Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? The Vampire, the Oni and the Ninja

Two’s company, three’s a crowd?

The Vampire, the Oni and the Ninja

Author’s note: vampire girl’s point of view.

During my previous incarnation, I knew that I was secretly called Rihoko. Real horror girl. Rihoko, for short. I don’t know who started calling me that. Not in the least bit amusing, a nickname that purely holds me in contempt.

That is what the boy in front of me put into words. During the previous conference he introduced himself as a reincarnator already, so it’s no surprise that he knows about me. However, given that I didn’t reveal my name from my previous existence, why is this guy speaking that name?

「Hey? If you just freeze I won’t understand though? Just who might you be talking about?」

When I tried cross-examining him while being coercive, the boy, I think it was Kusama-kun, made an amusingly cramped face. Kyouya-kun who is also looking over his shoulder at me, made an “uh oh” expression as well.

「If you just stay silent I won’t understand, right? Hurry up and say it.」

When I tried increasing the threatening further, Kusama-kun’s face turns pale and he sinks into silence. Damn. Threatening had the opposite effect it seems. Kusama-kun was the type to sink into silence when he was at a disadvantage I believe.

This is getting annoying so I’ll just use Charm I guess? Temporarily putting Charm on him seems like the quickest way to get him to confess everything he knows.

Perhaps he guessed my disquieting thoughts, as Kusama-kun prostrated himself. A dogeza.

「Sorry excuse me please forgive me!」

While doing a dogeza on the bed Kusama-kun gives a full apology, speaking without pause. Somehow, after seeing that pitiful figure I lost the inclination to cross-examine him. That being said, I’m certainly still furious, so if I let him off the hook here I won’t be able to calm down.

I move to stand in front of the kneeling Kusama-kun, and force his head to look up at me. When our eyes meet, I smile sweetly.


When Kusama-kun responds with a tight ingratiating smile, I instantly bite into the nape of his neck, which has cold sweat slowly running down it.


I suck up the blood that flows out from where I stabbed into with my fangs. However, that was also for an instant, as right away my shoulder was grabbed from behind and I was pulled back. As I expected, when I turned around there was Kyouya-kun with a grim face.

「Ooh? Ooohh? Oohhhh……」

Kusama-kun’s mouth opens and closes like a goldfish while meaningless moans rise out. I lick off the blood trickling around my mouth, and turn my gaze to Kyouya-kun.

「I just took a little blood. With this I shall forgive his slander. Got a problem?」

Kyouya-kun seemed to be about to say something, but perhaps he also thought that Kusama-kun was at fault, as he mutely releases his hand from my shoulder and sighs.

「Sasa-yan, I somehow feel, a new door opening within me.」
「Don’t. That mustn’t be opened.」

While pressing a hand onto his neck where I bit him, this pervert is spouting nonsense. Well, apparently it feels good to be bitten by a vampire so maybe it’s too much to call him a pervert.

「So? How exactly did you know it was me?」
「Ah, yes. We’ve been keeping records of what’s been happening with the reincarnators after creating a list of all the classmates, so we know about the current state of most of the reincarnators. Using that, by a process of elimination, we could confirm who was who, yes.」
「Meaning, most of the class have been found then?」

To Kusama-kun’s reply, Kyouya-kun responded. Unlike me, Kyouya-kun had friends, and maybe there’s someone he’d like to meet.

「Yeah. The majority are at the elf village though, but Ogi infiltrated and was able to determine the identity of everyone there. There’s also several enrolled in the academy at a neighbouring country, and we’ve also identified them. Then, at the previous conference there was the three of you reincarnators right? Certainly we hadn’t identified you yet, and the list wasn’t completed yet, but I could tell who Sasa, er, Wrath was from his face, and the same with Wakaba-san. Then, since it seemed that the only girl who hadn’t been found was Negishi-san, by a process of elimination I figured she was probably Negishi-san.」
「Ogi did?」
「Ah, I shouldn’t have said that.」

I wonder if this guy’s okay? I feel that he just leaked some pretty important information without batting an eyelid though.

「P, please act like you didn’t hear that. Okay? Okay?」
「Sure. Well, we’re already cooperating with regards to the elves so I guess it’s probably okay?」
「Yes! Safe!」

You’re not safe. While Kyouya-kun did say that it’s okay he didn’t say anything about not having heard it. This guy might be hopeless.

「Incidentally, is it possible to show me that list?」
「Sure, no problem. I have a copy, so wait a sec.」

Saying so Kusama-kun moved aside a pile of rubbish. Is this really okay? Isn’t that more or less some kind of secret document? Just because we’re all reincarnators here surely that doesn’t mean it’s okay to blithely hand it over so easily?

「Found it, found it. I have pen and paper so feel free to make a copy.」

I’m not particularly interested, but Kyouya-kun is making a copy of that paper with a serious expression. He’s completely different to me who has no lingering attachment to my previous life.

「Thank you. You were a great help.」
「You’re welcome!」

Kyouya-kun hands back the original note to Kusama-kun.

「Afterwards, I’ll have to show this to Shiro-san as well.」

Somehow or other I give a start when that name is said. Ah, that’s right. I was told by goshujin-sama that they’re going to return so I need to fetch Kyouya-kun. This is bad. With everything that was going on here quite a lot of time has elapsed. Goshujin-sama might be getting irritated at having to wait about now.

「Kyouya-kun, if you’re done then it’s about time we return. Ariel-san and the others are already waiting.」
「Sophia-san, how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want to be called by my name?」

I ignore what Kyouya-kun is saying with a frown. Since I’m deliberately calling him Kyouya-kun as harassment, there’s no way I’d stop if asked is there.

「Let’s go already. If you don’t come then you’ll be left here.」

I promptly turn around and head towards the previous conference room. Outside the door is a person from the church who guided me here. Not only that, I sense the presence of what feels like human dark-ops hiding in the shadows monitoring us, but I’ll ignore them unless they make a move on us. There’s no way that they would allow an outsider, or rather someone who could practically be called an enemy, to walk around freely without monitoring them. I’m sure that they heard the conversation in Kusama-kun’s room as well. Kusama-kun, are you going to be okay? I’m sure you won’t be killed, but you’ll probably be severely scolded at least. Well, it’s nothing to do with me. I expel Kusama-kun’s situation from my mind and quickly head back to where goshujin-sama is.

Pope「Our ninja is so rubbish that it’s dangerous.」


Translation notes:

“A new door opening within me” – this is pretty abstract in the literal sense but the implication is that he feels he’s “awakening” to a new experience or feeling. However, this does also somewhat imply that this is something shady.

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? The Oni and the Ninja
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 266

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Karinosugata, you are amazing!


>Pope「Our ninja is so rubbish that it’s dangerous.」

😂 Oh please, you know he’s a rubbish from the start.


Worst Ninja ever lol … And he is your son, D


No he’s not. (the son thing)


when the all classmate got transported/reincarnated… at least in that class have one boy who’s pathetic and pure idiot…



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Don’t forget, that Shun under influence of “Ruler of Kindness”. And I’m sure it’s pretty much affect him.

Kindness probably helped him in forgiving Natsume (can’t remember his new name), even though Natsume was trying to kill him, had brainwashed his friends and familly and had probably raped the female friends and familly. However, he was also naive from the start. For example, he decided to believe Oka from the start (and by extension the elves), even though Katia believed that there was something fishy since Oka was refusing to say everything. And there was other moments where he acted stupidly naive. In fact, if he wasn’t so naive that he was a typical hero MC, he wouldn’t… Read more »
It’s true he was naive from the start but so were most of the others. Even Sophia started out that way. It’s just most of the other reincarnators we know were thrown into situations that made them grow up fast. While he lived a happy life in luxury and then quickly gained the Kindness (and I think also Mercy) ruler skill(s). Because he was originally very kind and merciful the effect of the skills isn’t terribly obvious until the most extreme moments happen. And because he hasn’t noticed he just assumes he’s not adapting to this world rather than his… Read more »

I think Oka get the Mercy skill.


There is no Mercy skill, Oka got Charity, and Shiro has the yandere imouto working on acquiring Humility and Chasity.


You sure? Shun was already dense before, but after getting the Kindness skill, he has reached Saturday Morning Shounen Jump Anime Protagonist Level. My guess is that he will try to save everyone in the entire world after Taboo lvl 10 finish briefing him on the state of the world, prompting Shiro to lock him up somewhere and blast him with Heresy magic until he reach Heresy Nullity, or just kill him to remove the Hero title and lock his soul up in the soul reserve facility.

Villager A

Kusama turns into Kusuma partway through



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Past One/Hikari to Kage
Past One/Hikari to Kage



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The opening scene is a bit like Skip Beat manga, the part where MC got into the 1st major character personality.

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