Riot Grasper | Vol. 2 – Ch. 13 | The Rolled off Candy | Pt. 3

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2nd Volume, 13th Chapter 【The Rolled off Candy】 3rd Part

――After I had cleared my mind, we visited the lord’s mansion once again. Logins-san met us the same way as last time. Greeting the guards, that is.
Although Marita seemed to have informed the lord, he was not able to meet us most likely due to the pressure of work.

Nevertheless, Marita seemed to respect her father a lot.

To the extent of saying 「It was nice of Father to concede the throne to Uncle Hardin even though he [her father] had the calibre of a king…」
Well, he must have his reasons.

Now that Lim and Marita were playing in the garden which was enclosed within the mansion, Logins-san and I were the only two left in the room.
Thus, I was calmly gazing at the silhouettes of two girls playing with each other… It might be thought of badly… So, when Maid-san brought the seconds of black tea, it was a good timing to get the conversation rolling.

「Logins-san, have you really been working here for a decade…?」
「Yes, I have been under their care for a very long time.」
「Then, is your family in Merville?」
「No, I have neither a wife nor kids.」

「――Frankly speaking, there are many amongst us maids who yearn for Logins-san.」

The one who cut into the conversation with a grin was Maid-san.

I see. An unmarried old man who had refined manners, had outstanding abilities, had a job… would be popular amongst young maids even though their ages were miles apart…
She put quite an emphasis on 『us』… (Translator’s note: He said, “she put quite an emphasis on 『watashi』-tachi.” where watashi means I and tachi is a pluralizing suffix. Combined, it means ‘we’)

「Carrying hopes of chancing upon the same luck as Phylia-sama, us maids exert ourselves at work――」
「Vun… I’m merely a poor decrepit…」

No, no. What matters is ‘unmarried’ and ‘job-holder’… don’t you think…?
By the way, about ‘Phylia-sama’ mentioned just now… Wasn’t it the name of Marita’s mother? Maid?

「Excuse me, was Phylia-san… a maid…?」
「Yes, but I have been working here for four years, so I have only heard of the story. Originally, Phylia-sama worked at this mansion as a maid. Albert, who fell in love with her at first sight, married her.」

It was indeed a fairytale to maids.

「It’s common for nobles to make a move on maids for the sake of playing around… However, Albert-sama had no intention of remarrying after Phylia-sama’s death because he truly loved her…」

Maid-san talked about love with fascinated eyes.
The eyes that were locked on Logins-san.

「There is absolutely no doubt about that. By the way, in my opinion… A woman who does her work diligently is amazing…」
「…! Well then, I’ll have you excuse me. I have still a lot of work to do. Please don’t think that I’m passing time. Well then…」

Instantly, Maid-san left the room.
Can I… have such a charm…
As a person?

「――Fumu. Although he cherishes Marita so much so that he is overprotective of her, it might only be a fragment of how much he cherished Phylia-san.」

On the way back from the lord’s mansion――I nodded upon witnessing the white flower which Lim, who was next to me, was holding gladly in her hand.

「That is?」
「It’s called Phylia flower. It has the same name as Marita’s mother… She gave it to me when I said it looked beautiful… I thought that I would decorate Dario-san’s inn with it.」

The dining area would certainly look brilliant if it were decorated.

「Lim, watch out in front of you!」
「…Eh…? Ah――」

――*The sound of people colliding*
At the same time, something – which the one who Lim bumped into was carrying – rolled off onto the ground.
Quickly, I tried to pick it back up and apologize. However…

「Hey, hey. Who are you bumping into? Sis Rei is so scary~ if you don’t pay damages in full――it hurts!」
「…You… Why are you doing something so conspicuous? Come here so I can beat you!」

Actually, you are already beating him.
The classical conte was presented by the woman who collided with Lim and the man who was next to her.
Both of them had black hair and black eyes… It was a pair that gave off an Asian chic impression…
Their faces were exactly the same… twins? Both of them had the same attractive face. Now in case of the woman, it induced a healing effect. However, in case of the man, it evoked envy.

…I should not observe such things. First, I must apologize…

「I’m sorry.」

When we expressed words of apology, the woman held her raised hand back.

「No, it’s fine. It was just a candy, which I liked a little, that dropped. It’s not much. There’s no need to pay compensation either.」
「Sis Rei, can’t you still eat it after brushing the dust off?」
「Shut up. Why don’t you eat it yourself?」

From a distance, someone could be heard calling the man out.

「Ah… We have some business to take care of. Well then…」

And then, the twins (※presumably) mingled into the crowd in quick strides until they couldn’t be seen anymore.

「If you don’t pay attention in front of you, it will be dangerous.」
「Un… Sorry…」

Even though she was dispirited, she didn’t let the Phylia flower drop as she continued to hold it firmly.

「Well, it’s great that the flower is safe… n?」
「What happened?」

I picked the candy, which the female twin had dropped, up.
Where have I seen it before…?

Aah, it was the same candy as the one I received earlier from Doorey-san.
According to him, it was a specialty product of some village.
It was quite tasty, but it was now covered in dust, so it couldn’t be eaten. How unfortunate.
Although it was wasteful, I directed my consciousness to my palm and invoked Fire Magic.
It was trash――Therefore, it must be disposed off via incineration.

The candy, that had turned to mush inside a small ball of fire, disappeared as if evaporated.

「Let’s head back home, Lim?」

Author’s note: This is what Seiji’s current status looks like:

Name: Seiji・Agatsuma
Race: Human
Age: 18
Job: Adventurer (Rank C-)
Unique: Scholar’s Knowledge
・Thief’s Godly Skill (Riot Grasper) Lv3 (23/150)
・Physical Abilities Enhancement Lv3 (6/150)
・Sword Arts Lv3 (32/150)
・Abnormal Status Resistance Lv3 (0/150)
・Vitality Enhancement Lv2 (33/50)
・Light Magic Lv2 (44/50)
・Origin Magic Lv2 (20/150)

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