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Helium, 11th Chapter | The Dissolution

“You fuckers!! I’ll split the money. If you have any objection, I’ll turn you into cinders right here!”

Upon Zack’s words, the men retracted their hands off the many coins scattered about the ground and even many more still inside the pouches.
Zack passed slowly through the space opened up by the men. After putting all the spilled coins back inside and taking hold of the pouches, he stared slowly at the woman.

“……We will do our best.”

Saying so, Zack beckoned those of the men who desired the gold coins to follow after him and passed by the woman’s side.


Right then, Shin turned toward Zack and shouted.
The eyes of the woman and rest of the men swam at Shin.

“…Do I have to make you return my stuff?”

“…Tch, there you go!”

Glancing at Shin, the man fetched the Portable Terminal (Device) from his breastplate and tossed it.
Shin, who had traced the trajectory, set his palm up. At that moment, a second Fireball set the Device ablaze.

“…!? Zack!”

It was momentary; however, having calmly figured out that it was someone else’s possession, the woman bellowed at Zack.

“Eeh, I had yet to settle the matter with you. With this, it’s my win.”

Shin dropped the flame clad Device. While waiting for the flames to die down, he asked Zack for a second time.


“Aan? …Don’t put on airs. They’re in the bar… see ya, Frey the Mole. As promised, we will leave this town.”

At Zack’s ‘Frey the Mole’ words, Frey remained silent. Remaining silent, she continued to eye the men who were following Zack after having given in to the temptation of money.

When the flames had doused, Shin picked the Device up and checked the time.

(13 o’clock… huh? Well, so much for the time)

If the time displayed on the Device were to be trusted in this world, one full day had finally passed since relocation.
Relieved that the Device had not received any damage from the mysterious power, Shin put it in his pocket.

Not only was the Portable Terminal (Device) capable of electric inhibition, fire suspension and water suspension, its insulation was made of an ultra strong synthetic, Calvin, that could even withstand tN. (Translator’s note: I have no idea what ‘tN’ is. If anyone knows, do share, please)
‘If you can make such a miraculous thing, why can’t you make an armor with it, too?’ Shin once asked. However, he was refused on account of ‘if it fell into the hands of enemy, the miracle would backfire.’
The Device already had a PS Satellite built in. It was also equipped with voiceprint authentication.

“…It’s inexcusable; I can only beg your pardon. They will not set foot in this town ever again.”

The woman called Frey fetched two more pouches from her back[pack]. She passed the pouches to the people, who were being forced to labour by the men who were formerly her subordinates, and bowed her head.
The labourers glanced at Frey. After violently snatching the pouches, they scattered toward the exit.

After giving a sidelong glance to Frey who had her head drooped, Shin decided to turn his feet toward the bar where his boots were.

(Seriously, though… what was that all about…)

Although the group of thieves had vanished into thin air, the town was far from being lively just yet. Nevertheless, with everyone bustling about as if they had regained life, the town did seem to have revived.
Beside the alloy boots, behind the counter were heaps and mounds of expensive swords, gauntlets, shields and whatnot. The townspeople, the eyes of whom were sparkling at the spectacle, returned the boots with their very own hands.

“Ah, you’re that Adventurer from before… you’re quite strong, huh? I never imagined you would be able to knock them all out.”
“Eh, aah… not at all. I did what I needed to. I’m glad it turned out well…”

‘Aah, I see’ said the man who was originally the barkeeper while tidying the counter up. He told Shin about how that woman called Frey and those men who were all but thieves arrived in this town.

‘Rule of power. No matter which world it is, no matter which period it is, it will hold. Wealth, position and background are not any different. Such an incomprehensible world will never change’ thought Shin as he listened to the barkeeper’s story.

“By the way, is brother in the middle of a journey.”

After transferring here [in this world] he arrived in a small village. In pursuit of information, he aimed for a bigger town and arrived in this town.

However, it was still too small for him to spend rest of his life.

“Eeh… well. Is there some work available in some big town?”

Shin frankly expressed his thoughts.
If he had to get on with in this world, he would have to stand on his own two feet.
He wanted the mysterious phenomenon, that came earlier about, elucidated. Unfortunately, however, he needed money first.

“If you’re an Adventurer, you must already be registered with the Guild, right? From here, it’s common to cross over to Revival Kingdom. In the Royal Capital, there will be plenty of work.”

‘Cross over to Revival Kingdom’ judging from the words, this seemed to be the verge of a different nation.
However, the things called ‘Guild’ and ‘Capital’ were still beyond Shin’s comprehension.

“I see… but that would be too far. [Any work] is fine as long as I’m not troubled for food. it’s a reasonably vast town…”

‘It’s a small town’ was the meaning his words carried, so he shut his mouth up flustered.
However, the barkeeper didn’t protest the meaning Shin’s words carried; he laughed it off.

“Haha, it’s indeed a small town, but it’s peaceful. Also, it’s between you and me, but this town is exempt from the collection of tax by the Royal Capital! Well, but it’s too far to walk to…”

“I see…”

‘Too far to walk to’ means there were other means of transport available, too; notwithstanding, aerial vehicles, motive power vehicles, automatic transport lines and likes wouldn’t exist in a place with such a low level civilization as this.
Regardless, Shin, who had access to acceleration assist, didn’t know the word ‘distance’.

“Well, you can stroll to there. Although I can’t lend you my horse… if it’s about food, I can make some. Would you like to eat?”

Saying so, the barkeeper fetched some ingredients from the cabinet by his feet. Laughing, he said to Shin.

“I hid it well, so those guys wouldn’t find it. Hehe… although I’m cooking after a long time, my skills haven’t dulled.”
“Ah, no… I’m broke at the moment.”

Having recalled that he had handed his only silver coin over to the man at the inn, he tried to convey flustered. At that, the barkeeper kept himself from laughing out loud.
Saying ‘since I’m cooking after a long time, you can do tasting’ the barkeeper commenced cooking in the utensils the counter was furnished with.

Although he was captivated by never before seen cookware, Shin couldn’t remember ever feeling desperately hungry.

In his former world existed nutritional solids.
Compared to especially cooked food, it allowed for far more convenient and far more complete intake of nutrients.
Since there was no longer any need to know about each and every single nutrient required for a healthy body, most of the people had their nerve that governed hunger dissociated.
There still were people who enjoyed the concept of eating. Shin belonged to the former, though.

‘I wonder how long it has been since I last ate cooked food’ thought Shin as he was fascinated by the steam wafting in front of his very eyes and the aromatic fragrance tickling his nose.

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Random Internet User (tm)

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‘tN’ might be short for tera-Newtons, a measurement of force.

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The time he’s from sounds advanced…yet at the same time passionless….hm, maybe that’s not the right word for it. But to cut of human needs and desires out of functionality just makes those guys sound less human to me. I would love to see such a future (for all the facinating things it could show me) but i would probably hate living in it.

Shia Surprise

Might be due to the whole robot vs human war, that he is a soldier, and that hunger sucks. If I did not have to eat but with the option of still being able to enjoy food… that would be awesome!


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Past One/Hikari to Kage



tN ? maybe TNT, means high immune to Explotion, Sound attack, Vibration attack that produced from TNT. or maybe not

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tN- thermonuclear explosion?


tN is Tera Newton of Force. 1000000000 Kilo Newtons. divide that by 9.81 and you get the mass of what would have to be dropped on the device to even try to break it. 112130 US tons of mass dropped on it. A car is about 2 tons. It can withstand a building a bit smaller than 1/3 of the empire state building which is one of the biggest buildings in the world.

A passing by chemist

Unfortunately a tera Newton have the symbol TN, and not tN. For a unit prefix symbol anything from 10^6 or higher are in capital, so Mega (M), Giga (G) and Tera (T). Though I say this, I believe the author would’ve meant a TN, so maybe change it to a capital T?


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maybe it’s
TN = Thorin (Atomic Number = 86)
From thorium and emanation. Name given at one time to 220Rn,
an isotope of radon identified in the decay chain of thorium.

and Thorin (also called Thoron or Thoronol) is an indicator used in the determination of barium, beryllium, lithium, uranium and thorium compounds. Being a compound of arsenic, it is highly toxic

and by the way thank you for the translation

A passing by chemist

I don’t think there is a symbol for isotopes, there are just too many. Instead using their atomic mass and the element which corresponds to the atomic number is much easier and informative. In this case 220Rn for Thorin. Also, unless Thorin is a reactive species there isn’t much use in pointing it out. It’s like saying humans can even withstand oxygen. As far as I know isotopes have the same reactivity, and Rn is a noble gas, which are known to be fairly unreactive. So ‘tN’ being a unit of force sounds more likely than bring an isotope.

Just to complete, this is the definition I’have learnt a few years ago: – isotope: each of two or more forms of the same element that contain equal numbers of protons but different numbers of neutrons in their nuclei, and hence differ in relative atomic mass but not in chemical properties; I will ad there is two isotopes which have a proper symbol: D (deuterium 2H) and T (Tritium 3H). This two are quite the exception since they have also a difference in chemical properties. for the tN it will be very kind of author-sama if he could clarify the… Read more »

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