Riot Grasper | Vol. 2 – Ch. 13 | The Rolled off Candy | Pt. 1

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2nd Volume, 13th Chapter 【The Rolled off Candy】 1st Part

From Merville stretched four main highways.
Thereby, the gates were set up at four passages: east, west, south and north. If one advanced all the way up the northern highway, they would reach the Royal Capital Iris.
The western one led to Pascam Port Town, eastern to Veronica Citadel Town and southern to Wide Citadel Town respectively. While en route down these highways, existed divergences [sub-highways]. If one advanced down these sub-highways, they would be able to reach small towns and villages.

Wide Citadel Town was the largest town in the southern part of Lechelle Kingdom, the role of which was to supply goods to the fort built to prevent the demon invasion.
En route down the highway which extended from Merville to Wide existed a road diverging to the west. Situated a little down the road was a village of 200 population――Lana Village.

In Lana Village, sugarcane was actively cultivated. They sold sugar refined from the sugarcane. They also sold confectionary made using the sugar.
Because the climate and soil were suitable for growth, the harvest could be expected within a year of the planting season.

Lana Village――

「――Minii, it will soon get dark, please have everyone gather. Also, stack up the harvested sugarcane in the usual place.」

The one who called so out was a woman in the latter half of her twenties――Eleanor.
She had never worn expensive clothes, yet she gave off a neat impression of overflowing cleanliness.

「Un, I’ll convey it to everyone.」

The girl, who replied so, was 7-8 year old. However, the behaviour of dependence stemming from childhood couldn’t be detected in her.
Eleanor nodded at Minii’s reply and returned to where she came from.
Moving her small limbs, Minii ran about in the sugarcane fields and told other children to finish their work off.

「Is that so? Thanks Minii. After we have stacked up the harvested sugarcane, can you please inform the uncle?」

A boy the same age as Minii――Roy, said so while holding a bundle of sugarcane.

These boys and girls lived in an orphanage in the outskirts of Lana Village.
They were the children who had lost their parents to the monsters, diseases or demons――and met the destiny of orphans.
A number of towns and villages had such orphanages, that accepted orphans, constructed. However, they had to earn money for their livelihood by themselves.
Even though they were too young, they assisted in harvesting the sugarcane. The small remuneration they would receive from the farmers would be set aside for the operating expenses.

「――Welcome home. Put the dirty clothes in the basket over there. Also, because it will soon be dinner, can you please clean the top of the table?」

Eleanor received the kids, who had returned, and issued quick instructions.

「Eleanor-san. This.」

What Minii handed over to Eleanor were coins which she was grasping firmly. While having her head caressed, she received 「Minii is a good child」 praise.

「…Alright! Everyone, as a reward for your hard work, eat tasty stew till you’re full.」

Even though it was modest, it was a life filled with laughter and noise of the kids.
While Eleanor was satisfied at such a sight, she unconsciously recalled the days bygone.

Eleanor had experienced the life in this orphanage as a child. Now, she held the position whereby she had to look after them.
Just that everyone who lived together back then had gone their separate ways.
There was a girl who was slightly older than her. She was a sister like existence to her. The fortune she was blessed with was inconceivable.
However, now that she [the girl] had turned into an existence whom she [Eleanor] could never meet again, she [Eleanor] doubted she [the girl] was blessed.

「Even the cause of her death wasn’t announced…huh?…」
「…Is there something wrong? …Eleanor san?」

Looking at Eleanor, who seemed to be murmuring something, Roy asked after dumping the stew in his stomach.

「No, nothing. That aside, how was the stew today?」
「Very delicious. Most importantly, it was full of meat. Was there a mysterious donation again, perhaps?」
「U~n, there was, indeed. Just who in the world sends it?」

Many merchants would visit Lana Village to purchase sugar… Occasionally, however, they would deliver a donation with an 『as per request』 message.
‘A former resident of the orphanage? But…’ guessed Eleanor… However, she couldn’t understand as to why they would keep their name secret.
The sack of coins would include a flower. She remembered seeing it somewhere, but…

「Oh well. I would use it with gratitude. After all, savings would be needed for the sake of the kids’ future.」

――The chain of Eleanor’s thoughts was cut off with a knock on the orphanage’s door.
Since they were in the outskirts on the village, it was rare for the villagers to visit them. Even more so at such a time as after the dusk.

「Who could it be? At such an hour…」

Telling the kids to carry on eating, Eleanor left to attend the door.

「Coming. Who is――」

Eleanor had just begun to say when she sensed abnormality.
They were covered from head to toe in black mantles. They had masks put on, so their faces couldn’t be identified――Clearly, the group didn’t belong to the village.

「Y-You, who――」
「Don’t move… If you make any noise, I’ll kill you… Just follow our orders. If you do, you will not die. If you don’t, everyone will die including those damn kids behind you.」
「What… do――」

Eleanor, who had a knife thrust at her throat, leaked a clueless voice.

「Don’t speak unnecessarily. If you are going to follow, reply so in one word.」
「Good… Everyone, come in…」

In an instant, the peaceful sight inside the orphanage was crushed by the bloodthirsty air.
Some of the kids, who were unable to grasp the situation, burst into tears upon seeing Eleanor’s stiffened face and the alien group.

「Stop crying, brat. Tell everyone to act normal.」

The indifferent voice of a man from behind the mask continued to give orders.
They had to behave normally so as not to alert the villagers outside, it seems.
Which means the kids would have to leave for work tomorrow per norm. However, if they leaked too much [information], Eleanor and everyone would die.

「――Got it? Well, if you leaked too much, the villagers would die, too. Don’t forget; you’re constantly under watch.」
「Let… Eleanor-san… go…」

Shouting so, Roy scowled at the man in black.
Seemingly fed up, the man sighed and becked [beckoned] the subordinate next to him.


A muffled voice of a woman reverberated from behind the mask. From under the mantle, she retrieved――a whip.
The moment the woman’s hand was perceived to have moved――Roy’s body experienced a floating sensation.
The whip, which had coiled around his feet, pulled him in front of the overbearing man.
Without minding the groans from the impact of hitting the floor, the man lashed out a kick into Roy’s abdomen.

「This will naturally happen if you speak unnecessarily. So… What would be an appropriate punishment for a defiant brat…?」

When the man moved the knife on Eleanor’s throat a little, a red droplet trickled down her skin and plopped onto the floor.

「S-Sto… am sorry…」
「Or… Would you understand clearly if I killed a brat close to you?」

When he murmured in Roy’s ear, he [Roy] subconsciously turned his sight――

「No… I’m s…cared…」

He saw Minii’s trembling figure and teary eyes.

「I won’t do it again… So, Minii…」
「――There won’t be a second time.」

When the kids who had quieted down were moved to the bedroom, one of the group members voiced.
It was a relaxed voice unbefitting the brutal ambience.

「But Captain~ will this go well?」
「Don’t worry. Because I know that guy the best… 『Whatever you do, do it efficiently』 I learnt the meaning of these words from that guy…」

The body of the man, who was trying to hold the sneer back, shook.

「You should follow the captain without thinking about anything else. Just like those kids.」
「Cruel~ Each of Sis Rei’s words stabbed into my chest.」
「…No pointless chatter. Tomorrow, you will follow me. Others will stay here on standby. If that guy acts strange, don’t show mercy to the kids.」

「Well… If you want to blame someone, blame your own king and that man.」

The man sat down on the floor and spat these words at the dumbfounded Eleanor.


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