Riot Grasper | Vol. 2 – Ch. 12 | The Small Confession | Pt. 2

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2nd Volume, 12th Chapter 【The Small Confession】 2nd Part

――Well then, now that the place has quieted down, should we leave?
When I turned my heels, I was once again called to a halt by Marita.

「Stop right there. You were not called here for the specific purpose of teaching the words.」

…Hey, hey. Don’t tell me I have to pay the compensation?
However, it was dispelled.

「Do you two have no intention of resigning as Adventurers and working at this house?」

So, that was why we were called, huh――…
I’ll pass.
It was important to build the connections with influential people, but it didn’t mean I had to be bound.
I hadn’t enjoyed this world enough. The social status as an Adventurer, who could roam unfettered, was fitting for me.

Besides, wasn’t it a little careless to employ a mere Adventurer all of a sudden?
I might be thinking too much into it, but… Were the few days of no contact a period to inquire into our basic sentiments? That couldn’t possibly be…

「Sorry, but I have no intention of resigning as an Adventurer. Lim, too…」

When I turned my sight, I found a head *furufuru* shaking.

「Well then, may I help you with some other business――」
「Please wait a moment… Marita-sama… How about we honestly request them here?」

Logins-san nimbly stepped forward in front of us. After peeking at Marita, he continued.

「Seiji-san is a rare Origin Magic user… That sword on your waist must not be for decoration either… At such a young age, it is exceedingly commendable. Lim-san, too. Just because you’re young, the power of a beastkin cannot be underestimated… That said, if we disregard your age, people with the same level of abilities can be found anywhere…」

If the abilities of a Rank D or C Adventurer were considered, it would indeed be so.

「The reason as to why Marita-sama is interested in you two――」
「It’s fine, Logins. I’ll say it myself.」

When Marita turned around, her cheeks were slightly blushed. In a voice that sounded like a bashful mutter, she told us the reason.

「I haven’t gone out of this town. Actually, it’s rare for me to even leave this house.」
「Eh, but last time…」
「That was because I had requested to Father that ‘I’ would like to choose the jewel, which ‘I’ would be wearing, at the very least.」

An overprotective parent. However, when Marita was talking about her father, the mood didn’t suggest that she disliked him.

「Therefore, I have very few friends of my age… Actually, I don’t have any… So, I took interest in you two, who are not far off my age, even though it was our first meeting…」

I see. In other words, she wanted someone close to her age whom she could talk with… She wanted a friend?
Well, Lim would be better because I was six years older than her [Marita].
Still… Compared to Logins-san, I was much younger…
Considering the age group of those around her, she would indeed not mind ‘slightly’ older.

「In other words… you want someone like a friend?」
「What about it? Is it wrong?」

It was slightly unexpected.

「It’s not wrong. Then, why didn’t you honestly say so from the start?」
「I… don’t know anything about the world outside, but I intend to learn a lot from the tutors or books. The people called Adventurers accept quests and receive rewards. I know about their livelihood, too. Therefore… I thought I would pay in exchange for listening to their stories.」

Aah, because she only reads books in the house, is that why she looks more mature than her age? At this point, it was necessary to tell her one thing straight.

「In the relationship called friendship, money doesn’t exist.」
「That… may certainly be so… Then… honorifics don’t exist either, right?」

Marita bloomed into a smile.
Wasn’t it so easily said?
Here, if I got carried away and dropped honorifics, wouldn’t Logins-san 『Insolent!』 just kill me?
Even more so, after realizing that this person was wearing a slender sword; Wasn’t he a butler?

「…Going so far in expecting the adventure tales would be troublesome, but there would be no problem in coming here every now and then for storytelling.」
「Un, that would be enough.」
「Still… To have never gone outside, are you not being overly protected? Don’t you go shopping with your mother?」

Father, being the lord, would be busy with his work. However, mother and daughter must be on good terms――

「When I wasn’t even 1 year old… Mother passed away. That’s why Father cherishes me so much, I think…」

What do I do? I seemed to have stepped on a landmine.
Even though my legs were already full of wounds.

――I, who had somehow succeeded in changing the topic, thereafter told Marita a few adventure tales.
What especially piqued Marita’s interest was the exhilaration of riding Rook and bustling about. Or was it the scenery of such a place as Paudal Wetland Belt?

As for Lim, she talked about me, Arnold-san, and Mister and Missus Dario… She hardly talked about herself. That said, the attitude of earnestly stepping up could be seen in her.

I wonder if it had to do with their mutual aspect of both of them having lost their mothers, or has she started recovering from the shock of the attack on the village?
It was a good thing.

‘Because the fish we ate back in Pascam Port Town was so tasty, I learnt a fish recipe from Dario-san, but it didn’t go so well’――and so on. It developed into a warm conversation.
It was not an adventure tale. Rather, it was a conversation which the girls of the same age would normally hold.
Above all, because Marita was enjoying it, it was for the best.

At the black tea which Maid-san brewed and served to the room, Logins-san nodded seemingly satisfied.

By the way, Logins-san had been working at the lord’s mansion for more than ten years. He had been looking after Martia in one way or another ever since she was an infant.
‘Because his abilities stand out, he serves also as a guard’――These were Marita’s words.

‘It’s fortunate that we are on good terms’――I thought, while sipping the black tea, the flavour of which was extracted at the right temperature.

Author’s note: Next chapter: 『The Rolled off Candy』
Don’t miss it.

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Don’t miss it.”

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