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Chapter 59



The post transactions were settled. I was spending time leisurely in the Adventurer Guild when ‘If you have free time go capture the labyrinth!’, I was told as such by the stew uncle.

“Ah, have you not gone to the nearby labyrinth yet? In your case wouldn’t you be able to get to the lower layer?”
“Isn’t it dangerous to have a labyrinth near the town?”
“Mm? Ah, you are misunderstanding. It isn’t a labyrinth fortress (maze), but a labyrinth game (dungeon).”

When I heard the story, it seemed to be a kind of dungeon.

The labyrinth fortress (maze) was a strategic key point of the demons, the labyrinth game (dungeon) was said to have been made as a hobby by a dragon.

“Do dragons make labyrinths as a hobby?”

Dragons are much more long lived than human beings, but in recent years their population number has decreased.
There hasn’t been a newborn dragon in these past hundreds of years.

To make matters worse, a lot of the comparatively young dragons have degenerated into demons (became delinquents) and have been aging at an extreme rate in the blink of an eye, it seems.
Feeling the sense of imminent crisis, the dragons accepted humans as grooms or brides as a counter-measure.
However, even if it was temporary it was the mate of a dragon after all. It was unfit for a superficial person.
Therefore, it seems the labyrinth was used as a means to find capable humans.

The search for mates with the labyrinth gained some success.
When a child of a dragon was born, a new demi-human [Ryuujin] was created too.
Ryuujin have the strength of a dragon and the fertility of an average human, this demi-human had the best of both worlds.
The child who was born between ryuujin had a high possibility of being a dragon.
The labyrinth was something indispensable as a [Dating Service] for dragons now.
By the old dragons, the construction of the labyrinth was recommended to the young dragons. Few in number, the young dragons were raised spoilt with little amusements so they were engrossed in building labyrinths one after another.

Naturally, dragons prepared treasure chests (bait) to lure humans into the labyrinth game.
It might be possible to become the [Mate of a Dragon] if you break through to the lowest floor.

“It is said that you can marry a dragon, isn’t that great?”

I was asked that by that uncle who made a fiery speech. A newly married couple life with a lizard with wings, *shudder*. If it was such a hobby, I would rather spend the night at the [Cat & Dog].
I heard about it later, but it seems that the shop can even prepare female orcs when it comes to living things that have the ability to communicate with humans.
Well, there aren’t any such perverted bastards, but there seems to be mermaids and fishmen, too. The whole body of eel girls are very slippery on its own so it was a great independent lotion.
Well, since I have adorable women, it’s got nothing to do with me.

“Oi, Annihilation!?”

My consciousness seems to have flowed away momentarily. Maybe I’m tired?

“Your life alone is prolonged if you can pair with a dragon, you don’t get sick, and above all don’t you think the entire body of a dragon is a treasure?”

Having sex with a dragon, there seems to be many privileges in various ways with just that. In addition, even one piece of a scale seems to sell for a large sum of money.

“In addition, they say that they become exactly the same as humans when doing it.”

Indeed, I’m relieved then. Though, there is no such plan to do this with a dragon at all. (EN: You go on thinking that)
Immediately, I returned to the village to consult with my beloved women.

“Labyrinth, huh?”

The hand which moved with such devotion stopped to hear my story. There was handmade ice cream in that hand.
Recently, because I was able to make ice out of magic I made it as a trial, the taste was thin, but the ice cream was complete.
Ayla and co. seemed to like it and was eating it silently until just now.

“Is a labyrinth that labyrinth where it’s full of monsters?”

Ayla who was eating ice cream stopped her hand and asked a question.
I continued to explain because there was no sign of Zir’s hand stopping.

“Hmm, that? The labyrinth―”
[The labyrinths are the labyrinth fortress of demons and the labyrinth games of dragons. The labyrinth that owner is talking about is perhaps the labyrinth game.]

The [Book of Wisdom] which insinuated itself into the conversation abruptly, does not understand even though I glared at it.

[When it is a labyrinth game, there is not much danger and it is a good source of income. I have also heard that there are times when there are unusual monsters. For a monster tamer, I judge that it is ideal for us.]

After it said all the things it would like to say, my heart danced when there was additional information about rare monsters. It was my complete defeat.
Originally, I intended to go when I heard the story from that uncle.

“Hibiki-san, Do you intend to go?”

Latia in a maid uniform asked while eating ice cream.

“Are you going to the labyrinth? If so, then please take me.”

Frey who had finished the visit with her ladyship was shrewdly eating ice cream.
This fellow has come here a lot recently. Sometimes she would stay the night causing the space in the village to become somewhat cramped.
You even got the goblins to build you a residence. There is a maid, too.

“You, don’t you visit her ladyship? You can’t go and come back in a day.”
“Is that so?”

That uncle taught me that the labyrinth was a place where it took about a full day in a wagon to get there.
And that’s just getting there. To capture a labyrinth to some extent, time will be necessary.

“Sorry, but Latia stay home to watch this fool of a person please. Also, you just have to deliver the white porcelain dishware.”

It was fine even if I leave it to Latia in the case of the Alchemist Guild. Frank can trade with Latia without fear.

“Stupid there, if you are free than guard Latia. I will give you a reward if you be a good child.”
“I’m not a child!!… By the way, what do I get?”

The preparations were complete with this. We will buy the necessary things afterwards in town and then leave here tomorrow.

“Master, wherefore art thee so eager?”

Zir who finished eating ice cream asked curiously. After all, this fellow was sharp.

“It’s nothing. I’m excited because a labyrinth is a man’s dream~”
“Ayla, doth thee not smelleth the scent of a mistress?”

My trustworthiness is 0?

“Let me see, I don’t know the scent. A woman, young?”

Immediately, when she said that, many eyes looked at me. I gave up and decided to explain.

For the start of the matter let’s return to the conversation at the Adventurer Guild.
When that uncle was telling the story about the labyrinth, a thin dirty child came near our table.

“Are you going to the labyrinth!?”

That child while looking at us with a desperate face asked such a thing.

“Sonny, what is it? What business do you have?”

When that uncle asked that, the child began to explain his circumstances bit by bit.
The older brother who went to the labyrinth two weeks ago hasn’t come home. He said he would return in one week but he has not come back.

“That is, your elder brother is…”

That uncle used ambiguous words. It wasn’t strange for such a thing to happen to adventurers including me.
For this reason, when you are alive and meet by chance, you will fool around.

“You’re wrong!! Nii-chan is alive!!”

He probably understood what that uncle was starting to say. The child cried and screamed in denial.

“Please!! Save nii-chan!! I even brought money!!”

Saying so the child put out a bag of silver coins and also a few coppers that were destroyed and had a ruggedness on the surface.
Although it was a large sum of money that was suitable for a child. Naturally, it was too little for a request to rescue his brother.

“This silver coin?”

The appearance was too different with the silver and copper coins. The copper coins are in a state that was not usable in many shops.

“Nii-chan said that if there are any problems to use this.”

It was a reliable older brother indeed. No way, would he have ever expected this to be used in this kind of way.

“Sonny, this is not at all close enough?”

I’m disappointed he said as such.
Even if the surrounding people sympathized with you, there will not even be a guy who will receive this rescue request.
Adventurers do not do charitable work.

“N-no way. But, nii-chan is…”
“That’s right. As the amount is not enough so your brother will have to pay the full payment later. For now, I will get the deposit first.”

As I said so, I picked up the rugged coins and put them away into my pocket.

“Eh, t-thank you, onii-chan!!”
“O-oi, Annihilation!? Is that ok!?”
“I wonder if I might be able to go to the lowest layer? Then this occasion is just earning pocket money.”

Even I understand that I look like I’m showing off. So, I’ll keep it a secret from Ayla and the others.

“Sonny, what’s your name?”
“It’s not sonny, I’m Yakuu.”

Apparently, it seemed that she was not a boy but a girl.
From Yakuu, I returned to the village immediately after inquiring about the characteristics and name of the older brother.

Well, anyway everyone was very pleased with the ice cream so I humored them and naturally began to talk.

“So it was like that.”

I confessed everything that happened in town today.

“I see~. It is an important matter as you have told us~.”
“Was thither a particular need to conceal it? Thou art declaring that we shall search f’r a person while we art exploring the labyrinth, no?”
“Master is so splendid.”
“Yeah, it is a wonderful action. Well, I doubt if that is typical of Hibiki.”
“Frey-san, Hibiki-san is gentle you know?”

Apparently, I seemed to have been thinking too much about it. It was generally a favourable opinion.
The labyrinth trip was decided by the majority. For the time being, I’ll hurry as much as possible because it was necessary to rescue the mentioned person.
For the labyrinth group trip, I went to town to buy a carriage for transportation.
Well, for some reason or another my companions have increased recently, if I always gave Ruby the luggage, it might seem unnatural.
In the future, the carriage will be convenient for Latia to shop in town. We will also go on expeditions in this way.

“Welcome. What kind of carriage would you like to purchase?”
“I want a carriage that can accommodate 5-6 people comfortably.”

It might be convenient if there was a large wagon. I ordered with such a light hearted feeling.
What appeared was a wagon with a canopy attached which allowed monsters to pull it. It seems that it was able to allow many people to ride it at once.

“Aren’t you an adventurer? Neither the wilderness nor the forest can be crossed if it is not as sturdy as this.”

Indeed, I decided to buy it.
I was told that I can buy monsters to pull the carriage at the Monster Tamer Guild, I left the carriage at the shop and went to the Monster Tamer Guild immediately.
When I consulted at the reception desk, generally for monsters to pull a carriage, I was cautioned to choose a monster that has previously pulled one before.
Certainly, I don’t know what kind of monster was cut out to pull that purchased carriage.

“Among these, the one that could pull the carriage that customer bought is this guy?”

A turtle monster called the Grand Turtle was introduced. Though it seems to be terribly slow, but it was positively faster than a horse.
It had a docile character and even if it was attacked by monsters, it can spend its time hiding in its shell. Unlike a horse, even if it was attacked by a demon it will defend itself with less time and effort.

“After that, it is up to whether the customer can subdue this monster.”

For the time being, I approached it…


The Grand Turtle slowly moved to stand up, though it tried to deftly raise its forefoot and place it on my palm, the body slightly trembled because of the weight.

“I-I’m sorry. My bad. It’s already fine.”

Is it my imagination that its face showed relief?

“You, do you want to become my child?”

It noded in assent.

“Then, please give this monster to me.”

To that extent, the person showing me around who was gazing at me finally reacted and bowed.

“Y-yes. Thank you very much!!”

With this, horse (?) and wagon have been obtained.
We packed food, water, and necessary tools and left for the labyrinth.

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