Smartphone Chapter 91

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TL: Airsblue
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Arc 13: Disturbance of Imperial Capital
Chapter 91: The Empire, and The female knight

[Somehow recently, the movements of the empire are strange]

After completing the quest in the guild together with Yae, Logan-san whom we encountered unexpectedly at the coffee shop said this thing.

[What do you mean by strange?]

[How do I say it …… it is strange. The Empire splits their troops into an Army and Knight Order like Belfast. The Army is for invading and defending against other countries, and the Knight Order is for defending the Imperial Capital and Royal Palace. Recently, there is seems to be conspicuous war potential reinforcement in the Army, but right now the Empire isn’t openly hostile]

[Will they try to the invade a country somewhere?]

Yae who was setting next to me faced Logan-san and asked him, but the one who answered wasn’t Logan-san, but Rebecca-san who was together with him.

[That’s not it. In the Empire right now, it is said that the emperor lies down with illness. The crown prince who is the next emperor in line is not even twenty years old and, frankly speaking, he still lacks the ability to shoulder the empire. There will be no profit even if they start a war now, I think]

So the emperor is sick, isn’t he? Even if the country is in mess, is it somehow unreasonable for them to invade other countries?

I wonder if they won’t come to this side at least. Belfast has formed alliances with Rifurizu Empire to the west and Misumido Kingdom to the south. The current Empire doesn’t seem to have the power to fight against three countries at same time right now.

[After the Emperor passes away, won’t the Empire be worried about being invaded by other countries ~gozaro……?]

Belfast doesn’t have such intentions, but they were the opponents at war approximately 20 years ago. It is not strange for them to be cautious.

Besides, there is Rodomea Federation to the east of the Empire as well, and Ramisshu Holy Kingdom who are not friendly with the Empire.

[I think every country knows as well that there is no profit picking a fight with the Empire at the current situation. No, perhaps if Belfast, Rifurizu, Misumido, Rodomea, Ramisshu, together invade the Empire, they might win easily]

[After that they might have considerable troubles on how to divide Empire territory though]

Logan-san answer while laughing. Well, should the sparks come this way, they will be brushed off though.

Parting with the two people, when we stopped by [Moon Read], I received a request for goods commission. I was on alert in case it was that sort of thing again, however this time it was a serious mystery and adventure thing. Only, I was caught a little that this book publication also in that Empire though. And I heard the story just a while ago.

[Well, it is not like something will particularly happen, maybe I should go quickly and buy it. What about you, Yae?]
[Since Lindsey-dono appears to be on second floor, I will invite her to go home ~degozaru. The snacks time is soon ~degozaru]

Recently, it appears Lindsey reads books here when she has some free time. Well, she seems to be reading historical ones among other ones though nowadays.

If left alone, because it is quite possible that she will stay like that throughout the day, I ask Yae to accompany her when she goes home.

Now then, shall I go to Imperial Capital?

I open [Gate] behind the shop, and move to the Imperial Capital [Gararia].

————————-Scene Change——————————

[W… what on earth is this……?]

What suddenly appeared in front of me was row of houses burning brightly and sparks flying around. For a moment, I thought it was a fire, but it seems something different. The flames were going up everywhere in the Imperial Capital, the people were running trying to escape. What!? What occurred here?

I used [Gravity] on my body to make myself light, and strengthened it with [Boost]. And then I instantly jumped, and landed on the roof of a building.

[OI Oi……]

What I saw up from there was the normal citizens trying to run away, and soldiers of the army in black uniform who were ignoring them and heading towards the castle. And trying to prevent and block their way were the Knights in black armor. Sword fights started here and there. Wait a minute, this is……

Scream rose close by. When I ran on the roof and came to the actual scene, two soldiers wearing black uniforms corned one black knight. The knight was bleeding from top of the shoulder, looks like he can no longer use his left hand.

I don’t really understand what is going on but I should stop them in any case. It is impossible for me to see a murder and remain silent.

I get down behind the soldiers, face the two people who turn around in surprise, and launch paralysis bullets.

[Gu wa!?]
[Gu fu!?]

The soldiers quickly fell down. The injured knight who saw that lost balance in his knees and collapsed.

[Are you alright!?]

Using healing magic, the wound was cured. The wound was healed, but it seems his consciousness was faint. There was no focus on his eyes. Probably lost too much of blood.

[What on earth happened!?]
[The Army…Rebelled against the Emperor……]

The knight said this that and lost consciousness.

Saying that the army rebelled against the emperor…… OI Oi, is this a coup d’état!?

For now, I carry the knight on my shoulder, and carry him to nearby house. There was no one inside the house though, probably they have run away, I think. I laid him on the bed and applied more healing magic in advance. With this I don’t think he will die.

I left the house, and went up to the roof again. I have to judge the situation first.

[Search. Eh~, display the army and knights in different colors]
『…Search End. Displaying. Red ones are 12654 Army people, Blue ones are 1165 Knights people』

Roughly ten times larger?…… Isn’t this totally absurd?? Displayed in the map in front of me, red indication is for Army, blue indication is for Knights. The screen has been dyed in red.

Now then, what should I do? In any case it is different country, there is probably no need for me to meddle. I can return to Belfast leaving it like this, and end it with just reporting about that, but……

[But I can’t walk out with such excuse……]

In a case like this, I wonder what is the purpose of the guys who staged the coup d’état. Since it is a rebellion against the emperor therefore, the Emperor’s neck, maybe?

[Shall I try heading to the castle? Maybe I can offer asylum in Belfast to the Emperor if I meet him]

But wasn’t the emperor sick if I am not mistaken? Well, I can move him with the bed if it comes to that.

I dash through the roofs. As I approach the castle, I catch the sight of the knights and army soldiers, battle is going around there. I shake free from it, and keep running toward the castle.

I don’t know the circumstances of this country. Perhaps the righteous army revolted against the evil Emperor, such a scenario is not totally impossible either. Honestly, is it better for me to stop this coup d’état? or is it better to leave it as it is? I can’t decide.

For now if the Emperor suddenly disappear, the fighting may settle down, it will be also possible to talk with the guys who started the coup d’etat later. I can’t think of anything else for now.

[tto. Is this the castle gate?]

The castle gate has already been broken, the army has already invaded the castle. Should I hurry?

When I thought of such thing, one corner of the castle exploded. What is it!?

Several fireballs are shot from where it exploded. Magic? It has become even more dangerous with this.

I jump over the castle gate, and fly into the balcony of the second floor. From the balcony I slipped inside the castle.

[Now then, I don’t where is the Emperor’s room though……]

Let’s also search for it…… It is meaningless if I myself can’t judge which one is the Emperor’s room. Though if it is something like a [Throne] I will likely get a hit.

It’s no use getting myself worried. Let’s go out of this room first.

Should I say as expected of the Emperor’s Castle? As soon as I opened the gorgeous door in the corner of the room and pulled it, the person rolled inside.


The person who came rolling was a female knight. Apparently she was leaning against the door. Though she was exhausted and wasn’t moving, there was determination in her eyes, the eyes looked like they were asking me [Who are you?]

Though she doesn’t look like she was injured anywhere, hidden behind a semi-long blonde hair, something like a needle was stuck on the back of her neck. When I carefully removed it and hold it up in front of my eyes, it seemed to be painted with something. Is it perhaps a poison? That’s bad, I have to heal her.

[I am going to heal you now, however, since I am not an enemy, please don’t cut me?]

I do brief introduction just in case, and focus magic power.


The female knight is wrapped in soft light. Soon she gets up, and confirms that she can move by opening and closing her hand, she suddenly pulls the two swords in her waist, and swings them at me. Cho~! This is different from the agreement!?


I immediately grabbed her arm and invoked weight magic, but because I was panicked I made mistake on holding back, the crumbled female knight grovels on the ground like that, it seems she is not able to move a finger. I make the weight a little lighter, and talk to her while she is crouching down as she was before.

[Even though I said I am not an enemy, why did you try to cut me down?]
[Who are you?! If you are not one of the knights, then you are probably with the army! If you are with the army, then you are an enemy! Therefore, I will cut you!]
[TL: she is speaking formal polite language]

Huh? Is she stupid, this person? My story not getting to her.

[First, I am not with the army. I am not even wearing the army uniform. Second, if I was with the army there was no need for me to help you]
[Come to think of it……]
[Or rather I should say, I am not a person from the Empire. I am MochizukI Touya. An adventure from Belfast, I encountered this rebellion when I accidentally came to the Imperial Capital. As for why I sneaked into the caste, it is because I thought maybe I can help his Majesty the Emperor and important people to escape from this country]

Listening to my explanation, the expression of the female knight changed. From doubt to hope.

[Transfer magic…… Is that really true? If it is true, I beg you, please lend me your strength!]
[That’s is fine, however please don’t attack me again?]
[I understand. I vow on my double swords]

When I cancel [Gravity] and she stands up, while doing gentle jumps she moves her body. She sheaths her two swords, and faces toward me.

[Touya-san, was it. I am Caroline Ritto. Please call me Carol. I belong to the third Imperial Knight Order, a second class knight]

Even if you say something like a second class I don’t really get it, but for now I nod. At that time, the crest drawn at the handle of the sword caught my eyes. Gryphon and shield, twin sword with laurel tree……Oh? Where……?
[TL: read chapter 52 if you don’t remember]

Without having time to confirm that, we dashed through the castle with Carol-san leading us. The corpses of knights and army were lying here and there, the area is filled with the smell of blood.

Isn’t this really bad…….? If they got invaded up to here, the probability of his Majesty the Emperor being safe was low.

While moving ahead following Carol-san, I imagined the worst-case scenario.

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[…] Smartphone Chapter 91 […]


“Gryphon and shield, twin sword with laurel tree……Oh? Where……?
[TL: read chapter 52 if you don’t remember]”
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Yae who was setting next to me faced Logan-san
Yae who was sitting next to me faced Logan-san

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