All project status & recruitment.

Recruitment post again to get things moving hopefully. πŸ™‚

I’ve spoken with the other admin, and we’ve decided to let staff have their own donation buttons on their work in the future. Hopefully it will help some projects get more consistent releases.

Any of our current staff that want one, talk to me about it. Not everyone will be allowed, only those consistently releasing a certain quantity. New staff will have to “prove their worth” before they are allowed to have one, but we aren’t setting the bar too high.

Status on all projects:

Alice Tale: Needs a TL.

Average Abilities: Needs a TL.

Demon Lords Pet: No help required.

Din no Monshou: No help required.

E? Heibon desu yo??: Needs a TL.

Elf Tensei: Needs a TL.

Brothels: Probably dropped, all Nymph’s unedited chaps are on his site if you look anyway.

Smartphone: No help required.

Kumo: No help required, still 100% up to date.

Magic Language: Could do with a 2nd TL, but I’ll get it moving again myself at some point.

Master of Monsters: Slowed because of RL. Extra TL’s welcome.

Former Hero: No help required.

Riot Grasper: Mranon is still unable to TL because of his new job. Needs a 2nd TL.

Science > Magic: Mranon is still unable to TL because of his new job. Needs a 2nd TL.

Shinka: Moving slow, they want 2 new TL’s to get it moving.

Slave Harem: No help required, still 100% up to date.

Takami no Kago: No help required.

TSO: Needs a TL.

Underground Doctor: Running slow. Needs a 2nd TL.

Fantasy: Picked up elsewhere. Dropped here.

Yuusha Onna: Needs an editor. Could probably do with a second TL.

If you want to TL, prepare and example of your work before contacting us. Especially if you’re a MTL. Pick your series, jump ahead a few chapters (so your work can be used & doesn’t overlap with existing work) and TL some. Write your TL under each Jap line. LEAVE the Jap lines with your work so we can double check anything.

If you want to know how to MTL: Click here and Here

If you want to edit, you also need the MTL software so you can double check things. Use those two links above.

When you’re ready, chat to our staff here:

Machine Translating to give a bit back to the community.
If you want to help support/encourage me, you can add me on Patreon.
Shinka Update
Update (and not a Good One)
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I wish you luck with gathering more Translators of a consistent nature and a high quality. But me, I’m kind of wondering about something I thought was promised to be supported a while ago, the chance for people to raise awareness for their own projects through the Raise The Dead website. I know that my own project is an original work and not an MTL of a Japanese Web Novel, but it would be nice to spread the knowledge of it and get more readers.


Who took over the LN Fantasy?
Thx for answering cause im unable to find it through google.

With best regards


Jiglypuff took it over, the same translator that is doing “The man picked up by the gods” here the website:

… I don’t know if it’s permitted to link to other sites here. Hope I’m not screwing up


Thank you very much and i hope that u dont make any enemy here cause that. πŸ™‚


average ability was taken up by someone else


Good luck with finding staff πŸ™‚ . I have been busy my self in RL, so I can sympathize.

For example, I just found out Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei might have been dropped again. It happened so many months ago, that I cannot even find the reason outer than something about “quality”.

Glad to see you guys are still going strong though and I wish you all the best of luck finding staff.



hi i am msdzeroo i want to help you with my webmaster skills mail me if you want to have proper conversation about that


I hope someone will TL Alice Tale. Im really like this novel and I wish you for the best.


I hope someone will TL Alice Tale. Im really like this novel and I wish you for the best.


Hi I tried to download Translation Aggregator but my Virus Scan deletes it every time I try to install it. Is there another Program with the same stats or a fix for the issue with TA ?

Suhail Dorgham

although i admit that this is a bit rude, when is a new chapter of shinka likely to come out?


I was wondering if Smartphone was dropped or will there be updates in the future? i like that one very much


It is not dropped. We had some stuff to work through.
Update: Ah, whom am I kidding. I am just a terribly lazy person.


It seems that brothels is actually finished and on


why smartphone and takami get updates so slow(like 3-4 to 5-6 per month)? ,and seems like the author of slave harem don’t launch a chapter 3 months already, you guys know why(is he giving a time to relax and think more?)


It depends on our workload both in RL and whether we have enough free time to deliver said titles with at least with some quality.


hum….., i understand


Ok! So I want to try and go ahead to test my ability to translate some stuff for others. I have done some personal translations (MTL and some old Japanese college classes) to get my fix on a series I was tired of waiting on but I need to know where the best place to get raws. I am bad at finding raws… i always have been…

I am looking for Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkokuki Raws… or whatever you want to throw at me.


Ignore the Elf Tensei part if you don’t need help on it… just please let me know where I can get raws for my translation attempts ^^

Contigent insanity

Pretty sure master of monsters is dead. Which is sad with it being on this website.

Suhail Dorgham

I was looking around to see if there was any accurate auto translation applications online, turns out there is, but they charge based on the number of words…. and here i was thinking i would be able to start reading ahead.


somebody please translate elf tensei, it’s already 5 months? since last update


well glad so many new projects are getting attention, but the lack/bored of translators that can read ahead and decided to stop or quit… instead of new projects, finishing current projects would be nice