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Chapter 62

“Shit, is it another dead end?”

Though several hours have passed since we have entered the middle layer, I felt like we were going back and forth around the vicinity of the entrance.

“I’m terribly sorry. In addition, my map seems to be incorrect.”

Amy deeply apologized to me who was getting angry. I hurriedly responded to Amy.

“No, it isn’t Amy’s fault. Maybe there are some tricks. Let’s review the map once more.”

I walked slightly into a small room. Because it seemed familiar as I looked around the room, I had probably came to this spot several times.

“Have we come to this room before?”
“Let me see, …yes. This room on several sheets of the map has been filled in.”

The map was examined closely based on that. It turned out that a passage in this layer changed constantly.

“Still, it is only a wall of the passage that is inconsistent.”

Because the connection between the adjoining passage and the room had not changed, the phenomenon was thought to be only the sudden appearance of a wall.

“Uh-huh? Does a wall really appear?”

Suddenly, such an idea occurred. For example, maybe a monster like [Nurikabe] had blocked the way? (TL:nurikabe is a jp ghost) (EN: see this for more info)

“Amy, isn’t there a blank space on the map?”

If its intention was not to misguide, perhaps it is to obstruct the way so that you struggle to reach the room of the [Guardian].
In other words, the blank part was the room of the [Guardian].

“Yes, there is. However, I can’t see a way to go there.”
“For the time being, let’s get as close as possible.”
[Owner, since we first started diving into the labyrinth it has been 2 days and 3 hours. Moreover, it’s been about six hours since we have entered the middle layer. A rest should be taken.]

I noticed myself getting impatient when the [Book of Wisdom] pointed that out.
At the last rest, when the griffon was taken above ground was the sleep incidentally taken for several hours?

“Is that so. Thank you. Let’s take a break here for about one hour. Ruby, please serve the food.”

The food was taken out from Ruby and distributed to everyone.
I asked the [Book of wisdom] what it thought about that matter from a little while ago.

“[Book of Wisdom]. Do you have any ideas about a monster which moves the walls of a labyrinth?”
“Hrm, leprechauns and the like might be plausible. They have no combat power, but their movements are nimble and they are mischievous.”

A leprechaun was such a fellow that seems to have the appearance like that of a small uncle. I will remember even if I see it once.
The walls don’t move, so there might be a monster that moves the wall.
After I was well rested, I left towards the place that would be nearest to the blank section of the map.

“Is it here?”
“Yes, the other side of this wall is probably the blank part.”

I touched the wall, but there doesn’t seem to be anything strange. *Krrrk krrk* I tried to scrape the wall with a spare sword, but it barely cut the surface, it doesn’t seem to be possible to make a hole.
Somehow, the structure of this labyrinth was made so that essential things would be protected.
With the scraping of the wall just now also, perhaps, even if a pickaxe was driven with all one’s power, would the stairway defended by the griffon be undaunted?
It was more and more like a game with non-destructive structures, but if it was possible with magic then it was certainly convenient.
Since breaking the walls and advancing through the labyrinth, the other party wouldn’t be fascinated either.

“In other words, there has to be a way to go to the blank spot.”

The current passage that was most adjacent to the blank section, was probably about 100m (328ft) in a straight line.

“Alright, let’s divide the work and examine it. Amy and Ayla please head from the edge of the passage to the interior.”
“Yes, I understand.”
“I will do my best.”
“Okay, Zir and I will examine it from the interior.”
“M’ Lord.”

Zir was looking towards me with a serious face.

“What’s the matter Zir?”
“I might has’t did notice a most wondrous thing.”
“Wonderful thing?”

Zir nodded exaggeratedly and opened her mouth.

“Would it not beest agreeable to behold the other side of the wall with mine own apparition?”

It was examined with the ghost and no more than five minutes later, a moveable lever of the wall was discovered.
There were 4 or 5 small fellows on the other side of the wall. The leprechauns.
Though they stiffened in surprise they ran away in all directions at once because of the sudden opening of the wall.
When the middle layer was examined later, apparently, there were several gimmicks.
It seems the lever in the wall would be finally reached after solving them.
There was a keyhole in the wall with the lever, it appears that the correct way to capture the middle layer was to procure the key.
I moved the lever in the wall with 【Mental Force Magic】 without knowing such a thing and broke through the middle layer of the labyrinth.

“So, what is the fellow that is the [Guardian] of the middle layer?”
[Yea, it is the Stone Golem. It is a magical monster that excels in defense and attack. This is the [Guardian] of the labyrinth, certainly, there are times when they are placed in a magician’s workshop.]
“Is it strong?”
[Certainly, it is strong. The body is made of rock which is very useful for attack and defense as said a while ago. It might be considerably hard to knock down this size of a stone golem. Of course…]
[If it moves, however…]

Because we had not cleared the middle layer with the proper route, the stone golem had not started.
I had Ruby swallow it just as it was, because it was special.
I might be able to use it for something. I still have yet to make a golem and I wasn’t able to manipulate it so I want to try various things.
There was only the room of the [Guardian] ahead of this wall. Perhaps, the big brother of Yakuu must be in the lower layer because I thoroughly searched this section of the labyrinth.
The middle layer has somewhat ended with a fizzle.
What kind of device will the lower layer have?
Is it because I’ve gotten used to games with solid tutorials?
Somehow, I think the solution for the riddle of middle layer was incomprehensible.
Perhaps, the problem was not difficult. It was just difficult to find the problem.
As for this, the maliciousness of the system was distinct from the lethal scales trap that was in the upper layer.
I descended to the lower layer while feeling fed up.
When passing through the darkness, there was a [Town].

When on earth did I leave the labyrinth?
There was no ceiling with a blue sky spread out. Was a picture of the blue sky drawn on the wall or was it a type of magic?
When I made up my mind and stepped forward by one step, the woman who had been standing at the entrance of the town suddenly raised her voice.

“Welcome, this is the town of Selva.”

At first, I did not think that this person called out to me. After all, she abruptly raised her voice “without looking this way”.

“Umm, are you by any chance speaking to me?”

I confirmed that there were no other people beside us in the surroundings and talked to the woman.

“Welcome, this is the town of Selva.”

The same words just a while ago returned back.

“Oi oi, this is no time for joking.”

Somehow or another, it seemed to have the look of a genuine game.

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Don’t know where to post.
Could you please translate modern weapon cheat from another world
It seems the one who did till now stop release new chapters (he might be too busy with his work so he can’t do it)
It has been 16 days already and I feel like hell on earth.
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