would be leaving for the Paudal Wetland Belt and rose from my seat.
Because it was the day of Origin today, I would have to go hunt the Prism Slimes. I would be shopping quite extensively.

「Fumu, I’ll be in this town for a while. If you need something, let me know.」

Last night……he did say that the trade with the Archipelago States would be more active if the new policy were enacted. Therefore, he would be stocking commodities up before it was too late.

「How about you, Lim-chan? If you’re free until Arnold gets up, why don’t you go to the market with Uncle? I’ll give my friend’s daughter a present.」
「Thank you very much, but……I’ll wait until Papa wakes up.」
「I-I see……」

Politely declining Doorey-san’s invitation, Lim went upstairs lightly *tatata* just like a cat.
The tail of Uncle, who was left behind, drooped so low it was rubbing against the floor.
Close friend’s daughter would look just as cute as one’s own daughter, surely.
Because Doorey-san wasn’t married and had no child, such feelings would be even more pronounced.

「Then, I’ll be off.」
「Ah, wait……here, if you’re going out, how about you take this for the journey?」
「This is……?」

What he held out was……a colorful candy?

「It’s a confectionary made in a certain village of Lechelle Kingdom. There, sugarcane grows abundantly, so it’s their specialty product. It’s popular as a commodity, too. I hope you try it a little.」

It was a candy that was faintly red and yellow in color——it was interestingly shaped after a bird and a sheep esque animal.
I received it with thanks and left the inn.

Through the Guild, I went to the mount shop.

「——Oh, you’re actually buying this fellow? I mean, it’s amazing considering you’re so young.」

I shoved the white gold coins in the shop clerk’s face (※Courteously paid the amount) and finally made Rook mine.
After receiving pointers on how to keep a pet, I caressed Rook.
Apparently, it could be left here in case there was no shed for the mounts at the inn.
Although it would cost a little money, I was glad I could get on Rook whenever and go wherever I wanted.
I vigorously jumped on Rook. With my heart overflowing with desire, I forcefully gripped the reins.

「——Oou……somehow, the view is different.」

Although it was strange, since I was used to the journey of where I was heading to, I was feeling refreshed.
I always used to borrow Rook. I didn’t know I would experience such an exhilaration when I owned it.
Like someone, who always rented a car, would feel upon buying a new car of their dreams……they would cry.

After loitering more than usual around, I reached the Paudal Wetland Belt. Slightly vigilantly, I searched the vicinity.
It’s not……what you think it is. I was concerned about getting surrounded by the demons in retaliation of yesterday’s incident.
However, my worries seemed to be unfounded.

Well, well. Time to once again chase the runaway slimes with Rook.
Thereafter, I repeatedly stole Origin Magic from the coalesced Prism Slimes. When it was about time to return home, I got off Rook’s back and unsheathed the sword.

「Should I try it once more?」

I directed my consciousness to my palm and manifested a rainbow colored ball.
A clear image was required to manifest magic. However, because I had already spent considerable time on fusing all six elements, I seemed to be able to control it fairly well after getting a hang of it once.

I clad it on the sword as is and held it aloft.
After confirming there was no one around, I aimed at the swamp field so as not to destroy the nature.

————Multi Elemental Extreme Sword Wave (Symphonic Rave)!

The moment the sword attack, which I fired with all my power, came into contact with the surface of water——the sound of impact, which seemed to be making the air tremble, transmitted to my body.
A column of water soared into the sky——the surface of the swamp, the depth of which was shallow to begin with, was lying naked. Water was whirling into the small crater like hole which had just formed.

……I’m so scary!

The joke I just cracked was actually in moderation. From now on……I would have to take time and place into account before using it.
Even though Origin Magic was merely at Lv2, the power was terrifying.

Whether Alba used all of her power to finish the wounded me off with the great Fireball or not, I wasn’t certain. However, considering what transpired yesterday, it seemed to be equivalent to Lv3.

By the way, I shot the rainbow colored ball prior to the sword unification, too. Although it was powerful in its own right, one could clearly perceive the power down.
Do other factors contribute to the sword unification, too……? What comes to mind is the Lv of my Sword Arts? Or the attack power of the sword I’m equipped with?
Or does the unification with a weapon one is accustomed to results in more precise image? ……That’s all I can think of.

Oh well. I decided to return for the day.

——When I was reporting at the Merville Guild, I was informed by Sheena-san.

「You’re Rank D+, Seiji-san, but your quest completion count has reached 10. Do you want to take the Rank Promotion Exam?」
「Ah, yes. I do.」

I see……Rank C Promotion Exam already, huh?
Ever since becoming a Rank D, I had been regularly hunting the Slimes for about a month.

It was an incredible speed even if I say so myself.
Although I had plenty of safety margin, a Slime was originally a difficult opponent for a Rank D Adventurer.
Even though it was small, it could use magic. It would constrict the opponent with its fluidic body and suffocate them. Even if they somehow cornered it, it would plan an escape and coalesce with another Slime. After power[ing] up, it would restart attacking.
Even if they defeated it by the skin of their teeth and returned to the town, one meager nucleic bead wouldn’t cut it for the quest completion.

Here, there was no such thing as Lv up upon defeating monsters. Once they realized their inadequacy, they would have no choice but to train and gradually improve their technique.

「Not many people sit for the Rank C Promotion Exam, so it’s conducted individually. Therefore, it’s easier to set the schedule. Do you have any request in respect of the day?」

Previously, the Rank D Promotion Exam was a group examination. However, it seemed to be different this time around.
Every Adventurer starts as a Rank E, is that why many people sit for the first examination?
It was a pyramid structure; the higher the rank, the less the number of people……in a way, it was a miniature society.
Well, it was natural since it was one organization.

Tens of thousands of people lived in Merville Town. In the suburban towns and villages, people lived in the denomination of hundreds and thousands.

In such a large town as Merville, people registered with the Guild numbered about 200.
More than half of them were Rank E and D……those of higher rank were handful. In Merville, the vicinity of which wasn’t infested with brutal monsters, high ranked Adventurers were extremely rare.

「Early schedule if possible, please.」
「Very well. As soon as arrangements with the examiner have been made, we will contact you.」

Will it be Bays-san this time, too……? Nah, he couldn’t be free all the time. It would be someone else this time around.
I’m certain she mentioned that examiner quests were issued for high ranked Adventurers.

——And then came the next day. 7th month, 1st week, the day of Fire.

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