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07 Class A


The next day after the placement test was Adel’s long awaited day of when the school supplies will be distributed.

Although, what she really wanted, wasn’t the school supplies, but the clothing that were distributed at the same time.

Four school uniforms and four sets of exercise clothes, two each for summer and winter, including the respective shoes, socks, etc.

With them she would finally have more to wear than her current outfit.


At least, it wouldn’t appear strange even if she were to wear her uniform daily.

Additionally, she could get  free exchange of clothes provided by the school in case she ever outgrew them or wore them out. Although, it seems that if you were to request for new clothes too frequently, you might end up getting only other used uniforms that others had outgrown. But, for Adel, that wasn’t much of a problem.

The clothes she had worn until now had become quite damaged so she decided to put them into the Item Box to preserve them.


Since she couldn’t carry all her supplies back to her room at once, Adel split them into several portions. After that she immediately changed into her new uniform. She even accounted for her future growth and choose her clothes to fit loosely which gave people the impression of a cute freshman.

I wonder if I could make 100 friends!

Even though Adel had, including her previous life, had no friends whatsoever, she was filled with anticipation.


When she went to look at the bulletin board in the afternoon, the class roosters had been posted.

In the afternoon, the class will be sorted out according to the list to practice for the entrance ceremony. The real deal would be tomorrow. After that would be when we will really interact with our new classmates, introduce ourselves and so forth. The real class will start next week, after a day off following the ceremony.

As expected, Adel had been put in class A.

Although to be honest it wasn’t the alphabet A but rather the first letter of this country’s writing, so let’s just leave it as “A”.


The rehearsal as well as the real entrance ceremony on the following day went over without anything worth of mention happening.

Although there were some students whose parents attended the ceremony, the majority were students whose parents were too poor or

came from too far away to attend. That or their parents simply didn’t care about them. Of course Adel belonged to the latter.

There were also local nobles who only attended the entrance ceremony of their children that went to the higher-ranking Adorei School

while refraining from the ceremony of the lower-ranking Ekland School since it apparently would tarnish their image.


After the ceremony, the classes were immediately guided to their classrooms by their respective teachers.

Liberated from the rigid atmosphere of the rehearsal and ceremony, the students finally have the opportunity to mingle with each other.


Anticipation and anxiety fought each other inside Adel. Would she be able to find friends? She didn’t want to end up like she did in her previous life.


「I’m Abe von Burgess and I will take care of you lot for the next year. I’ll also be class A’s homeroom teacher for the second years next year, so there will be some of you whom I’ll be stuck with for longer. But for those who fall behind in the evaluation at the end of the year that’ll be where we’ll part ways.」


Class A’s homeroom teacher was a thirty years old, sturdily built man.


Judging by his looks, he seemed more suited to be a mid-rank adventurer of the Hunter Guild than being a teacher. He looked like a slightly aged thug.

As the “von” inside of his name indicated he was a noble. This was probably to keep the stupid noble ladies in check who couldn’t understand that social standings didn’t matter inside this school.


「Well then, let’s start with some self-introductions. Everyone in turn, starting with you.」

「Y-Yes! I’m the third son of the Buick trading company, Marcus. I’m from the Imperial City and my talents are……」


After being prompted, the leftmost boy in the front row started his self-introduction. Following that, the 30 students of class A, consisting of 12 boys and 18 girls, delivered traditional introductions rattling off their names, origin, talents, hobbies, and goals in life.

That class A had more girls than boys was a result of lower nobles sending their boys to the higher ranking school and their girls to the lower ranking school. Adding to that was that most boys focused on martial arts, so they lost to the girls in overall scores.

Since Adel has problems remembering people’s faces, she stared at each of the students who were introducing themselves as if her life depends on it, all in preparation for making friends. The students who noticed her gaze flushed and became nervous.

Adel meanwhile was completely unaware that this was her fault.


「I’m Kelvin von Barium and I’m aiming to become a knight. I’m good with the sword. My hobby is sword fighting. My goal in this school is to become stronger.」

Adel was slightly alarmed by the contrast to the previous introductions. Only a little bit though. Of course she was totally oblivious to the fact that Kelvin was the boy she used as a reference in the physical portion of entrance test.


Adel also failed to notice that Kelvin was glaring at her.


As the introductions continued it finally was Adel’s turn.


「My name is Adel. I have no special talents. I’m your everyday average girl.」




Everyone inside the classroom except Adel shouted as one inside their minds.

The class already possessed a splendid sense of unity.


The girl who could easily bring out roughly the same magic as the girl most skilled in magic, and that without an incantation.

Likewise, this girl leisurely matched the fifth son of a noble family whose athletic ability was far above the norm, while also refraining from beating his records. Her apparent unawareness of this probably well meant gesture to protect that boy’s pride backfiring, making him lose face, made her either an airhead or ruthless….

The noble girls that had passed the exam had already been spreading these facts widely in the cafeteria and the dorm’s common room.


Due to her lack of acting experience, Adel’s attempt at faking effort was seen through immediately. It did not help either that the students taking the exam before her were the best in their respective fields. Adel, failing to notice this, believed that she had blended into the class as an average girl.


After the self-introductions followed the orientation. Burgess relayed several important pieces of information they would need for the start of classes after the holiday tomorrow. Such things as how the school works, its rules, and how theoretical and practical classes would be done.

After that he dismissed the class. Today they only had classes in the morning, with the afternoon and tomorrow intended for the students to buy any necessities and prepare their learning environment.


But that didn’t matter to Adel. She had to work tomorrow and lacked the money to go on a shopping spree anyway. The essential things like soap, notebooks and ink would already use up her previous earnings since they counted as luxury items and were priced accordingly. And a minute would be enough to buy those few items.

Tomorrows wages would be saved for an emergency. The 2 pieces of underwear she wanted to buy would have to wait for now.


As she was about to stand up while musing about this she was surrounded by a couple of boys.

「Do you want to go shopping with me, Adel-chan?」

「No, go with me. I’m from here so I know a lot of good shops!」

「No, accompany me!」


Adel reflexively braced herself ….


(Huh? I subconsciously put my guard up but it doesn’t seem like they mean any harm… rather, am I popular? Why though?)


Feeling something was strange, Adel stopped to think about it.

To be honest, she had been more beautiful when she was Misato.

Despite her family being graced with the appearance of commoners for generations, Misato had a face with sharp lines more fit for a rich lady. Her appearance was alluring enough that it wouldn’t have been strange to be scouted into the show-biz.

Meanwhile Adel’s face lacked any outstanding features besides it’s symmetry, making it fairly average. Rather than an outstanding beauty, she gave off a feeling of serenity that calmed you…




At that moment Adel remembered a show she watched a long time ago.

It proposed that if you merge the faces of many random people you will get an average face that most will find beautiful.

By no means an otherworldly beauty, but an appealing face that was pleasant to everyone and put them at ease, or so it had said.

Merging them. Averaging them. Averaging them….


This is totally wrong! My wish to be “Average” . That would mean, being a normal, inconspicuous person who can blend into the crowds, and certainly not having a beautiful “Average Face”.

「I-I’m sorry, but I already finished shopping!」

The, uncharacteristically for her reborn self, blushing face of Adel stirred something inside the boys that only turned their competition even fiercer.


「Stop it right there, boys!」

In the short moment the class president-like girl had stopped the boys, Adel escaped after silently thanking the girl.


Since, including her former life, barely any boy had spoken to her besides asking whether they could copy her homework, Adel had been spooked.

After returning to the dorm and shutting herself into the bathroom, she looked at herself in a mirror that was just a piece of polished metal.

She was a little shorter than the average and had inherited her mother’s silver hair. Her beauty was not breathtaking like Misato’s, but she gave of a calming feeling.

(…popular? I’m popular?)

This realization caused her to smile creepily.

The female students who returned to the dorm and witnessed that smile averted their eyes in a hurry.


(Wrong, me! I don’t want to be popular! Since I’m a normal girl a single boyfriend is more then enough!

I don’t want to be surrounded by boys right now!)

Adel chased the strange thoughts away by shaking her head.


(But it’s strange. My breasts seem to be a little bit on the small side…)


If they were early bloomers, girls’ breasts would start swelling at around age 7-8 in this world too. When Misato had turned 8 hers had started growing, reaching C-cup at age 18. Since there were some girls that had already filled out quite a bit in her new class, Adel doubted that she was average in this aspect. Why though….?


(I haven’t eaten enough in the two years since my mother and grandfather passed away so that might have stunted my growth. Like this it’s almost like I’m an elf or dwarf….It can’t be!)


Adel froze.


The humanoid species in this world consisted of humans, elves and dwarfs.

What if god just counted all of them as one big race?

Even though she should be right in the average, she was somewhat short.

And her breasts refused to grow.


But, no, that couldn’t be it. Compared with humans, the number of elves and dwarfs was much smaller, so their influence should be equally small.



Say, what if god didn’t pick the average normally.

For example if you already had the averages for humans, elves, and dwarfs and wanted an average for all of them, but it’s too bothersome to calculate it from scratch?

What if there was an idiot who would just take the average of those averages because he couldn’t be bothered?


Wait. Time out! Stop!


‘It can’t be like that. It simply can’t be!’


A sudden thought popped up inside Adel’s mind while walking back to her room.

(I’m glad Orcs and Goblins don’t count toward the humanoid races….)




Adel banged her head against the corridor’s walls and could only be stopped by her classmates shortly afterward.


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