Demon Lord’s Pet Chapter 15

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「Mumumu, your parameters have risen again.」
「Oh~ is that so?」

While having lunch, Izuna said that.
Well, recently, I’ve been cleaning so that might be the case.

「Umu, this is……it has risen quite considerably. How’s your body’s condition?」
「Extremely ordinary. ――Ah, but, it seems like I’ve been able to lift stuffs like large cabinets with a single hand.」

Even if there were any furniture obstructing my way while in the middle of cleaning, I’m now able to move them away with my own strength.
That’s a considerable progress, thought Kazuya.

「Well, I guess that’s about right. With your parameters, something like that would be a breeze.」

With that, Izuna spoke about his parameters.

Obino Kazuya level.0
Physical Strength  390
Defense  350
Agility   100
Mana   10
Resistance  180
Apparently his parameters were like that.
They’ve grown quite a bit.

「Fumu fumu fumu……」

Izuna was making a serious expression as she looked at these parameters. Then,

「With these parameters……it’ll probably work.」
「Eh? What’ll work?」
「Wait a moment.」

In an instant, she vanished from that spot.

「Even if you tell me to wait……」

Where the heck is she going? Also, she has yet to finish her meal though. Would it be alright to clean up?

…….For the time being, let’s just finish my own share so I can tidy up as soon as I can.
The moment he thought that,


The sound of something falling rang throughout the room.
Looking at the source of the sound, a thin leather covered book has fallen.
In a place that’s supposed to have nothing, a book has fallen there.
There wasn’t supposed to be a book or anything there but, it appeared…all of a sudden.

「Impossible……this is……!?」

The moment the words leaked,


Books assailed the room like a tsunami.

「TADAIMAAAAAA!!I’ve booouuuught it」
「……Welcome back, Izuna.」

「Oh? What’s wrong, you don’t look so well!?」
「Ahh, that’s right. But, if suddenly half of the room is covered in books, then anyone would lose their energy.」

The floor of the once beautifully cleaned room could no longer be seen. For now, all the dishes were rescued from the books, but the rest remained buried underneath.

A large number of books have flooded into the room.
Kazuya stood up on top of those books.

「Why must I get crushed by a bundle of books in the room……」
「No, sorry. It’s been a while since I last went shopping, so I didn’t know when to stop.」
「Yeah, I just remembered. I’ve forgotten that you’re an extraordinary spendthrift」

It appears that I haven’t given her enough lesson previously. I’ll teach her how shopping is done later on.

「Well well well. Isn’t it fine? After all, these are useful things, you know?」
「Useful things? What are these?!」
「They are books.」
「I can see that. What I want to hear is the reason why you bought them.」
I don’t understand why the moment she saw my parameters, she would rush to buy this sheer amount of books.
「Umu, it was something that I have thought of after looking at Kazuya’s method in cleaning. Wouldn’t you be able to do more things once you have learnt various kinds of skills?」

What do you mean by skill. Is it alright to understand them as techniques?

「Umu, is it alright to describe it as a bit different than parameters? It points to the individual’s special ability. 」
「Haa, I see.」
「And, these books should be called 『Skill Books』? It has the effects of just by reading them, their content would be engraved into your mind, and you’ll be able to use the skill without taking a look at it. Without certain parameters, engraving them won’t go pretty well.」
「Does that mean……all of these?」
「Umu! All of them are skill books!」

Izuna puffed her chest in pride. Indeed, it is quite amazing, but where did she scrape them from?

「Well I paid the Librarian King in the private library a visit and asked him easily for this favor. To let me buy all the unused skill books.」
「Is that alright with you, Librarian!?」

You sold off all the books from the library as you please!?

「It’s alright. I’ve compensated him pretty well after all. It’s just a 10 million dorato.」
「Ten million……」

I’m truly feeling that the way you’re spending money is wrong, Izuna.
Which means that these books are worth this much huh……

「Of course! All of the books here, belong to you after all , Kazuya!」
「Haven’t I said that you’ll be able to acquire the skills simply by reading them」

「……It can’t be, that all of these, are for my sake?」
「Umu! Use them as you like!」

Izuna said while laughing/smiling broadly. However, Kazuya’s back was soaked in cold sweat,

「N-no, to receive so much……」
「Muu? What’s wrong? Skills are pretty convenient, you know? There are quite a variety of them too. They can be useful when you’re in a pinch.」
「That might be right, but……」
「Above all else, I didn’t buy these books aimlessly. I bought them for your safety.」
「Weren’t you close to dying against the mold? Things like that……never, I don’t want you to go through it again……」

I see. Were you that concerned of my well-being?

「That’s why, to me, if I’m able to assure your safety by spending money, then it’ll be alright, that’s how I think.」
「So it was like that……」

She was worried about his safety. Without even knowing that, he got considerably angry, Kazuya regretted.
So, for once Kazuya lowered his head.

「Sorry. Then, thanks a lot, Izuna.」
「Just by having you say that, I’m really happy.」

Izuna while laughing, patted Kazuya’s head.

「Haha……It really makes me feel like a pet」
「What are you saying? Aren’t you. My. Pet?」
「……Ahh, no mistake about it.」

After being patted for several seconds, Kazuya raised his head.
And, while picking up the skill book at his feet,

「Alright, since you’ve worked hard to buy them for me. Let’s read ‘em.」

With that he opened the book. But, at that moment, something caught his interest.

「Hey, Izuna. These skill books, you remember them just by reading them right?」
「Umu, once used, it can’t be used again for a couple of hundred years. That’s why, they’re pretty expensive.」

I see. I understand. I’ve understood quite well. But, what I wanted to know wasn’t that.

「……Am I going to memorize all of these books’ skills?」
With buying so many, the problem is whether he can use them all or not.
They’re enough to bury the room. The lowest estimation would be from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousands books, and there are a few that are bulky as well.
That’s why, it worried me very much. And an answer quickly came back to me.

「Nah, that’s impossible. At this moment, the amount of skill slots you have are 3, so if you read more then the earliest one would be overwritten!」
「Return the ones that couldn’t be used this instant—–!!」

It wouldn’t be good if I don’t teach her how to plan her shopping. Kazuya genuinely thought so.

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