Demon lord’s Pet Chapter 12 ~ A meal with the Pet

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Demon lord’s Pet Chapter 12 ~ A meal with the Pet

That evening; During the period where Izuna, Sefina, and Renarisu left the house for work,

「Fuaa, Good Morning, Kazuya-san」

Maria got up from the sofa after 10 odd hours.

「Good Morning, but it’s already evening you know.」
「Fua, Is that so?」
「How can you be so bold, as to sleep in a brightly lit place, Mary?!」

Be it in the morning or in the afternoon, she didn’t seem to have any problem being illuminated by the light
Mary slept all the way through the day. Despite there being a strong light source beside the sofa, she didn’t seem to care

「No matter how bright it is, I will become drowsy wayo~」
「It’s due to me having an image that vampires are weak to sunlight and light.」

At least, that seems to be Kazuya’s image.

「That’s not the case wayo. On the contrary, Vampires manipulate lightning to some extent therefore, they will get used to light.」

It appears somehow or another that the vampires in this world are different from those I know.
I thought of it, as I looked at Mary who was stretching while getting bathed in the twilight.

「By the way, I am hungry wayo. Kazuya-san, May I eat you up?」
「I will be troubled if I get eaten. I am now heating it up so please wait for a moment.」

The ice box that was brought in a while back was of great service. As I am able to put food aside for the residents of the house who have a different sleep schedule.
Placing fire into the kitchen’s magical stone stove, warming the pot that was placed in the ice box.
Almost instantly, one is able to eat warm food. However,

「kafuu」 * Chomp*
「It hurts?!」

Mary bit the nape of my neck.
Since when had she approached me and climbed onto my body?
I hadn’t noticed anything at all until she clinged onto me and bit me.

「Vampires have the ability to hide their presence. Fuaa, ya ‘ont nawtice me wayo (You won’t notice me wayo) 」
「Don’t speak while biting!」

The pain only lasted for an instant. Before I knew it, that sensation of pain disappeared.
It appears, somehow or another, that there is an anaesthetic effect to her teeth.
What she sucks is not blood but body fluids and, something similar to that person’s energy.
Just what are those who are called vampires. However, since it is a fact that they had evolved, there’s no helping it.

Well, compared to getting sucked by her and getting anemic, this is certainly better…
At most, my skin becomes dry and I will only become tired. However…

「Wait for a few more seconds. I’ll be finished in just a moment.」

She concentrated only on my neck, as she offered her advice(Comfort).
However,thereafter she inclined her head slightly,

「Ara. The taste changed. Compared to before, it got more mellow, sweeter, and thicker.」
「So there are flavours huh.」
「Of course. With one’s growth (to adulthood), the taste will change… Recently, what have you done?」

Even if I were to say I did something, it’s just normal housework…

「Speaking of which, the other day, I battled with the mold.」

When I said those words while being reminded of those unpleasant memories, Mary literally jumped.

「Mold?! A Level 0 Kazuya-san battled with it?!」
「Izuna and Rena were present as well though. However, is that something to be really surprised about?」
「For a level 0 to battle a biological contaminant related opponent which can only narrowly be defeated by someone level 3 and above… So, did you win?」
「Ahhh, well…」

Thanks to the capabilities of the respected vinegar, we were able to win somehow using the shapeshifting sword.

「Therefore… Please raise your neck a little and let me see your collar?」

Moving according to what she said to me, I raised my neck. Mary who moved around me widened her eyes again.

「Your abilities increased… Furthermore, to that extent…」
「Oi oi, I can’t see it from here though.」
「Eh… Ahh… I see. So I will inform you now.」

Mary read out the numerical values of the abilities to me.
Obino Kazuya Level: 0
Physical Strength  210
Defence  150
Speed/Agility   70
Magical Power/ Mana  10
Resistance  155

「Eh? It had doubled again… Seriously?」

Certainly, from the past.

Obino Kazuya Level: 0
Physical Strength  70
Defence  90
Speed/Agility  20
Magical Power/ Mana  1
Resistance  25

Is how it was. There are even some that have more than doubled.

「It’s true, you know. I am astonished as well. Staying at Level 0 and yet getting such attributes…」

Speaking of which, my level did not increase. Is that something really rare?

「Normally, during the times where one’s attributes increases, it is due to them defeating monsters. Therefore, their level increases as well. However, in your case, the one you defeated is a mold which is not a monster. Therefore…」

Therefore, my level did not increase huh. I see.

「A status worthy of a Level 2… Un, therefore, it becomes so tasty…」

*Jasuri* ( SFX for slurping up excess saliva.) Mary who lick her lips.

「For the time being, there is food for you. So please do not eat me.」
「I understand. Since you’re still Izuna’s possession… However, isn’t emergency rations (Kazuya) that make you a meal, wonderful?」
「I believe it’s tasty, so please taste the food that I made now..」

With that, I carried the heated food to the table.
It is the vegetable soup and sandwiches that I had placed in the ice box in advance to preserve it.
2 persons’ share.

「Eh? Why is there 2 persons’ portion?」
「I am eating as well, you know.」
「Kazuya-san? Why?」
「I have yet to eat my lunch.」
「Even at such a late hour? Why so?」

Mary tilted her head. What the. She couldn’t understand?

「No. Isn’t eating all alone, insipid? Doesn’t Mary think so as well?」
「Perhaps… you were waiting for me to wake up?」

There are people who enjoy eating together with their pets.
Eating together will taste better, I guess.

「Or else… did you want to eat alone?」

Just to make sure, I tried asking Mary. If she refuses, I guess I will change the time and place to have my meal.
However, Mary’s dumbfounded face loosened a little.

「――Uun. I wish to eat with you」
( Uun, means No (Spoken) )
「 If that’s the case, that’s great. Let’s eat.」

With that, Kazuya and Mary had a meal on the same table.

「It’s tasty…」

The soup which got slightly boiled down, got a little salty. Nevertheless, as far as Mary is concerned, it appears likely that she found it tasty.

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