Underground Doctor — Chapter 2: In Order To Earn Quick Money I’ll Preform a Surgery For a Bit — Part 2

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Kaoru who secured both an inn and dinner, asked Liz about the information that he wanted.

「About what we talked earlier. Within this town, is there a seriously ill patient with an incurable condition?」

「Umm, I believe there is one in the Nobles District. However, it’s absolutely impossible to cure.
Even the High Priest with 『Complete Healing X Cure』, wasn’t able to cure it.」

「I understand that. So? That noble, what sort of symptoms?」

Kaoru, entered his work mode.

「I believe that she said that she had a weak heart. It seems that she was born with it……right now, she’s 16 years old yet she finds difficulty walking, so it looks like she’s bedridden.」

According to what he just heard from Liz, a couple of diseases came to Kaoru’s mind.

「Is that right……Another one. Other than recovery magic, is there any magic that cures abnormal human conditions?」

As he asked this to Liz he put his hand on his chin.
Liz made an expression that wanted to say, ‘Why are you asking the obvious?’’

「It’s not like there aren’t any. To begin with, something like recovery magic is used in situations like dressing wounds or mending broken bones at most y’know? Poison for example, in that case, a magic for something like neutralizing poison inside the body is used. And, from what I’ve heard, the High Priest’s 『Complete Healing X Cure』is able to reattach limbs that were torn off, and to the ones who had their face eaten by monsters, it seems that it’s also able to return it to what it used to be.」

Liz explained.

「Oh? In case of a disease, what do ya do then?」

Kaoru, regarding the treatment for external wounds, understood that it is possible using recovery magic. However people, without a doubt would be infected by some kind of disease.

And yet, he recalled that he questioned how the the illness part of a disease never appeared. (Light: how the ‘byou’ (病) character of ‘byouki’ (病気-illness) never appeared, courtesy to Osura~)

「Ah~ Un, that is y’see. It can’t be cured. Since we don’t know the cause. And recovery magic isn’t working at all. That’s why everyone, regarding their health, are putting their all into keeping it.
You’ll know by seeing the scenery outside right? Even if it’s a slight injury, everyone is flooding treatment centers. If their body ceases to move, it’s the same as being dead after all. About all of that, right now it seems to be the subject of various researches in 【Ecriks】, but it seems to be hopeless.」

Said Liz, with a feeling of 「It’d be great if we could do something about it」.
Kaoru, after hearing the information, said with a smile,

「Alright, I’ll be off doin’ work okay. Thanks in advance for dinner.」

While saying that, standing up hastily, he walked out through the exit.

「What is wrong with that person……」

Liz, while heaving a big sigh, returned to arranging medicine.

Kaoru, entering the Nobles District, lit a cigarette while walking.

「Before heading to work, I have to relax~ Ah, I don’t know that noble’s house. Well, it should be fine if I just ask around.」

He walked while laughing loudly.
Just then right in front of his eyes, a lady that looked to be really gentle was there, so he decided to speak to her.

「Excuse me for a bit. I want to ask you about directions. In this area, do you know the house of a seriously ill patient?」

「Umm, this might be rude but are you a healer? right?」

「Yup~ Sorry ne, from my surroundings, I’ve been told a lot to not behave like this. I am, a healer who came from 【Ecriks】. Not knowing where the seriously ill’s house is, it’s already sunset.」

He said to the lady with a feeling of ‘What a problem~’ accompanied with appropriate gestures.
Kaoru incidentally caught a sight of the lady’s wrist.
He looked at the thing that looked like bandages as they flailed around.

「You seem to be hurt right? What happened?」

Making an expression that seemed like he was extremely worried, he spoke to the lady.

「How embarrassing. Yesterday, my daughter pestered me to make the sweets I used to make.
Because it’s been a while, I’ve decided to make it enthusiastically. At that time, my daughter came to play a little prank. Coincidentally, my wrist was next to the oil, so I ended up burning myself.」

Kaoru, to the lady who was speaking with the feeling of ‘It’s alright’, said,

「If so, It’s best to quickly heal it.」

「Yes. Right now I was on my way back from the neighbor’s house. I’m thinking that, as soon as I return I’ll head to a treatment center. Thank you for your concerns.」

With a smile, the lady said.

「If you’d like, I’ll heal it for you? Since a lady’s skin is delicate. Being treated with an unskillful recovery magic, the curable wouldn’t be cured, and even if it is it’ll leave a scar.」

The lady, as if worried a bit began to ponder.
Just one more push, thought Kaoru as he said,

「Because of my job, I came to this district. I wanted to investigate various things as well.
Because it’s an order from the high priest y’see. Well, although I’m a youngster, pretend that you’ve been tricked, and just try it once. From my appearance, being doubted is normal. But when it comes to skill, I have it y’know.」

Kaoru, while belittling himself, lowered the other party’s guard.
Then, he said while laughing loudly.
In response the lady giggles,

「Well then, let’s try being tricked for once then.」

While saying that the lady, sat down at the nearby bench.
The lady, directly takes out her wrist and reveals the burn.

「It’s unexpectedly deep.」

The burnt place was swollen with heat to the point of having blisters.
「Although【Complete Healing X Cure】would clean it nicely, but using it, it would seem that it’ll bring problems. With recovery magic, let’s use another one that has similar effects」Kaoru thought as he used magic.

「『Recovery Magic――Skin Regeneration Angel Breath』」

A pale light blue wind gently enveloped her wrist.
Then, with a gentle light in the location of the burn, it returned to its original pretty skin.
Kaoru thought, 「It regenerated quite well. High grade sure is effective」


The lady was speechless. It was because he just used a magic that’s classified as a high grade magic. People who can use high level magic, there aren’t any in this town. At best, they can only use intermediate level magic.

「It’s all alright now.」

With a smile, he said to the lady.

「What could I say. You are really a healer who came from 【Ecriks】desu ne. Err the price?」

Kaoru held back the lady’s hand who took out money from her bag,

「As for money, I don’t need it. In its stead, can I have you guide me to the seriously ill patient, and introducing me as a healer from 【Ecriks】? I can’t prove it so can I rely on you?」

Kaoru begged the lady with both of his hands clasped! He requested her with that feeling. She’ll gladly give me her understanding. Kaoru softly thought.
‘In this other world, I think the word【Ecriks】is pretty powerful when it comes to advanced level recovery magic. It seems like a simple replacement for a business card’, Kaoru thought ‘The place we’re aiming for is pretty close, it seems to be called the Olvis Household.’
Just like that the two people began walking, aiming for the Olvis Household.

Arriving in front of Olvis Household’s front gate,

「Greetings~ Excuu~see me. Mister Olvis, are you there~?」

Hearing the voice, the gate opened.
Inside, a maid came outside.
It’s a real maid! Because I’ve only seen fake ones, it’s so refreshing! He thought.

「I’ve come from【Ecriks】. I’m healer Ashiya Kaoru. I’ve come here under the high priest’s command.」


To Kaoru’s words, the maid reacted. Then, the Lady verified it as well.
This lady seemed surprisingly influential, she readily trusted Kaoru

「Regarding the young lady’s illness, I’ve been instructed to come and try a new recovery magic.
Would you clear the way?」

Having said that, the maid disappeared into the house in a fluster.
And then returned after several minutes.

「Master has given the permission. Please come in Mister Kaoru.」

「Ahh, thanks. I’ll be intruding~」

While laughing loudly, they were guided inside Olvis’s household.
There, he parted with the lady.
At the start of corridor, paintings and expensive vases and the like were set up.
Woah, what an extremely extravagant house, he sighed as he walked.

Right in front of him was a big door. The maid gave the instruction,「Please come in」

「Now then, let’s meet the patient. Arara? What the, this room’s atmosphere……It’s as if it’s before a funeral, the atmosphere is just too crushin’. It makes even me feel depressed.」

Kaoru, while heaving a sigh, set foot into the girl’s room.
I wonder, if the one over there is the father, he thought.
Next to that person was a bed lying on top of which was a girl.
The parent, with a seemingly dark expression, while looking at Kaoru he lightly nodded.

「Greetings, I’ve come from 【Ecriks】. I’m Ashiya Kaoru. May I see the condition of your daughter?」

「For going through the trouble of coming such a long way, thank you very much. I am her father, Cain Olvis. And this is my daughter, Alicia. Please……make my daughter healthy…….If you’re able to cure her, I’ll give you anything in return.」

Hearing those words, Kaoru thought, ‘what a pleasant speech’.
His expression turned a bit crooked, however he controlled it immediately and started the medical examination.

「I’ll start the medical examination right now. Can I have you step out for a short while?」

「Can I not remain? Because I’m worried…….」

「It’s alright for you to remain. If I don’t do what I’m going to do now, I won’t know what the disease is. If you don’t make noise, then remaining is fine. If you want to create noise, then can I have you leave? Since this is also my job, I won’t be able to do it without concentrating.」

Kaoru made a slightly troubled expression.
Cain, thinking that something will be done concerning his daughter, gave his consent.
Kaoru, had absolute confidence that Cain would say something. He approached Alicia while heaving a sigh. The girl lying down had pale blue, shoulder length hair whose tips were curling about.

Her skin is was white as snow, and her features were good. Her blue pupils appeared somewhat fragile.
Frankly, Kaoru went ‘Huh? Was I a lolicon?’ She was beautiful enough to create such a misunderstanding.

「Greetin’, I’m Kaoru the healer. Nice meetin’ ya Alicia. Right now, I’m planning on examining you so would you please take off your clothes? It might be embarrassing. However, if it’s not done then I won’t know what’s wrong alright?」

Kaoru spoke to Alicia with a smile. Alicia, although she felt uneasy hearing his words, she looked at Kaoru’s eyes and nodded heavily.

Kaoru’s eyes changed into that of work eyes. Not with a foolish feeling like earlier, but rather heavy to the point of making one’s heart stir. It was as if he was saying to believe in him, that he’ll most certainly cure her. Kaoru produced a smile, and patted Alicia’s head. Alicia blushed, and intently stared at Kaoru.

However, toward the words from earlier, Cain and the rest couldn’t help but make noise.
The two of them, with a single word stopped the daughter from taking off her clothes.
Alicia, the 16 years old daughter he cares dearly for.
To a foreign man who appeared today, just thinking of having her show him skin, words unknowingly came out.

Light: I guess this is where excuses come along huh…
Ugh, I’m really sorry for releasing this (part of) chapter a bit over a month late. Due to the fact that I live in a third world country in Asia that is filled with complicated political shenanigans. (I’ll leave where exactly to your educated guesses *Since the chatango regulars already know where*). I couldn’t have access to my dictionaries at all during that time, so I couldn’t translate. (I can’t read kanji unfortunately. I can speak the language, not read it ><) I've been hit with internet outage (Still am in fact, though now I can access the internet late at night, like a little bit before or after midnight). That and I've been hit with real life problems(They aren't really problems, since I've been given an opportunity that i have to strive for, that takes a bit away from my free time) as well, so I would've been late anyways. Teehee~

P.S: Hopefully the anon who wrote the comment earlier is happy.

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