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Chapter 58.5 – 2

As the title stated, this chapter is the continuation on what the MC pick.

From previous chapter:

However, if the manager’s words are believable, I can be satisfied if I choose either one.


I will be choosing you of course!!
 Dog beastman
Cat beastman <<<


Chapter 58.5 Cat Days

I choose Dianne. The two peaks which had a sense of presence couldn’t be hidden by the thin fabric of her clothing.
I noticed that Dianne’s eyes which I thought were turned away never put me outside of her view.

“You, you’re curious right? Well, it doesn’t really matter.”

Dianne said so and lead me by the hand.
Though it seemed that her attitude was positively lacking for joining hands together, each time I walked, the tail would swish against me and the fur touched me.

“Umm, Dianne?”
“…What is it?”
“No, it’s nothing.”

The private room was dimly lit to set the mood. There was a big bed in the middle of the room and a small room equipped with a simple shower.
Then heavy drapery on the window. I see, like this the inside can’t be seen.
When I looked about the room, a voice came over from Dianne.

“You, take off your clothes quickly.”

You, huh? Indeed there will be none of that.

“It’s Hibiki.”
“That’s so, then undress quickly, Hibiki.”

Calling me suddenly without any honorifics. Is it because it was called gently, because of that I did not hate it?
When I undressed, Dianne also began to undress her clothes cheerfully.
Purun, no more like barun, right? I have thought about a considerably dull thing seriously. (EN: I think the MC is debating what type of sfx Dianne’s breasts make)

“Come here quickly.”

Dianne who had already undressed plopped herself onto the bed. The shower doesn’t seem to be needed.

“Ah, my best regards.”

Up till now there was no tension, Dianne might have had such a natural attitude from the beginning, huh?
I extended my hand and covered Dianne’s excellent chest.
Yeah, it is soft. My fingers are sinking forever.

“Men really do like breasts.”

Dianne judges this with a sigh. No, please don’t look at me with such eyes. I seem to be awakened to something.

“If you allow me to make an excuse, there is no way I can not immediately touch them when there are such wonderful things before my eyes.”
“They are just a hindrance. It is hard to move, men look at them, and women make an unpleasant face.”
“Then, give them to me!!”
“Fu nya…!”

I rubbed her breasts while holding them. Sometimes gently, sometimes boldly, I just freely enjoyed the chest of Dianne.

“*Squeak*, please don’t become so motivated suddenly.”

Dianne never tried to tear me away even though she said that.
Rather, the person herself doesn’t notice that her thin cat beastman’s tail was moving as it pleases and was tightly entwined around my body.

I who had notice the existence of the tail, *rub*, stroked the tail from the tip.

“Ah, haa, fuu.”

Dianne became limp just from me stroking several times. Hmm, the tail is her weakness.

“Sto-stop for a moment.”

She seems to hate it seriously when ever she feels it too much. Still, she doesn’t seem to have any intention to release her tail from my body.
As there was no helping it, my next target was locked on to her cat ears.

“Eh, n-not that place!? *Gasp*, nya, nya~”

I held down both her arms and attacked her cat ears with my nose and lips. To exclude the foreign enemy, the ears trembled with a *twitch twitch*, but I attacked the inside incessantly without a care.

“Please~, it is too much to bear.”

For a while, ears, tail, ears, tail, ears, ears, ears, Dianne broke out into weeping when I attacked.

“Then, should I stop here?”

“Yeah? What should I do?”
“No, please don’t stop.”

I kept on attacking as demanded.

Though Dianne was enduring it desperately, over and over she sniffed my body as she rubbed against it.
It was amusing that she rubbed her side against my chest while never clinging, I felt the characteristic of a cat. (EN: Kind of like how a cat rubs against your legs)
When I tried to firmly match eyes with Dianne from the front as an experiment, she fastened her nails to claw my back.

“It hurts, Dianne.
“But, Hibiki is…”

She became a little sullen but she let go of my back silently, she licked the scratches from earlier.

“Thank you.”

Moreover, I embraced her from behind this time because she averted her face away.
The feeling of Dianne’s breasts on both arms was extremely splendid.
I surged into the next round just as it was.

“Nya, nya—“

There seemed to be an awfully lot of male cats hanging out that night around the shop.
The morning sun stung my eyes. I was astounded at the physical strength and adjustability of demi-human girls in particular the cat beastmen.
After all, Dianne kept on taking my desire all night long. However, I cannot say that it was my overwhelming victory.
Indeed in the second half, I did not move to embrace Dianne voluntarily but become motivated by her pleading.
At the end, although she could not stand…

“Geez, is this the end, nya?”

With that provocation, she had been driven one step closer to losing consciousness.

“Please come back.”
“Ah, uh, it is already time.”
“Escaping, ne?”

After all she was still uselessly defiant.

“I-I’ll come again.”

Dianne looked away even if I said so. However…

“So, when will you come?”

The tail still hasn’t freed me yet.

“I-I’ll come when I have time.”
“I understand.”

Her tail finally let go.

“Then, see you later.”

As for Dianne, she opened up considerably at the end. The style of embracing each other in the front seems to have been her favorite.
However, I was considerably worn out.
I scurried on and finally arrived at the goblin village while feeling slightly like a defeated soldier.

“I smell the scent of another female.”

When I opened the door to say ‘I’m home!’, Ayla said such a thing before saying anything like ‘Welcome home’.

“Welcome home. Master. What kind of thing was it?” (Amy)

Amy only said welcome back. It really was only a welcome back.
When I kept being questioned closely by the two people at the front door, Zir woke up and came over while yawning in sleep wear.

“What is the commotion? Being so loud early in the morn.”

Ayla and Amy explained the situation. However, Zir declared it was nothing.

“What? Something like yond, is it not fine? Master would not beest a sir if he didst not has’t one ‘r two distaff.” (EN: distaff is a spindle for spinning which was associated with women)

Zir, you are such fellow—

“There is nay helping it, even if twas hath said to beest in the past? I doth not like the scent of a mistress from some other lodging, so I has’t nay choice but to overwrite it, nay?”

Zir, you are such fellow—–!!

“Indeed, that is so, then master please here.”
“Master, *rub rub*.”
“Yea, leaveth mine lord’s scent to me.”

Today, I may die.

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Takami no Kago 58.5 - Dog's sides
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