(R18) Frequenting Brothels 28

This and next chap is ecchi. Enjoy.

TL by Nymph
TLC/ED by Wesley

Strip-show 「Olde Theatre」 ★ (Dance)

There is a strip theater 「Olde Theatre」 at the end of the street within a row of brothels.

It was a comparatively large building built with thick black planks, but even with soundproofing, you can still hear the heavy *zun zun* sounds of deep bass from inside.

I asked to buy a ticket at the ticket window.

「Is there a time limit?」

「If you pay the entrance fee then they don’t care about limit、but once you go outside the ticket will become invalid」

The young man selling tickets passed me one while saying so.
The price was 1000 gold.

I went through the curtain, opened the door, and entered the theatre.

On the side of the door, the band was playing an uptempo song.

The stage has a unique shape, it’s in the middle of the audience with the stage elevated above the surroundings.

In the gloomy audience seating, there are about 10 customers scattered around, but the sides of the stage within arm’s reach were occupied by a few middle-aged hunters.

(Are these guys enthusiastic fans……? But considering that、the clapping rhythm feels half-assed though……)

Right now, a dancer is moving to the beat of the music.
Her clothes were really revealing, her dance was also pretty extreme, but she hadn’t stripped yet.

(I wonder when she’s going to start stripping?)

I settled into a seat where it’s easy to see and clapped my hands like everyone else.

Then, the music ended without any stripping.
‘Oya’, I was thinking when the lights changed to pink, and this time moody song started to play.

The dancer completely changed from the earlier intense dance, and a seductive dance started, matching the music, she took off her jacket, bra, and panties.

Her pussy seemed able to be seen, but she arranged her footwork skillfully so her 「Goods」 could not be seen while she dances.

(Well、it is what it is……)

I enjoyed the dirty dance in this shady atmosphere.

Soon, the moody music came to an end, this time the lights changed to bright red, the dancer began clapping her hands to the beat.


When I look, this time the dancer is matching with pop music, she stood and let the customers see her pussy, she spanked her ass while picking up the rhythm.

The dancer changes her positions and angles to show the various customers her pussy.

I have inspected pussies many times in brothels and ‘health delivery’, but seeing a woman like this in this atmosphere makes me feel a certain charm.

Soon the dancer sat down on the side of the stage right in front of the customers, wiped their hands with a towel and let them touch her boobs and pussy.
She sat there and let people around touch her.

(Ah、the purpose of crowding at that location、is to touch the dancer huh……)

In other words、this is the 「Ringside seat」, or so I convinced myself.
The dancer conversed with the customers with a smile while they touched her, but she didn’t seem to feel anything from that.

Next time if I sat in that location, I’d like to try and make use of my AV knowledge to satisfy the dancer that might be good, or so I decided in my heart.

Soon the music ended, the dancer bowed and disappeared into the wing of the stage.




After that I saw a few more dancers, but the stripping seemed to be basically the same.

First the dancer starts off with a different outfit, and performed a normal dance with the uptempo music.

Next, she gradually takes off her clothes with a moody dance.

Finally, she performs a dance that emphasises her pussy as customer service, then lets them touch her body.

Apparently this 3-step-process is introduced as a set for every dancer.

Since my mood has improved quite a bit, I decide on going to a nearby brothel and leave my seat, but the customers started to get excited.

When I looked, a new long violet-haired dancer made her appearance.

「Fina-chan~!! Look over here!!」

The customers cheered.

She’s certainly beautiful, but why did they get this excited I wonder?
I was curious so I decided to stay and watch her dance.

Her first dance was different from the other dancers’ set.
She started stripping bit by bit right from the beginning with a moody dance, by the end there were only some decorative items around her waist making the entire thing more charming.

It’s true that dancers are expected to have narrow waists, but her breasts are normal-sized, and her dance wasn’t much better in comparison to the other girls.

But the audience went crazy, they applauded like crazy.

That dancer called Fina-chan, looked over at my bewildered state and gave me a wink.

Before long the moody music ended, the lights brightened up, Fina-chan called out to the audience while being naked.

「Now then、lets do Rock paper scissors ok? Rock、paper、Scissor!」
(TN: She’s a scissor)

Lured in by the momentum, I threw out Rock with my hand.

「Then、Paper people please sit、we’ll keep going okay? Rock、paper、Paper!」

I won again by using Scissor.
At this point I understood mostly what was going on.

(Probably、this is the so called Chopping Board Show!)

I also won the next round, it’s only me and a full golden armor middle-aged hunter left.

「Now then、since there are only two of you left you’ll have a duel okay? No hard feelings okay? Rock、paper、scissor!!」

With all my might I defeated the middle-aged hunter with a Rock while he had Scissors!

「Guu! I went out of my way and prepared all these equipment with LUCK stats……!」

The middle-aged hunter sat down while being upset.

「Hai、now then、the cool-looking onii-san over there with Elena equipment! Please come onto the stage~♥」

As told, I got up on the stage.

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