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Chapter 58

The battle with the demon ended overnight, I had then been pursued for the subsequent transactions.
Firstly, payment for the unpaid fee of the [Demon Killer Drug] was demanded by the church. As for this there was no problem as it was forced onto Giren.
Next was Lady Flora. She was still in a coma after she fell in the plaza.
I confirmed her status and she hadn’t fallen into an abnormal state. Was her very soul itself damaged by the demon?
Beyond this point, it was not known if she will wake up.
Flora’s knight, no, was it former knight? In any case, Frey was watching over her ladyship in this town.
Simply, because Frey was not specialized in something, it was not possible to do anything but visit every day, that person said while smiling wryly.
And then, the biggest problem was Latia, she doesn’t seem to able to stay in this town anymore.
When I asked Zir to prepare the [Demon Killer Drug], though I asked her not to let Latia get too close to the [Demon Killer Drug]…
With her character, the people in the vicinity were occupied working but even so it was impossible for I alone to do anything, she seemed to have participated in helping.
At that time, she seemed to have spilled some [Demon Killer Drug] onto her hand, and she suffered a burn injury.
The injury itself recovered completely without even a scar with a potion, the problem was the incident was seen by the surrounding people.

“This girl, is under my master’s, [Annihilation]’s, protection. Any person that has a complaint, report it directly to master later!!”

Though the place seems to have calmed down after being said so, however, after all a door can’t be installed in a person’s mouth. It spread throughout the town with surprising swiftness.
Though Zir apologized to her for it, it was not like it was Zir’s fault. Of course, it was not Latia’s either.
Another thing, I don’t know whether it was a problem but Latia seems to have not known that demon blood flows in her.

“Both father and mother weren’t my true parents. Therefore I…”

In the end, I decided to take charge of Latia, there was Zir’s declaration, too. It was possible to recognize her as my possession.
However, there wasn’t only bad things.
Some adventurers, Giren, Frank of the Alchemist Guild, and so on talked to Latia with an open heart.

“The number of people who talk to me in this town has increased!!”

Latia informed me being somewhat excited.
Latia was living in the Goblins’ village now. I will leave the work of buying things in town that goblins can’t procure to her.
I took Latia to the Goblins’ village, dispelled her [Curse] immediately, to have her incidentally being able to change her job. When I confirmed the type of job that she can change into…

Latia LV.7
●Demon king
●Demon General

Really now, there were a lot of jobs, I retorted.
As for demon lord and demon general, she was half but demon blood did flow, [The possibilities aren’t zero] was this what it felt like?
[Merchant] job seems to be proper. I feel [Merchant] was a good fit even if I think about the role here.
However, a maid~. If I’m not mistaken when I was buying Zir, I think the lady nearby had [Maid] as her job.
Well, while a housekeeper isn’t necessary for us I’ll change her job to a maid to try it out.

Latia LV. 7
[Divine protection of the God of Healing (follower)]
Effect: Raise holiness-related status (large)
Target: Self


Status rises when indoors.

Is a maid a holy job!?
Is there a thought in this world where one will be healed by a maid!? (TL: like celic)
Well, because it was a good good thing the strengthening status was effective so there was no complaint.
For the time being, Latia became my maid. Of course, I informed her that I’m her friend as before. I also asked her to be on good terms with Ayla and co.
Speaking of friends, Frey made friends with Latia.
Now Latia lived in the Goblins’ village for a while, also Frey and the goblins’ relationship was good from the intensive training, so she came by everyday.
She made friends before I noticed. Well, they both have few friends.
The appearance of Latia which was having fun while chattering with Frey was witnessed in the village.
About the sealed demon, because of the complaints of hearing a voice that continuously sobbed flooded into the church, it was dug out in haste.
Because the cement hardened according to the hole, the seal stone was dug up in the form of a slightly distorted column and was carried into the lord’s castle. It has been decided to set it up in the reception plaza of the guild.
The adventurers can keep an eye on it anytime, so it ought not be particularly reckless, judged Giren.
As for the sobbing, it was said that it will not be minded in a noisy guild.
It has completely become a feature of the guild now. It did not take long for rumors to spread that hearing the cry of the [Seal Stone of Sobbing] it was possible to return alive.
The cause of the rumors seems to come from whenever I go to the guild to examine its [Cry] and confirm that it was still alive. Though I didn’t know that.

And lastly, it was the reward, but originally the accepted request was to search for the demon, to that extent it was secured, the subjugation reward was added as extra.

“Sooner or later, the economy of this town will fail because of rewarding you.”

Giren pays me the reward while expressing a bitter smile. He was looking a little thinner these past few days.
Concerning about the demon entry into this town, no one blamed Giren. One reason was because no one had heard or seen a [Demon that had the form of a dagger] until now.
Though there were some who would change into a human form to conceal themselves in the past, in that case, it would be caught by the [Detector].
However, there was no reaction from the demon when it was a dagger. It was said that this was a new tactic to nullify the demon detector.

Although the town was exposed to an attack from a new kind of demon, it was estimated that the situation was under control without suffering any big damages.
Unexpectedly, it seems that Giren was popular.
It was about one week after the post transactions have calmed down. For me who was visiting Giren’s office for some leftover confirmation matters, Giren was smiling while talking.

“Hibiki, are you free after this?”

The vicinity had already darkened. Was it past 8pm?

“That’s right, because everyone from the village knew I would be late today, I will have my meal after returning home.”
“I see, I see. Then will you keep company with me? Of course I will treat you to dinner.”

I decided to keep Giren company because I was interested in the dinner of the feudal lord.
The dinner with Giren was simpler than I imagined. Of course all the dishes that appeared were delicious but they did not have a feeling of luxury.

“I thought the meals you took would be more amazing.”

In this case, Giren smiles wryly.

“Though I apologize for destroying such a dream, but this is my usual meal for me. There are a lot of different of foods, too, so I always overeat.”
“Is that so?”
“Ah, though I occasionally prepare such a luxurious meal of course, you don’t like such a one, do you?”
“That’s right, I’ll decline that kind of meal where I don’t know the eating method.”

I recalled that matter when [Escargot] was put out in that fancy restaurant I was taken to by my parents. Oh man, my tongue!!

“I’m also the same. Why do I have to get tired with a long-awaited meal.”

Giren kept eating while happily laughing. Most of the provided dishes have finished. Will we get to the main issue soon?

“So, is there anything you want to say to me?”
“Oh, it is so. Will you accompany me a little bit after the meal?”
“Is that what you desire?”
“Ku, haha, it is so. In a sense it is my desire.”

Giren withholds his laughter while applying his hand to his mouth. Did I say something funny?

“Sorry, it is nothing.You will undersand if you follow.”

The meal was finished, we walked on the dark road without any guards. When being led by Giren, we were walking towards an area that rapidly losing signs of life.
This by any chance, was he trying to silence me? I was a little tense while following Giren.

“Come now, here, we have arrived at our destination.”

Did we arrive at last? I did not relax my guard and looked around, I confirmed that there was no one.

“Why are you restlessly looking around? Let’s enter inside.”

Saying so, Giren entered the front of the building.
As for the building, all the windows were blocked by curtains, I can’t see what is inside.
Is this the name of the shop on the signboard, [Cat & Dog] was written.

I made up my mind and entered the store. Then there…

“Welcome~. It is our pleasure for you to come to our shop~.”

I was greeted by the manager who was speaking ingratiatingly.

“Manager, it has been a while.”

Giren talks to the manager in a friendly manner.

“Oh my if it isn’t Giren-sama. It has surely been a long time. Will it be Minea tonight~? Or is it Lora~?”
“Tonight, he is the guest of honor. I have made a reservation several days before just in case.”

Giren pushed me out before the manager. (TL: feeling an R-18 chap coming)

“This, I’m sorry for my impoliteness. Were you the customer who has made the reservation?”
“Wa-wait a moment Giren-san. What is this shop?”
“Hibiki, is this the first time you visited such a store?”

He was asking me with the most wonderful smiling face today. Such a shop? No way, this place.

“Here, in this town there is not just one, but contend with two, the shop which sells dreams. Demi-human specialty store, Cat & Dog.”

Cat & Dog, in other words, this was a brothel.
Moreover, Giren emphasized that this [High Class Demi-Human Store] was a specialty of the Adventurer town.

Generally, demi-human prostitutes, seems to be the ones treated as low class.
This, seems to be the source of the discrimination against demi-humans.
However, this was the the Adventurer town Welburg.
Demi-human discrimination? Is that tasty? They don’t really care at all about that manner.
That’s because there was a lot of demi-humans among the adventurers, so they are used to them.
And then, though it is said that the people with the best looks are the human prostitutes, the night battle with the demi-humans whom many are born soldiers was beyond description.
This is why this shop answered such a demand head-on.

“Well then, having a reservation, the most popular course in our store are the [cat & dog].” (EN: lol apparently a brothel is like a restaurant)

[Cat & Dog] was also the name of the store. When you say what course, the store prepares a cat and dog beastkin of the same rank, please spend a single night with the honored guest, seems to be what the course was.
Then, Giren arranging for the store to prepare two people of the highest rank, was being said.
Why did Giren bring me along to such a shop? When hearing that…

“Since it would be pointless by saying it so I hid it from you, it is my hospitality. Entertainment. I want to be on good terms with you, I do.”

Certainly, it was more comfortable to hide the truth rather than speaking frankly. Should I obediently enjoy myself here?

“Now, Hibiki. Which one will you choose? My recommendation is the dog beastman.The beastman girl is already ready for passionate love~”

Ooh, is that so? If it was me who was a high school student in my original world. It was natural that I have not come to such a store. It might be good to hear out Giren’s advice here.

“Oi, oi, don’t try that shit on me, if you’ve said all you wanted to say then be quiet, it’s been settled that the manner of the cat beastman is better!! Say, if you seek for gap, the prickly attitude that makes you think that you will be killed is quite contrary to the manner on the bed!! Without knowing, do not talk about the things of this shop.”
Having interrupted the story with that, it was the stew uncle.

“Uncle, we really meet often.”

The stew uncle noticed me and looked slightly awkward, but began to immediately appeal to the virtues of a cat beastman.

“Then customer, please look and choose the person yourself.”

Saying so, I was taken to the interior of the shop. The stew uncle and Giren were exchanging a heated debate behind.
There was a private room in the interior, two women were already awaiting me there.

“I’m Rina a dog beastman. It hasn’t been long since I began to work in this shop, but I think I can meet your satisfaction.”

Rina was looking towards me with a smile. The trademark dog tail of the dog beastman was wagging *fwip fwip*.

“I’m Dianne. Cat beastman. I may be a moody person, but it seems like my customers are satisfied with that. It is likely I will be able to satisfy you.”
Even if I’m satisfied by Dianne, though she doesn’t look towards me, was it true? At a fleeting glance at her eyes there does not seem to be any motivation but she turned sideways afterward.
However, if the manager’s words are believable, I can be satisfied if I choose either one.

I will be choosing you of course!!
○ Dog beastman
○ Cat beastman

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