Yuusha Onna 32

TL: Well…I guess this is the 2nd Chapter…Yup I know a one month gap wasn’t in my agenda either. Unfortunately real life took over. I’ll do my best to at least post a chapter once every 2 weeks. Much thanks to Lueyuhi for helping out. Well as a final note before reading the chapter this series seriously needs a full time editor to get it running properly again. The editor will need TA+Atlas set up properly so they can double check lines.

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After we finished eating breakfast Lillia and I started preparing for our departure.

[Can we use this frying pan as a weapon?]

I swing the pan around cutting through the air. *Fan!!* sounds exudes from it as I strike down imaginary bugs.

[ Hmm there is no other choice.. I guess it’s fine]

I call Lillia after placing the frying pan on the table.

[Lillia I finished packing.]

[Alright, then shall we go♪]

I stand up and leave the cabin with Lillia

Despite being here for only a single day, I made various important memories.

Once more I look at the cabin from the outside.

Except for the windows, the entirety of it was made out of wood.

One of the windows was cracked, which was through where the monster that attacked yesterday entered.

Other than that it was an ordinary looking cabin.

However it is an important place since it’s where I was able to meet Lillia!

[Still, It would be nice to be able to return here again.]

[Yes, let’s come back here someday.♪]

So we said as we set off towards the nearby town Linda.


Prior in time.


[Is there a town nearby?]

[Yes. I believe there is? If I’m not mistaken we can probably arrive in a day.

I asked Lillia while cleaning up the room.

[Although it’s small it is a heart-warming town.

[Then do you want to go there first?]

[Let’s go then, we need to go shopping after all.]

[Understood, then let’s get ready.]

I utter will looking for anything that might be useful.

Thus, we silently began preparations and departed soon after.

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