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Chapter 56

Latia’s POV

In my childhood I had normal friends.
However, since who knows when [Mother], [Father] and [Friends] disappeared from my surroundings.
I came to this town because the people who would speak to me in the village where I lived are gone.
I went out of the village to a nearby town and met up with various people there.
When I was almost attacked suddenly by a man in the shop which it was said that I could make a lot of money.
Even when it was likely to become friends with an onee-san that I met when I was entrusted with the chores at a restaurant.
Everyone fainted in my presence for some reason and they didn’t wake up for several days.
Moreover, stuff would break around me. Although I never touched them.
I came to Welburg because before coming to this town, there was no longer anyone who would talk to me in the town I was in.
This town was an Adventurer town, surely I will be accepted here.
No, perhaps adventurers in this town may not collapse.
I came to this town believing so.
I found work as a day laborer because it was a work where I could talk to many people. But, I became lonely there.
I got fired from work, too.
After I got fired, the old woman who had always greeted me collapsed before my eyes. It was the day when I accompanied her to the doctor.

What should I do for today’s meal? At that time I was thinking that. I was surprised from being called out from behind all of the sudden.

“Hiya, hiyai?”

I don’t usually speak to people too much, so a strange voice came out.
And, I have noticed. For a person to be calling out to a dull woman like me in such a way when there is little pedestrian traffic.

“I-I don’t have any money. I also just got fired from my job.”

So, it is a burglar-san. No, no matter how, from my appearance it clearly states that the possibility for money was not visible.

“My boobs are small so you should stop!”

Then, maybe his aim is surely for my body? I appealed desperately that he should stop it.
I was told later [Such a pose is dangerous and will have the opposite effect, so don’t do it anymore].
Why is that?”

“Besides that, I don’t have any parents, I’m foolish, I’m an extremely ugly woman, nothing good will come out of me. *Sniffle*.”

If it is not about my body, then what is it? I spoke with my utmost effort about my troubles to the burglar-san.
A depressing feeling swelled up fast when I spoke.
The burglar-san is a nice burglar-san because he listened to my story.

“Did you settle down?”
“Ha, yes. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.”

The burglar-san seems to be an adventurer.
After that, I talked mainly about coming to this town.
I spoke about various things, but Hibiki-san listened to everything.
When my story reached a pausing point, Hibiki-san had begun to give out a worried air.
I see, it is already such a time. I got afraid after the words [Let’s return] left Hibiki-san’s mouth.

“I don’t have a single friend in this town at all. Hibiki-san, could you be my friend?”

I noticed when I said such a thing.
Uwaa, what the heck am I saying, me? See Hibiki-san looks troubled too.
But, still.

“For a long time, a person who seems to get along well with me, would collapse. However, It seems that Hibiki-san is safe with me, somehow?”

I want a friend.

“O-oh, that so. Best regards.”

Hibiki-san became friends with me.
Before he could say [I changed my mind] I immediately made a promise to meet the next day, then I left the place in a rush.

Like that, the day after tomorrow came early.
The promised day with Hibiki-san.
I was terribly restless on the way to the Adventurer Guild.
Though Hibiki-san’s face looked serious somehow, being an adventurer was tough.
I was troubled a little when he said it was dangerous outside of town, but apparently, it was safe for now. That’s a relief.
More importantly than such things was communication with the red slime that was near Hibiki-san.
Oh, it is pleasantly soft *bunyu bunyu*.
A somewhat scary person looked this way when I steadily touched the slime.
Though I unintentionally hid myself behind Hibiki-san, Hibiki-san did not have an unpleasant face when protecting me.

When I was working putting goods away with Hibiki-san, an alchemist called out to me.
He talked about one thing after another and I was on the verge of panicking. The moment I tried to asked for someone’s help the alchemist collapsed.
Ah, it happened again. With this, my job is done for.
Important people came from the interior of the building. Ah geez, not good.

“The customer apparently got too excited and collapsed.”

Eh!? Hibiki-san is giving an explanation to the higher-ups.
Is he acquainted with this big boss? The boss was serious for me, he gave words of comfort to me.
In addition, I have troubled Hibiki-san.
I said [I’m sorry] so many times but Hibiki-san told me not to worry about it.
But, work has been settled thanks to Hibiki-san. It was necessary to return my gratitude.
Because, friends are equal.
I bought suitable bracelets in a nearby shop and presented it to Hibiki-san.

“Here, Hibiki-san. This is a commemoration for today that I was able to make a friend and as thanks for helping me.”

I want to convey my gratitude even a little, however I can only pass on this kind of thing.

“Oi, is it fine? Should you be using your precious salary for such a thing?”

Please don’t say such a thing!! For me, there is nothing more important than this now!!
I want to say so. However, my mouth did not move well.

“There is no such thing. This is a very very important thing.”

I wonder did my feelings reach him? Hibiki-san received the bracelet.
I was relieved because I was able to pass it, but it’s getting dark. Moreover, it is time to part.
Quickly, I need to make my next promise!!

“Hibiki-san, will you be in the guild tomorrow?”

I mustered my courage and asked Hibiki-san. However…

“No, I will not really be in town tomorrow.”

There was never a case when I was sad as this when being turned down.
Moreover, he will not be in town, what was that? Will he never return anymore?
No, it was not the time to be downcast. If tomorrow was not good how about the day after tomorrow?

“Right, so. The day after tomorrow, I think that I will be in the courtyard of the lord’s castle in the morning.”

What a relief. I can meet Hibiki-san again if I endure only for a day.

“That’s great!! Then, see you the day after tomorrow!!”

In addition, I started running at once before I heard the unpleasant [I changed my mind].
I want to be with Hibiki-san more.
But, it’s possible to meet again. Because he promised!!

“Oi, you.”

A voice called out from the back alley just like several days ago. The voice shows that it wasn’t Hibiki-san, my heart started to beat fast.

When I thought of looking back and answered, I was plunged into darkness.
Eh, what is this? My body doesn’t move.
I wonder why I’m sleepy? Yeah, I am sleepy. I can surely have a dream if I sleep like this. If it was a dream with Hibiki-san that would be nice.

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