(R18) Frequenting Brothels 26

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TL by Nymph
TLC/ED by Weslykan

The disabled man’s hideout, at Bijo Olde

A few days later, I came back for Yuki-chan, and while playing with Kashima-chan, Freya-chan, Rachel-chan and Remi-chan, I do quests here and there.

My next goal would be the Hookers at Saisho(First) Village, but, even though I would be quite popular with my current equipment, I might as well become a G rank hunter so I’ll be spoiled to my heart’s content.
Therefore, to become G-rank hunter, to make easy money, and to obtain Cheat-class equipment, I headed to Bijo Olde, Dorahun Online’s main town.

To tell the truth, this is not the first time I came here in Dorahun Online.
In the past, when Dorahun was available for PC, I was pretty interested and went here once or twice.
But, I couldn’t keep up with the paid-players group and the inflation of monsters, so I put the game away.

In conclusion, Bijo Olde is, as far as I’m concerned, a very familiar place to me.

That said, I don’t intend on spending too much time in Dorahun Online.

So, for the sake of rising to G-rank, I paid the Basic subscription fee, then bought ‘Convenient Hunting X Course’ and ‘Various Hunter Privilege Course’ with in-game money using the method Ayakidou’s owner showed me earlier.
If this was real life, it would take 8000 yen for all this if you exchanged game money into real money.

Then, for my Heavy Gun protector I bought the Elena kit, for my long sword I bought the Nyaroru kit, and to further strengthen my Heavy Gun’s sighting I bought the Fleet kit.
This too, would cost around 9000 yen in real life, but since I’m using in-game money, it’s free.

I climbed the stairs of the rocky valley Bijo Olde, received the claim tickets for my purchases from the receptionist lady Yufie-chan, and they were sent into my Item box.

Immediately receiving quests to raise my rank is good but, right now I have some free time, so I headed towards the most erotic-looking furniture store of Bijo Olde where an old man lives.

As I approach him, the old furniture dealer hid the fruit that he was holding behind his back.
In the past, this old man is needed to obtain a powerful ornament called 「Herculean Strength Sphere」, but after finishing the quest that gives the Herculean Strength Sphere nobody ever approached this perverted-looking old man again.
I occasionally visited this place for the sake of decorating My Gallery, and this old man is presently the man with the most free time in Bijo Olde.

I chose suitable furniture to buy and talked to the old man.

「Hey、uncle、where are the brothels and strip-shows?」

「Hm? Ah、that’s down the path beside the hair salon。
You seem interested……hehehe」


Since I was given the location, my business with this old man is done.

I walked towards the blacksmith, my protector and weapon were ready for pickup.

Even the Elena kit unenhanced protector, without being +3 and high-class earring, still easily exceeded 400 in defensive strength.
A powerful protector in Dorahun Cross is only 300 in defensive power, so this is more than enough, but to reach G-rank Cheat-class equipment like this is needed.

And my weapon, for now, it’s a Lizard Mortar.
This is a cash weapon that can shoot bullets of any attribute, then when I become G-rank it evolves into Serpent Emperor Mortar, my offensive ability will easily reach 600.
Dorahun Cross heavy guns are around 200 in offensive ability, so this thing is exceptional.
Moreover, the gun-like design of this weapon looks badass.

I immediately put on the Elena kit and equipped myself with the Lizard Mortar.
There are 4 colors available, so I tried choosing red uniformly for everything.
The Elena kit is pretty cool with a gunman look.
I decided to go show this off to Kashima-chan.

With my equipment all prepared, I randomly went for a tour around Bijo Olde.
After confirming the location of the brothels and strip-shows, I took a look at the plaza.

Since this is Dorahun Online, many receptionist ladies were around.
The girl named Yufie-chan I got my equipment claim tickets from earlier is in charge of General Information at the plaza, Demeter-chan who likes cheese is in charge of Tournament, the energetic twin-tailed Hilda-chan is in charge of Route Quests, the girl with glasses is Anetta-chan and she’s in charge of Item Market, cool but kind and is popular with the hunters – Enis-chan – is in charge of General Quests, and then Mizuho-chan, who is called 「This guy’s feet definitely stinks」「Molder feet」「Stink feet Mizuho」 on the internet, is in charge of Series Quests.

There’s a reason all the hate was directed at only Mizuho-chan among these girls.
People usually crowd around Enis-chan to receive General Quests, so sometimes, because of the congestion many people would mistakenly talk to Mizuho-chan standing right beside.
This makes some people irritated because they were in a hurry.
With such circumstance, plus Mizuho-chan stands there 24 hours a day with stockingless boots, hence the name 「This guy’s feet definitely sink」.

Well, in reality, every girl was cute and beautiful.

Since I don’t intend to really play the whole Dorahun Online, I’m not interested in pathfinding, festival participation, tower investigation, or a subjugation of a giant monster with groups of tens of people.

In the end, my purposes are to become G-rank, enhance my cheat equipment, make money and do women.
So, though there are many receptionists here, I only talked to Enis-chan who is in charge of General Quests and Anetta-chan who is in charge of Item Market, then I also talked to the 「G-rank Receptionist Lady」.

For hunter rank tests, it is essential to talk with the Guild Master woman, who wears a one-piece dress, but basically I’ll be speaking with these 3 people.

By the way, the previous Guild Master was a mini-sized Dragon-race old man, but it was refined and a young, chindonya-looking Guild Master was swapped in place of him. (TN: Chindonya)
Perhaps, it’s something with adult circumstances involved.

Back on topic, this dragon-race G-rank receptionist woman is extraordinarily cute and beautiful.
Her skin is as white as porcelain, her eyes were ruby red, her hair was the color of peach with the bangs covering her forehead, the hair itself was tied into a side tail neatly.
She wears a green and white apron dress, and always has a parasol.

As for when people that aren’t G-rank talk to this G-rank Receptionist,

「I’m sorry、this place is for those who deal with very dangerous Quests」

she deals with them appropriately.
Back when I was playing in the past I wasn’t G-rank, I too talked to her out of curiosity so I have some memories about this.

But, this time I have firm determination to become a G-rank.
So, I tried talking in a playboy style.

「You seem to have some free time?」

「……I may look like so、but I’m actually busy dealing with G-rank quests」

「Just telling me your name is fine right?」

「I’m Primula」

I know.
I know that name was determined by public appeal, I also know she’s been called 「Dragon Child」 widely on the net.

「Hey、what if……」

「But now、I’m busy」
(TN: URGHH……the Japanese sounds a lot more feminine and gentle……)

「If I become G-rank、how does letting me embrace you sound?」

The receptionists around became noisy.
Primula laughed scornfully.

「Many hunters have aimed for G-rank、and failed、you don’t seem to know about this。
If you’re in Bijo Olde for such a reason、you’ll die you know」

Ah, so it’s this kind of setting.
In real life, players aiming for G-rank giving up are as many as a whole swarm, but with the game’s system, there’s absolutely no death.

「We don’t know yet right? There is a possibility of me becoming G-rank、at that time、reward me by letting me embrace you」

「Ah、hai hai、only if that happens okay」

Primula said so carelessly to drive me away.

「OK、we have a deal、everyone remember this for me」

The receptionists around slightly nodded.

Thus, for the sake of becoming G-rank, I received quests at Bijo Olde.

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