Takami no Kago 58.5 – Dog’s sides

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Chapter 58.5 – 1

As the title stated, this chapter is the continuation on what the MC pick.

From previous chapter:

However, if the manager’s words are believable, I can be satisfied if I choose either one.


I will be choosing you of course!!
 Dog beastman <<<
○ Cat beastman


Chapter 58.5 Dog Days

I chose Rina of the dog beastmen. I had been attracted by the delicate appearance of the vigorously wagging tail.

“Thank you very much for designating me. I will try my best to the utmost.”

I was taken from the back room by Rina to a private room.
She entwined both her hands around my right arm while we were walking. Though there was a lack of volume but all the parts which touched me was of the softness of a woman.


The private room was dimly lit to set the mood. There was a big bed in the middle of the room and a small room equipped with a simple shower.
Then heavy drapery on the window. I see, like this the inside can’t be seen.
When I was looking around the room, I was suddenly hugged firmly by Rina from behind me.

“Customer, may I ask for your name?”
“Ah, uh, I’m Hibiki.”
“Thank you very much. May I call you Hibiki-sama?”
“Th-that’s alright.”

I was awfully tensed, was it because I was exposed to the mood in the room?

“Haha, it’s okay.”

Apparently, my tension seems to have been seen through by Rina.
One by one, my clothes were taken off by Rina. Everything to the very last one.

“Then, Hibiki-sama, please go ahead.”

As I was, I was taken to the simple shower and my body was thoroughly washed.

“Is the temperature to your liking?”
“Ah, uh, there is no problem.”

I acquired experience with Ayla and others, so it wasn’t necessary to be so tense. For some reason I remembered the first time when I slept with Ayla in the same bed.
That day I was also stiff with tension, Ayla had been consumed/tired out more than necessary.

“Hibiki-sama? What happened?”

We returned to the bedroom after we had finished washing our bodies and were both naked. Rina lead me by the right hand to the bed while covering her chest with her left arm. Her tail had became a little thin after soaking in water.
It was disagreeable whether the hips shaking left and right with a *kui kui* was instinctual. My eyes were chasing her swaying small bottom.
At the mere sight of Rina’s figure, my body has already become ready.

“Won’t you please think only about me now?”

I seemed to have been discovered that I was thinking about Ayla.
She seems to be around my age, but she was sharp.

“Take that.”

Rina pushed me down on the bed probably because I was still being indecisive. The presence of Rina’s twin peaks which were hidden until now have appeared.

“Haha, I’m sorry that my breasts are small.”
“N-no, such a thing is-”
“Ah, uh.”
“Could you touch them?”

I was surprised at the face Rina made at that time. When I hesitated, Rina pressed my hands against her chest.
It was soft. That’s right, this was something (breasts) that I know.
I can finally relax so I concentrated on enjoying myself. From the outset I thoroughly enjoyed the heaven inside my hands.


Rina noticed that I was finally determined at last and was stirred up.
Being constantly criticized was not in my nature. Allow me to attack here.
First this posture. I slipped out from under Rina and took a mounted position. (TL: like UFC mounted position but naked;)

“Fu, Fue?” (TL: Risha is that you?)
I attacked Rina’s vital points (dog ears and tail) simultaneously while pinning her down.
“Wa-, please wait a moment!? Aa~, aa.”

The stimulation seemed to be slightly too strong. Rina has made a blunder.
Her ears curved down to appeal sadness.

“Oh, I said to please wait for a moment~”

Of course, Rina can’t be the only one to be in delight. I enjoyed it this time, too.


Firstly, I caressed the dog ears with my lips and tongue to block her movement. I lifted the drooping dog ear with my hand, I traced the inside with my tongue, and Rina trembled little by little.
From the front, back, we faced each other, it doesn’t appear in the same place, and I enjoyed every corner from every direction.

“G-geez, it is no good. Let me rest for only a little bit, please.”
“Ah, then let’s take a shower together when this ends.”
“To-together!? I washed your body just now did I not?”

I laughed with a smile. I neither said ok or yes.

“Pl-please help~!!”

I caught Rina immediately who fell down from the bed trying to run away, and went to the shower this time.

“Well then, the night is young. So let’s go slowly.”

On that night, it seems to be the night to hear the howling of dogs more than usual.

The morning sun stung my eyes. I was astounded at the physical strength and adjustability of demi-human girls in particular the dog beastmen.
In the end, after the second shower I seized the initiative.
Rina who got out of the shower naked had me on the verge of growing wild with instinct causing me to make love to her.
My body was full of Rina’s teeth marks. As might be expected I protected my important part to the very last, but I can indeed say that there was no place that her lips have not touched on my body.

“Thank you very much for using us. We look forward to serving your enjoyment again, we will really wait and look forward to it.”

“Ah, uh, someday, okay?”

Rina’s tail was not waging and came off dejected, I believe.
Rina who had remembered my skill and taste was unmanageable. Well, though it was certainly pleasant.
Doesn’t even the soul have a weight? Today, a portion of my soul was light.
I scurried on and finally arrived at the goblin village while feeling slightly like a defeated soldier.

“I smell the scent of another female.”

When I opened the door to say ‘I’m home!’, Ayla said such a thing before saying anything like ‘Welcome home’.

“Welcome home. Master. What kind of thing was it?” (Amy)

Amy only said welcome back. It really was only a welcome back.
When I kept being questioned closely by the two people at the front door, Zir woke up and came over while yawning in sleep wear.

“What is the commotion? Being so loud early in the morn.”

Ayla and Amy explained the situation. However, Zir declared it was nothing.

“What? Something like yond, is it not fine? Master would not beest a sir if he didst not has’t one ‘r two distaff.” (EN: distaff is a spindle for spinning which was associated with women)

Zir, you are such fellow—

“There is nay helping it, coequal if twas hath said to beest in the past? I doth not like the scent of a mistress from some other lodging, so I has’t nay choice but to overwrite it, nay?”

Zir, you are such fellow—–!!

“Indeed, that is so, then master please here.”
“Master, *rub rub*.”
“Yea, leaveth mine lord’s scent to me.”

Today, I may die.

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Rina’s tail was not waging and came off dejected, I believe.
Rina who had remembered my skill and taste was unmanageable. Well, though it was certainly pleasant.

Hibiki so skilled.


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Thank u always for ur great work…

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Reaper Phoenix

Thanks 4 the chapter!

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Sorry but Zir’s dialogue makes no sense if I have to spend more than a few seconds trying to figure out what she is saying it takes away from the story


I don’t understand the ear nibbling part of boning a beastgirl. I mean, she’s got the same parts as a human woman, so why not nibble on those instead of obsessively concentrating on the ears alone? Maybe I’m missing something, I dunno.


Past One/Hikari to Kage
Past One/Hikari to Kage

Usually thought to have pleasure nerves.

Past One/Hikari to Kage
Past One/Hikari to Kage

Like the mammary glands


Dogs have acupuncture points/nerve bundles on their ears and tails. If you gently stroke or massage them, dogs gain considerable pleasure from it. Stroking the ears, in particular the tips, is generally recognized as a way to calm nervous or hyperactive dogs.

Albedo\'s Ahoge

Just explode~!

Past One/Hikari to Kage
Past One/Hikari to Kage



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