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Chapter 57

Evin thrust out with the flamberge.
However, the distance between us was easily 10m. There was no way it would reach. In other words…

“Something is gonna come flying!?”

Bending my upper body, I avoided the liquid that was generated from the point of the sword.
*Splash* it collided against the wall that was behind me, at the place where it hit there was a hole.
It wasn’t an impact, it was a dissolution. That is to say, it melted.
The flamberge was good, the dagger was good, this attack was good, this fellow had many attacks that had 【Poison】 effects.

[You avoid well. It will be boring if it ended immediately. I went through so much trouble to prepare this body for battle. Let me enjoy it as much as possible.]

Evin (demon) laughed happily. I see, from the very beginning Evin was being prepared as a pawn to be used when it came to a fight.
Even if it stole the body of the young lady, it doesn’t seem likely that it would be strong enough to compete with.

“Wait a minute!!”

Some of the adventurers who were in the plaza ran here.

“Move aside, greenhorn. It is too much for you!!”

While smirking, the bunch of adventurer uncles cut in between me and Evin. I have not seen their faces./They’re dignity was not seen.

Perhaps, their ulterior motive was stealing my prey (Evin).
No matter what becomes of these guys, it doesn’t matter to me. I took one step backwards and transferred Evin to them. More important than that was Latia.
When I looked at the cage that Latia was held in, Ayla and Zir were already saying something to Latia.


Ayla’s POV

“Are you okay?”

When I talked to Latia in the cage, she seemed conscious and she returned a response.

“*Unh*, who, may you be?”
“I’m master’s, no, Hibiki-san’s companion. I came to help.”

After hearing master’s name Latia-san felt relieved.
I wanted to move Latia-san out from the cage at once, but there was no key.

“The key, I dare say is in Evin’s possession.”
“Then, as I thought should we have went to help master previously?”
“We shall beest a hindrance if ‘t be true we hath taken even one attack. Didst thee not see Frey’s duel?”
“Then, what should we do?”

If I don’t do something fast, master won’t be able to fight while worrying about Latia-san.

“Hmph, tis not without bethought.”

Zir put Ruby in the cage. Ruby could freely go in and out through the gaps of the cage.

“Ruby, use [Storage] on yond wench.” (Pengu: nice Zir)
“Wait a moment, Zir!?”

As Ruby was called by Zir, it began to wrap its body around Latia-san.

“Red slime-chan, it’s been two days~”

As Latia-san was swallowed by Ruby her consciousness grew a little faint apart from the smile on her face.
No way, to take advantage of the fact that master’s attention is turned towards the enemy to kill Latia-san!?
While I was thinking about such a thing, Ruby had swallowed Latia-san completely and returned to normal size.

“Good now, come forth from the cage just as thou art. Yond wench is weaken’d considerably so apply a potion.”

Ruby shook itself as if in acknowledgment when told, it exited from the cage.
Coming out of the cage, it vomited Latia-san out after sometime.

“A-are you okay!?”

Though I unexpectedly used the same words I used in the beginning, my worry was on another level.

“Y-yes. Thank you very much.”

Ruby probably gave her a potion while she was inside its body, she was obviously more energetic than a while ago but her hair was somewhat damp.

“Oh, it did turn out well. Still, [Storage] can eke take in living creatures. In yond case, it may beest comfortable if ‘t be true I catch but a wink in Ruby’s stomach at which hour we art camping out.”

Zir,I will tell master about this later.
I hastily reported the completion of the rescue mission to master. Afterwards, I received from master a [Request] to guard Latia-san.
I shall protect her at all costs.


Hibiki’s POV

Apparently, the rescue seems to have gone well.
Though I was startled when Ruby swallowed Latia, I see, [Storage] was effective on living beings, too.
I may be able to use this for something.


The last adventurer who jumped in was slashed at by the Flamberge and collapsed.

[Boring. Every last one of them.]

Quite so. To begin with Evin was Lv. 40. When combining with the power of the demon, the average Lv.20 uncles won’t be a match.

[Now, the opening act is over. Come at me any time now.]
“That so. Shall I start?”

I held up my sword and gradually reduced the distance between us.
Though I understood by steadily watching the opening act’s fight, Evin (demon) seems to fight mainly with swordsmanship.
Of course, it hurled the dissolution liquid that I saw in the beginning here and there. It fought like a demon and moved revoltingly in a way that was originally impossible with human joints.
However, this guy still regards this fight as [Play].
Surely, there must be a [True Form]. Well, it carelessly transformed into Evin the hentai, but I will attack it without mercy this time.

After carefully approaching to here I charged. It was difficult to continue the tension all the time even if I understood that he would come at some point.
But then, that’s the case if you are human.

[Hmph, crafty aren’t yah.]

I was immediately repelled by the flamberge. It was superior in terms of power.


I fixed my posture immediately and prepared for pursuit. However, Evin (demon) hadn’t moved from his position of some time ago by as much as one step.

[What’s the matter? Is this it?]

I wrapped the fellow in wind magic and instantly shot flame magic. This is the fastest Flame Tornado (Fire Storm).
However, that guy swung with the flamberge and the flaming wind dispersed. Magic was probably coated onto the flamberge.
I wonder if he used the same magic as mine to cut the flow of magic that had manipulated the wind and flame and forcefully blow it away.

[Magic this time, huh? You are quite versatile.]

The opponent was superior in swordsmanship, also my magic was nullified. What else can I do?

“Can I not defeat him? Then, can I not weaken him somehow to seal him?”

If it’s weakening, it does not mean there isn’t a way. There was the [Anti-Demon Killer]. However, perhaps like that time with Flora, it would not be effective unless you drank it.
Now, the demon (Evin) is in the body of a human, so…

“Then, a seal? However, is there not any way to weaken him?”

Then a certain image came to mind. In my world, there was a certain thing about a sealed [Demon Courtesan] in my country. (EN: I believe this is a reference to Tamamo-no-Mae)
Immediately, I contacted Zir. When we were splitting up into two groups, a whispering ghost was attached to me.

“Zir, can you hear me? Please prepare a stock of [Anti-Demon Killer] to use at anytime in a barrel or bucket.”

Because it will damage Ruby immediately if the stock of [Anti-Demon Killer] contents were to spill over, I don’t store any.

“The stock is distributed in the church. You can receive it if you say that there is a demon to defeat. Still if there are difficulties, you can use Giren’s name.”
“Ah, if possible can you choose people who are able to handle the [Anti-Demon Killer] safely. It’s probably impossible for Latia. Zir, will you be alright?”
<<Ah, tis well enow if ‘t be true I don’t drinketh large quantities of it. Tis harmless with just skin contact.>>
“Ok, please. Contact me when you are ready. Pay attention to not be detected by that guy.”

The arrangement with Zir was completed. First priority was to stall for time.
I maintained distance by shooting water magic in rapid succession, but they were knocked down by the flamberge.

[Hmph, Is this all you got?]
“Who knows?”

I acted composed as much as as possible.

[Not yet, there seems to be something more. Show it to me.]
“I refuse!!”

I prepared to attack with water magic this time. A whip of water as long as a rope. I attacked from a distance with the whip that was more than 10m.

[It’s useless.]

About 1m of the tip of the whip was severed. However, I don’t care. There was no substance from the beginning. It was only water shaped like a whip. It only served to disrupt the view even if it didn’t hit.

“Haa, Haa, Haa.”

After 30 minutes of running around the plaza and keeping my distance, I was exhausted. Soon, I will reach my limit of physical strength.

[Geez, fine. I have had enough. I will kill you.]

Evin (demon) was approaching this way.
As for me, I made an endeavor to move my heavy body, but somehow my body wasn’t listening to me. It’s no use, I have no choice but to use my trump card. When I thought so, the expected report at last came in.

<<Master, I kept you waiting~>>
“You really did. Zir, carry out the plan by my signal. I’ll make the sign now.”

From my breast pocket, I took out a health recovery potion and a magic recovery potion and drank them up. This was trump card #1.

[What? You still had those kinds of things concealed? However, what’s going to happen if you recover your health and magic?]
“This will!!”

Presently, there was about 10m between that fellow and me.
I affixed wind magic onto myself to accelerate and charged ahead.

[I see, is wind magic your trump card? However, the speed is insufficient!!]

I know that. Therefore, this was trump card #2.

[I will split you right in half, wh-what!? My legs can’t move!!]

Under that guy’s feet there was something resembling ice covering the ground.
As for this, the water that scattered the vicinity from the exchanged blows some time ago looks to be frozen with 【Mental Force Magic】.
The power of Mental Force Magic allowed a thing to be moved or held in place.
With this magic, the water molecular movement can be stopped, so if it is possible to suppress it will it change into ice?
When using 【Mental Force Magic】 I tried to hold a mental image of the motion inside of the water stopping, after many experiments I succeeded.
However, I still have not yet acquired 【Ice magic】 so to make ice 【Mental Force Magic】 was necessary.

The blow to the body was guarded by the flamberge. However, it was fine. I assumed that this attack would be blocked.
While we were currently struggling for supremacy, I used earth magic to dig down by that guy’s feet. Our swords were locked together and gradually pushing against each other, currently I was on top and this guy was on the bottom. At last he lost to my power and gravity and tumbled down into the bottom of the hole.

[Fu-fucker!! What are you intending to do!?]
“I will do this!! Zir!!”

Zir had already came to see that guy falling on the ground from the vicinity. Instantly, she began to pour a large amount of [Anti-Demon Killer] into the hole.

[*Gurgle*, fucker!! Like you can really defeat me by such a thing.]
“I did not think it would. Ruby, please.”

Ruby went up to the edge of the hole and a large amount of sand was vomited.

[Do you intend to bury me? Fool!! Using only earth to seal me, wh-what is this!?]

With 【Mental Force Magic】 I mixed well the soil that Ruby vomited out. It immediately became difficult to mix due to the viscosity, I fed air into it with 【Wind Magic】 to steadily hardened it further.

“Do you know of cement? Apparently the raw materials that make it are water, sand, and pottery power?”
[C-cement!? What is that!?]
“Quite recently, though an outdoor hot spring was made, I wanted to prevent the water from leaking so I tried various ways to make cement. I was also uneasy about the strength of the clay wall, so I did my best to make it just right.”

Finally the cement was completely hardened and from it I heard a voice again.

[Bastard, then I will show you my true appearance, eh? Eh? Why!? Why can’t I return to my true form!?]
“The water that was poured a little while ago was [Anti-Demon Killer]. You are now soaking in [Anti-Demon Killer].”

Exactly, it was a Sessho-seki. It was similar to that one where poison was scattered. (EN: Or Killing Stone; it released a poisonous gas that killed everything around it and the corpse of a vanquished nine-tailed fox was inside it)

[Th-then inside this stone, will I gradually become weak and die?]

[N-Noooooo wayyyyy!!]

It doesn’t matter how much you scream demon. For the time being, I made a small hole on part of the cement while waiting for it to weaken a little. If I poured more [Anti-Demon Killer] from here and it will likely die sooner or later. (TL: imagine pouring poison into a closed box from a small hole)
When I do check the status, I’ll know immediately whether it had died or not.

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IMPORTANT: if you wish to use <> to enclose some dialogue, please change every < by a &lt;, otherwise, wordpress will take it as a tag and hide it like ““Zir, can you hear me? Please prepare a stock of [Anti-Demon Killer] to use at anytime in a barrel or bucket.” <> [<-here] Because it will damage Ruby immediately if the stock of [Anti-Demon Killer] contents were to spill over, I don’t store any. “The stock is distributed in the church. You can receive it if you say that there is a demon to defeat. Still if there are difficulties,… Read more »
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