Demon Lord’s Pet Chapter 14

The Pet and the Vacuum Cleaner and the Mascot

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The Pet Vacuum Cleaner and Mascot

Likewise, today, Kazuya is excavating the castle. This time, it’s the area around the 2nd floor staircase.The equipment is the same as usual. In addition, attached to my waist is the transforming sword. Sometimes, it’s used to scrape out the dust that got hardened; like soil or rocks. I noticed that my skills in castle excavation are steadily increasing. However,

「… Recently, I noticed that I am always doing this. But is this really okay?」

Kazuya enquired of the demon queen beside him with a serious look.
Digging out the four Devas; dealing with the threat of the mold; Kazuya had generally conveyed that to the girl while he was excavating the castle.

「Removing the dirt all this while, won’t you feel bored, Izuna?」
「It’s okay, Kazuya. I find it to be a little enjoyable. I wanted to try digging a hole.」
「But that does not mean that I will do it like a dog. *wan wan*」

Removing the dirt is solely for convenience’s sake.
It has been several days since the cleaning started. However, there is still rubbish between Izuna’s room and the main door.
Although,there is just enough room made for humans to pass.

「At the very least, I want to try opening the main castle doors to the point where we can walk.」
「Ganbatte, Kazuya」
ED note: 「Ganbatte」 is similar to 「Do your Best」
「… Coming from the very person who had dirtied it, is really biting. Well, after all, I am a pet. I will work hard.」

With one hand on the broom, I advance into the dust castle dungeon to excavate it.

「Again (・・・・)」

Again, there is a dust cocoon.
On the floor, there is an elliptic dust ball rolled to the corner of the 2nd floor.
Eating tempura-don repeatedly, even as few as three times, can make it no longer taste good, dammit.
ED note: Kazuya is basically saying that finding dust cocoons with people in them is getting old in the same way that you can get sick of eating the same thing repeatedly.

It wouldn’t be strange if it’s nothing but trouble.

「Oi, this is huge.」
「This seems to be a situation to worry about things like that. I do not want to touch that dust.」
「Please implement some countermeasures, Izuna. Why is it that there are always weird things buried in your castle?!」
「That’s because I am the demon queen. This castle is getting converted into a dungeon you know?」
「Don’t attach a plausible reason to it!」
「Well… Well… I was unable to clean up until now; so I left it be…? 」
「This is not something you can say…!」

When I glared at her with narrowedeyes, Izuna whistled and averted her eyes.
Not yet… Not yet… She still has yet to attain a sense for cleanliness. Therefore, for now, it can’t be helped. At the moment, this girl is too much. I will scold her slightly later. However, as for now, I will leave it be.

「Haa, let’s ascertain its contents.」
「Ahh! If it’s rubbish, I will send it to the rubbish bin, so please tell me.」

As he turned his back to Izuna, who was smiling and waving her hands at him, Kazuya approached the cocoon.
It’s hella big…
In all, it’s about 4 meters in total. The corridors on the second floor have pretty high ceiling. However, it almost reached the ceiling.
The rubbish tower is probably clad in dust. If that’s the case, Izuna will send the rubbish in one shot to the rubbish area. So I had thought, at that point in time…


I could hear a heartbeat.

「… Na, Izuna. Why is it that within these castles of dust, there always seems to be a living being preserved inside?」
「We..Well, I don’t quite understand that as well」


I could hear it again.

「… It’s fine even if you d…don’t look at it, Kazuya. There are really weird sounds coming out from it.」

「If we have reached this point, it’s inexcusable to not ascertain what it is, I guess…」

Saying so, Kazuya thrust his arm and broom into the cocoon of dust.
To cut open the cocoon, I vertically slashed down on it.
Within the cocoon,

「… Gururui」

It’s a dragon.
It is a huge monster with unique characteristics like grey scales and grey eyes, which makes one believe it to be some sort of a reptile.
Why is it in the castle; furthermore, in the middle of the dust?
Certainly, if one is hiding in such a cocoon, it has got to be around 4 meters.

「What’s this―――!!!」

The moment Kazuya cried out, the dragon stretched out its wings and flapped them.


With a blast of wind, Kazuya’s body was struck mercilessly and tumbled out into the corridor.
The one who caught his shirt was Izuna.

「Ar…Are you alright, Kazuya?」
「Can’t you see that I am just dandy?」
TL Note: It’s a sarcastic remark

「N..No… I can’t see that at all…」
「Because I’m not.」

The gale the dragon churned up is intense. SinceKazuya’s body and face hitthe floor heavily, blood came out from his nose.
Conclusion: It’s painful. However, that is not the main problem.

「What the– That dragon!」
「Eh? Er…Erm. That is called a dust dragon. Its an omnivore. Its intelligence is low.」
「I am not asking about that sort of thing. Why did you raise it indoors?」
「N…NO… I did not plan to raise it indoors at all. Speaking of which, I have never even once raised a dragon as a pet.」
「Then, why the hell is it here?」
「… It was a mama dragon who had set its sight on that pile of dust. So there is a possibility that it had placed her egg there.」
「Did this nest get built arbitrarily on its own accord?!」

Speaking of which, did the town dragon haphazardly chose this place to hatch this egg or something? What a reckless act.

「Well, it’s due to the Dragon King in this town being big-hearted. Basically, it can’t be helped since the dragons are able to live as they please. Due to the dragons having too much freedom, problems arose which resulted with them being eaten as meat.

「What a bloodthirsty town this is…」
「Hahaha. This extent of brutality is going to be expected, isn’t it. Due to these bored kings gathering together.」

Izuna chuckled while explaining the situation. However, this isn’t a situation to be laughing.


The dragon is raging. Furiously raging.
How should I put it… It’s looking over here. Speaking of which, isn’t it an omnivore?

「Eh? Doesn’t that mean we are in a pinch…」

If we make a wrong move, won’t we get eaten? No way! Having to encounter a dragon during my housekeeping lifestyle and die. That’s seriously the worst!

With that, Kazuya went pale. Izuna, who was standing at his side, caressed his head.

「Ha ha, it’s okay, Kazuya. There is no need to panic like that.」
「I had said that this thing is an omnivore, didn’t I?」
「Iya, therefore we should hurry…

It’s an omnivore. Therefore, don’t they eat humans as well?

「No No. That thing eats nothing but garbage.」
「Look. Look at it closely. What the dragon is looking at, are the items in your hands.

Now that she mentions it, what the dust dragon is looking at, is the dustpan that Kazuya is holding as well as the pile of dust that was gathered on top of it.

There is roughly a bucketful worth of dust in it.


While letting out a growl which I thought to be fierce, the dust dragon tilted its head.
It’s as though it’s saying

「Won’t you give it to me?」
「… You want it?」

It nodded

「I see. So let’s do this 」

I threw my accumulated dust towards the dust dragon. With that,


It started to eat it happily. In short, something like a vaccum cleaner.
And a short while after eating,


It gave a cry of satisfaction. That instant,

「Eh? It became smaller?!」

The dust dragon had shrunk
The 4-meter-long body shrank to roughly about one meter.

「When a dust dragon becomes hungry, its skin will expand and will become huge in order to eat a large amount of dust. However, since it had not eaten for a while, it had become that big… Just by eating that, didn’t it become smaller?」
「What a curious constitution.. Puwa」

The dust dragon jumped towards Kazuya and licked him with its long tongue.


And it followed me around happily.

「… Erm, What’s with this dragon?」

「It seems to have become emotionally attached to you. It’s still young so it’s unable to eat the hardened dust around here.

Ahh, therefore, the dragon wanted the swept up dust that had been sufficiently broken down

「…No, not that. Even if it’s emotionally attached to me, what should I do?」
「Isn’t it good? It just means that you have a pet as well.」

Due to that, the Maou Queen’s family has gained another family member.
It’s probably recommended to have one vacuum cleaner dragon in the family.
If it’s a vacuum cleaner dragon in an alternate world, it will be cool, I guess. However, if it’s a dragon, it is likely to burn all the dust down. No, since it’s a dust dragon, it can’t spit fire.

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