Smartphone Chapter 77

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Arc 10: Everyday Life #2
Chapter 77: The Knight Order’s Affairs, and The Night Raid

After I apologized to Vice-Commander Neil, Lyon-san explained the present conditions of the Knight Order. The Knights main role is to protect the royal capital, guarding royal family, and other tasks like escorting VIPs. Most of them are sons of nobles, not the eldest son who should succeed the family head, mostly second and third sons. There is no sense of responsibility from their positions, only boasting of their family’s social standing, seems like there’s a lot of those self-indulgent guys here as well.

「Similarly I am also a second son. Well, ours is different from the other houses, only an iron fist awaits us if we caused troubles to others…」

Lyon-san gives a bitter smile while saying so. Ah~ It is that Oyaji-san after all… I can vaguely see it. There doesn’t seems to be any pampering element.

「It is a minority but as expected you can find people here who clings to their parentage, a new recruit from a Baron house will not comply with a commanding officer from an Earl house, and conversely, the commanding officer will try to curry favor with the new recruit. It’s a stupid argument」

Neil-san talks with disgust. There are guys that will cause problems wherever they go.

「Well, for now that was just a passing ship. Those fellows may become treacherous parasites for the Knight Order. They managed to avoid it by arrangements from their parents’ houses so far, but it will not pass this time. They attacked the princess’ fiancé after all. They should be grateful their heads are still connected」

This person, he was watching me and those guys fighting from the start. Probably intentional. Well, I wouldn’t have helped me.

「More importantly, that. I saw it earlier, but that weapon… What is it?」

Neil-san gazed curiously at my sword gun Brunhild hanging on my waist.

「You mean this. It’s my personal weapon. Only I can use it, and I am the only that can make it. Can be used from either short or long distance. It can transform to a short sword or longsword, and is able to paralyze my opponents」
「Hmm~ It is a magnificent weapon. Can’t you make one for me as well?」
「I am sorry, that’s a bit…」

I must be careful regarding guns. This is something that can easily kill people. I can only share it with people I completely trust.

「Really?… That’s regrettable」
「Ah, but I can make you a transforming weapon, or a weapon that can cause paralysis? But I don’t know whether you can handle it or not」
「Really!? Then I would like to request one!」

Complying with Neil-san reply, I take out a steel ingot from [Storage]. Mithril is firm, but mithril isn’t suitable for a weapon either. It is too light. To utilize that lightness and firmness maybe a weapon that specializes in thrusting like an Estoc, or a “slicing” weapon like a katana.

「What kinds of weapon are you good at Neil-san?」
「Let’s see, it would be the spear after all. Of course I can also use the sword」

Then with those two… No, maybe I should also add a dagger for the third transformation.

Using [Model], I form a spear approximately 2 meters first. The design is like western-style spear I saw in a game before, but changed the tip shape just as it is to dagger. To put it simply, it is like a dagger with a very long handle.

The grip part will be hollow, the body will move during transformation and shorten the grip. And then it will change into the dagger state.

Additionally, like Brunhild, the thickness of the dagger blade is thinned, by hollowing out the grip again, it can transform into a 1-meter long sword… Um, I wonder if this is okay. I apply [Enchant] and [Modeling]. And it is complete.

[Program Start/
Activation Condition: Owner State [Spear Mode] [Sword Mode] [Dagger Mode] /
Activation Contents: [Modeling] will quickly transform the grip part of sword blade to pattern Spear, Long Sword, Dagger/
Program End]

Oh, I also have to add the paralysis effect. Once again by using [Enchant] I add [Paralysis].

[Program Start/
Activation Condition: The owner state [Blade Mode] [Stun Mode]/
Activation Contents: Transform the sword blade in stun mode, and grant paralysis effect by [Paralysis]/
Program End]

「Um~ I guess this should be complete」

I try to turn the spear around. Yeah, like the one I made in Ishen, the balance is bad as ever. It might be hard to do when I am not particularly used to it.

「Dagger Mode」

Instantly, the grip shortens, the spear transforms into a dagger about 40 centimeters. I test it by swinging it around but there seems to be no problems. Keeping it in this form is convenient for carrying it around normally, I think.

「Sword Mode」

This time the sword blade grows, and become about 1-meter long sword. The grip part extends enough to be usable with both hands. Forward stance, and swing it down. Yup, not bad.

「Spear Mode」

It goes back to the original spear state. Okay, there is no problem with the transformation function. All that’s left is…

「Stun Mode」

Broadly grinning, I hit Lyon-san’s shoulder lightly with the spear. In the next instant Lyon-san collapses in his place.

「H~a~!?」 [TL: as in losing strength]
「No problem with paralysis effect, as well」
「OI Oi……」

Neil-san voices his shock. Well, I had to test it. Right?
The blade disappears when it is in stun mode, so it isn’t sharp. Well, it is still possible to use it as a spear though. I set the paralysis effect to weak, but it would still take 1 hour to recover, so I dispel the paralysis on the fallen Lyon-san with [Recovery].

「Hey please give me a break!」
「Sorry, but I had to test it out」

While apologizing to Lyon-san who was complaining, I hand over the spear after I turned it back from [Stun Mode] to [Blade Mode] spear state to Neil-san.

「Because it is handmade the balance is quite bad, I think it is necessary to get used to it」

Neil-san who took the spear took a stance, did a thrust, a rotation, and a sweep, manipulating it with beautiful movements. As expected of the vice-commander.
Dagger state, Longsword state transformation, he confirms the movement of each one in the same way. Finally he transforms it again into spear mode, and turn toward Lyon-san.

「Stun Mode」
「Hey please wait a minute!?」
「I am joking」

Seeing the flustered Lyon-san, Neil-san return the spear to dagger state while laughing. Looks like he doesn’t have any problem handling it.

「When paralyzing your opponents with stun mode, it will not affect them if they have something like a protection talisman against paralysis, so be careful. Also, because the effect will not expire before 1 hour once paralyzed, be careful not to paralyze your allies」
「I see, got it」

Neil-san said that while looking happily at the dagger. Being happy is the best.

「How lucky~ only for the vice-commander」
「Well, of course should I also make one for Lyon-san?」
「As expected of Touya-dono! Now you’re talking!」

I make another one in the same way, and give it to Lion-san. He also swings the spear happily and transforms it, enjoying the sensation.

「Um, I feel somewhat bad receiving it just like this. It would be great if there was something I could do as gratitude…」
「Please don’t worry about it. Well, come and intervene if I have a problem with those guys again」
「Understood. It’s a promise」

Neil-san promised while laughing. Well, I don’t think those guys are that stupid.


「……Even though he just talked to them yesterday」

Apparently they are that stupid.

Under the moonlight in the garden of my home, around 50 attackers fell down. Among them are the blonde and brown hair from last time, also the red hair idiots are here as well. The rest are muscular men. Probably private soldiers, or mercenaries.

When a suspicious mob was seen heading towards here, according to the information I got from Lapis-san, I had Tom-san the gatekeeper pretend to doze off on purpose.

Then, exactly as the information I received from Lapis-san who was a member of [Espion] the intelligence unit directly under the king control, a suspicious group invaded the garden under the cover of night.

Everyone was surprised to see me waiting for them in the garden, but when they found I was alone all of them jumped at me at the same time.

From where I was standing I rapid-fired 50 shots. Honesty, I am disappointed. The one horned wolf had better movements.

「And so, did none of you understand what Neil-san said?」

I approached the blonde who fell down, I crouched down while clapping Brunhild on my shoulder.

Because they were still conscious even if immobilized by paralysis, they could still hear my voice. Evidenced by the frightened eyes they are giving me.

「Do you guys understand what you just did? Carrying swords and axes. A surprise attack, this one. Attempted robbery, attempted assault, or even an attempted murder. Well, whatever」
「Is everything settled, Touya-san?」

Seeing Yumina come out to the terrace, blond’s eyes are wide open. Hm. Even if they are such fools they should at least recognize Yumina. Then this talk will be quick.

「Yes, that’s right. What you guys did is betrayal against the royal family, a rebellion, treason. Unfortunately, your houses will be crushed because of you guys, you guys can happily be beheaded. Thanks for your efforts!」

Listening to my words, the blond’s opened his eyes widely and fainted. Good grief, even though I only threatened him a little, I am surprised how he even came up with this raid.

I had Tom-san run to the Knight Order by bicycle, and asked him to convey a summary of what happened.

「These people, what should we do with them?」
「Well, there was no harm so I will ask that they don’t receive the death penalty. Their crime will also probably extend to their houses. They might even be stripped of their nobility. Either way, they will never be able to make it big anymore」 [TL: marry into another house]

They are reaping what they sow. Even though their parents knew about these guys’ misdeeds, they protected them.

Ignoring even Neil-san warning, if they reflected on what would happen…… They shouldn’t have come here. What a stupid bunch!

Betting on night attack, and manage somehow by attacking with a large number. Probably pretend it was a robbery afterwards……somehow this feels, like such a crappy scenario.

They’re like children who don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Were the parents’ education inadequate? That’s probably it. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t be so stupid.

Everyone was taken by the knights Tom-san called before long. I will probably never meet them again.

Several days later, some of the houses were stripped of their nobility, as per the King’s judgement.

The Knight Order considered this as shame, and will strive to improve their discipline, henceforth, it seems the difference in a family’s social standing will be meaningless in the Knight Order from now on.

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