Underground Doctor — Chapter 2: In Order To Earn Quick Money I’ll Preform a Surgery For a Bit — Part 1

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Kaoru, who’s walking in the center of the town of 【The Great Labyrinth City’s Grand Palace】, is restlessly looking for a medical store.
Without being able to find a store in sight, his face contorted as he sighed.
The town being too large as well, gradually fatigue began to pile up.
Just then, he spotted someone that looked like a gatekeeper, so he tried to ask him.

「Pardon me. Is there a medical store, somewhere around here?」

「Medical store is it? In that case there isn’t any outside of the west’s Medical District.
Since this is the east’s Commercial District.」

To the smiling gatekeeper who answered, Kaoru raised his hand and said, “Thanks a lot!” as he hastily left the commercial area.

As he was dragging his exhausted body, he arrived at the west’s Medical District.
There, a lot of treatment facilities were there.
There were a lot of people as well, and stores that were able to attract queues/lines.
Looking at one person, seeing what kind of injuries that person had, he confirmed.
Scrapes, bruises, etc etc.
They’re mostly all similar, he thought while walking.
In order to promptly get information, about this other world’s medical treatment, he’s come to the Medical District.
Because there are a lot of people, it’ll take a considerable amount of time.
So, he searched for an empty store.

「Oh, found it! Huh, it looks pretty torn down. Well whatever.」

While saying that, he entered the place that had the signboard 『Liz’s Treatment Center』

「Heellooo~ Are you open~? What the, it’s dark. So the place was out of business……」

Kaoru said, with disappointment however,

「How rude! I am open.」

An answer was returned, from a slightly annoyed voice.
Looking inside, a girl with beautiful blond hair that reaches down to her waist, was there.
With delicate limbs, wearing a white shirt and a black skirt, clad in a white robe.

「What the. If ya were here ya should’ve answered. If I was a costumer I would’ve left.」

Kaoru, who talked as if mocking her.
With a tall figure, he seemed to be about 175cm.
With swept back silver hair, he was wearing an aloha shirt and shorts.
Above the shirt, he wore a white robe.
With evil-looking eyes, he was a handsome man. (Light: I translated them in the last part as “Slanted eyes” which is technically true, I’m going with “evil-looking eyes” from now on. Gonna keep the slanted ones from earlier however, just to give out the image.)
From such an attire, the girl, who guessed that they’re in the same profession, glanced at the glaring Kaoru.

「Such, ya don’t need to make such a scary face~. It’s not like, Imma gonna eat ya or anything. It’s just, there’s something I wanna ask ya. That’s why I came here.」

While laughing loudly, Kaoru watched the girl.

「Oh, I still haven’t introduced myself. I’m Ashiya Kaoru.」

「It’s Liz Cradle. So? You’re not a customer right?」

Adding the fact that she was made fun of earlier, Liz was feeling quite irritated.

「I’m broke y’see. I wanted a bit of information that’s why I came here.」

While scratching his head, Kaoru said.

「If you don’t have money then please return! The exit is this way desu.」

Liz stood next to the exit, she glared as if saying “Hurry up and leave”.

「Just listen to me. Why are ya so angry?」

Kaoru, while laughing loudly, tried to talk to Liz, however her frustrated expression deepened.

「You, you must be one of the companions of the guys who’re trying to destroy my shop! Hurry up and return! Don’t ever get involved with me again!」

While saying that, she threw the book right in front of her eyes at Kaoru.
That is, it splendidly hit Kaoru’s eyelids, and it was cleanly cut.
Blood was smoothly running down.

「Oh? What are ya sayin’? It appears, that ya’re misunderstandin’. I only came here, to this town, in order to see if there’s a seriously ill patient that cannot be cured so I came here to ask about it.
Liz, with your selfish assumptions, don’t hit other people. I feel bad for speaking frankly. In addition, in a place to receive treatment, what’s up with gettin’ hurt.」

The tone, his never changing voice’s tone, was lowered a bit.
He eyed Liz with a serious look.


Toward Kaoru’s straight stare, Liz winced.
Still, due to her selfish misunderstanding toward him, while looking at the wound that she inflicted, she was unable to talk back.
With a downcast expression, Liz who fell silent.
Kaoru, while looking at that expression, 「Uwaa I’ve seen such a cute face」, he said while laughing loudly.
Hearing his words, continued in silence as her face turned red.
Then,「Sorry for jumping to conclusions」she apologized.

「I’ll treat it. Please let me see the wound.」

Although Liz has said that, Kaoru wanted to try out his own skill so he took control of the matter.

「Recovery Magic, what is it’s highest grade magic?」

‘I’ve seen it in the status screen, whether it’s right or not I want to confirm it from Liz.’

「Eh? If I’m not mistaken,『Complete Healing X Cure』is what I think. Regarding the wounds remaining, it appears that most of them will not be left……The ones who seem that can use it are about, Spirit City 【Ecriks】’s High Priest…」

「Hee, is that right. Recovery Magic ――『Complete Healing X Cure』」

*Powaato*, an olive green light concentrated on the wound.
Kaoru’s eyelid wound began to disappear.
Although the cut was a bit deep, however it disappeared without a trace.
At the place where the wound is supposed to be, Kaoru extended his hands and touched.
Ooo! Amazin’, he thought.
Liz, while opening and closing her mouth, 「What the hell are you doing!」with that condition, she grabbed ahold of Kaoru’s collar, and began shaking him.

「Liz, sorry but I’m starting to feel sick. A little, stop……shaking me. I’m seriously going to throw up. What I’ve eaten in the noon is going to come ouuuuuuuut」


When Liz, let go of him, his face already turned pale and he collapsed onto a chair.

「Ahhhh, I feel sick. Mou……I can’t move anymore. My head hurts~ What should I do……This girl, approached an injured man to deliver the finishing blow……*Burp*」

While saying that, he sneaked glances at Liz.
Uu, Liz with a guilty expression said,

「I-I understand. All you have to is rest right! Since, it was all my fault!」

「Y-you’re really serious right? Absolutely, right? If you broke your promise, you’ll pay with your body right? Also, if you bring out food I’ll be grateful. 」

Kaoru, 「Even if it’s porridge, I’ll eat it~ I want to fill my stomach, with tenderness~」With a voice that indicated that he was sick, addressed Liz.
As if it was an incantation.

「Alright! Why don’t I make it for you!」(Light: Btw, she’s tsun tsun throughout the conversation.)

With a half feeling of an offender being angry at the victim, Liz declared.

「Eh? Seriously? I’ve done it, hotel secured!」

His pale expression from some time ago, with a feeling that it disappeared somewhere, Kaoru struck out his fists in triumph.
Toward that expression, Liz, “Dammit, I’ve been had!”, she thought while her shoulders trembled.
Kaoru while saying, “You’re so easy to manipulate”, laughed loudly.

Underground Doctor — Chapter 1: Waking Up in Another World — Part 2
Underground Doctor — Chapter 2: In Order To Earn Quick Money I’ll Preform a Surgery For a Bit — Part 2

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