Riot Grasper | Vol. 2 – Ch. 13 | The Rolled off Candy | Pt. 2

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2nd Volume, 13th Chapter 【The Rolled off Candy】 2nd Part

His consciousness sunk to the bottom of gloomy darkness. In a mysterious space where the sensation of his body seemed sparse… He got up…
――Aah, this is a dream.
Even though he was aware of that, he continued to gaze fixedly at the scene unfolding in front of his eyes.

「――Why are you all doing this?」
「It’s a mission we were assigned to.」

Words spat out of his mouth regardless of his will.
It was an event that had already transpired. It was merely a playback of the memory.
It felt uncomfortable to have his consciousness buried in his past self.

「An aristocrat’s lady like you shouldn’t think of worrisome things when you can return safely.」
「Aristocrat… huh? I see… But… I have yet to feel like one myself…」

「You may not believe me, but I’m originally from an orphanage. When I was proposed to by my husband, many were surprised. However, the one who was surprised the most was I. I wonder as to what he saw in such a commoner girl as me.」
「…Is that so?」
「Hey, since I’m restrained and we have a lot of free time, why don’t you tell me your story? Wouldn’t it be boring to simply kill a hostage? In what manner were you brought up for you to turn into such an inhumane human being? 」
「You talk too much… Keep quiet…」

Right then――As if the chunks of memory pieced together, the scene switched.

「――Hey, if a war broke out between your side and Lechelle, what would you do? Wouldn’t you be in trouble if that happened?」
「That won’t happen. Our military strength is overwhelming. If the troops of Lechelle invaded us after crossing over the Liebe Mountain Range, they would be annihilated. They are well aware of that.」

Having said so… The man continued his words…

「Likewise, it would be difficult for us to invade Lechelle Kingdom. Veronica Citadel Town is a natural fortress which naturally utilizes the Liebe Mountain Range. Thereby, we are maintaining a cordial relationship without forcing any dispute.」
「Considering my current state, it doesn’t seem 『cordial relationship』 at all, don’t you think?」
「Between two countries, there can never be a relationship of equality. They would always try to build a relationship favourable to themselves.」
「It’s this method… which I’m against…」

「――Do you know about a flower called Phylia? It’s a lovely white flower.」
「It can’t be a flower which grows gregariously in Lechelle Kingdom… Surely…」
「Ah, I knew you would reply to my question. These past few days, out of those who were standing guard, you were the only one who would reply normally.」

「As a child, I saw that flower only once when a peddler came to the village. I was so happy when I found out that it had the same name as me.」
「…Is that so?」
「The other day, I sowed a seed in the garden at the mansion. I hope it grows big.」
「It’s a western plant. It’s suitable for scarce rainfall climate. If it were given excessive water, it would wither.」
「Hee…You’re knowledgeable…」
「It will be convenient for my work if I learn about various cultures.」

「――Do you have a family?」
「…I don’t…」
「Well, I didn’t have parents either, but I was never lonely because the guys at the orphanage were just like my family. Especially a girl who was slightly younger than me. She was just like a little sister to me――」
「You really… talk too much…」
「But you know what? I now believe that a real family is a true blessing. An affectionate husband, an adorable daughter… I’m so lucky. Although my daughter is not even 1 year old yet, I’m certain that she will grow into a pretty girl…」
「If they accept our demands, we will release you safe and sound.」
「Is that… so?」

「――Apparently, they are showing signs of accepting our demands. You’ll soon be released.」
「He is a very kind person… So, you thought it would be effective to target me.」

Having said so――she continued her words.

「When my husband proposed to me, do you know what he said?」

Upon her abrupt question, the man waited silently for her to continue her words.

「――’I want to make Lechelle Kingdom wealthier and more peaceful. Even if I put my whole life into it, I may not achieve it. However, I’m glad that I have your support’――That’s what he said.」
「What are you saying all of a sudden…――?!」

The woman darted off and rammed her body into the window.
It was possible, though, to close in and intercept her at this distance.
However, the moment the woman turned her head back――the man’s body stiffened for a moment.

「This is the only support the current me can offer him. If the hostage is dead, my husband won’t have to comply with whatever you demand.」

People wouldn’t choose death for themselves… just like that…
Yet that woman’s eyes were honest to the very end.

「I have one last request. Please――don’t involve my family in this anymore.」


The hand he stretched caught but air.
He knew it. He knew it very well. That it was already over.

「――Kahaa… ha… fu… haa」

The man, who had woken up from the dream, kept his eyes shut. He didn’t move for a few minutes.
He endeavoured to calm his breathing that was so rough and his heart that was beating so loudly as if it was fiercely hitting his insides.

「In the end, I can only indulge in self satisfaction, for that’s my character…」

The man’s muttering voice was drowned out by the sound of the bells.


——7th Month, 2nd Week, the Day of Fire. Overcast.

Because Rank C and above quests had lessened within Merville, I decided to raise Abnormal Status Resistance to Lv3 for the time being.

Since today was supposed to be a day off, I would enjoy going back to sleep after six bells.

I was sleepy all the more due to thinking over something late last night.
As to what I was thinking over… What do I wish from Alba?
There was no need for me to get impatient. However, I would forget it if I left it as is.
A demon doing something for you was not an everyday occurrence, after all.

If I made her my pet… The whole town would be thrown into an uproar if I did such a thing…
The other day, I read a book, 『Demon Dissection: New Edition (※Contains Speculation)』 at the library.
Their typical physical features, such as horns and wings, varied. However, they had red eyes in general. Therefore, demons would be identifiable at a glance.
That, in my opinion, was the reason as to why Lim recognized Alba was a demon and attacked her even though her [Alba’s] form didn’t differ much from a human’s.

I, who had woken up before seven bells to the *tonton* knock on the door, managed to successfully crawl out of the bed and show my face to the visitor.

「Lim… What is it?」
「Seiji, you said it would be your day off today… Will you not go to Marita’s place with me?」

――After that day, Lim and I went to meet Marita once more. Although it was no more than showing face, Lim unexpectedly got along with Marita really well.

「N, huh…? What’s that in your hair, Lim…?」

I didn’t miss the small gold hair ornament shining in her chestnut hair which her cat ears were enshrined in.

「Umm, Marita told me that I should put more girly things on… So, I bought it the other day. How… does it look?」
「She was right. It looks good on you.」
「Un… Thanks…」
「Then, let me change into my outfit. After we have eaten breakfast, we will leave.」

…After I had shut the door close, I banged my head on the bed four times…
Evil! Thoughts! Go! Away! (Translator’s note: 煩悩 (Bonnou) – Kleshas, in Buddhism, are mental states that cloud the mind and manifest in unwholesome actions. Kleshas include states of mind such as anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, desire, depression, etc. 退散 (Taisan) – Disperse)

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