Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 276

Some things already seen… and some things never seen before!

276 – Granny, don’t overdo it!

Via the clone that is watching over Yamada-kun, I guess I should say “as expected”, but it has been confirmed that Yamada-kun is the new Hero. Yamada-kun confessed that himself to a teacher, so it seems certain.

Leaving the capture of the fort to Waldo-kun, I teleport to the Demon King’s place. At the very least, unless I discuss things with the Demon King then nothing can begin. On teleporting to the Demon King Army Headquarters where the Demon King is, the mood there had become excessively tense.

「You came at a good time. I have something to ask you.」

Kuro, who was together with the Demon King, took us to a deserted location. Balto stared at us as if wanting to ask us something, but in the end he let us pass without saying anything. I think that he’s probably already heard about Blow’s death via Telepathy.

「Was it necessary to throw that in?」
「”That”? What might that be? I won’t get it from ju-u-ust that.」

In response to the question posed to me, the Demon King forcibly interjects. Although Kuro turns his gaze towards the Demon King for a moment, he soon turns his stare back to me and opens his mouth.

「The Queen Taratekt.」
「Oh, that huge spider-san, huh. What an amazing coincidence, huh. Who’d expect it to suddenly teleport onto a battlefield, eh」
「Don’t play dumb.」
「Kuro-chan, scar-y-y-y. Shiro-chan, save me-e-e!」

The Demon King replies to the question asked to me, and Kuro continues to stare at me without glancing at that Demon King. Within that strange mood, I keep my silence. I have no intention of informing Kuro about the current situation.

「Shiro-chan, your onee-san wishes that you would at least give a response you know.」
「Don’t change the subject.」

Perhaps sensing that I have no intention of replying to anything, Kuro turns to face the Demon King. Then the Demon King and Kuro begin an exchange. The Demon King shouldn’t be aware of the reason why the Queen Taratekt committed that atrocity either, but it seems that she has no intention of complaining about it. Far from it, within all the words, gloomy thoughts appear and disappear with regards to the humans and demons. After having endured for such a long time, maybe she thinks that it’s fine to kill a somewhat larger amount. Well, regardless of the Demon King’s true feelings, if she’s going to cover for me, then I have nothing to say.

「I guess you won’t understand unless I put it in words, huh? Say, between bottomless kindness, and bottomless stupidity, don’t you think there’s a paper-thin difference?」
「I don’t think so.」

After observing the exchange between the Demon King and Kuro for a while, the Demon King says something incredible. From her way of speaking it’s almost as if she might know about the current situation. And also, that she might be criticising the Goddess’s actions. Kuro might have denied the Demon King’s words immediately, but for the Demon King to say such a thing in the first place, and just how odd that is for her, is surely something that he understands, right?

「Oh, really. However, perhaps you should keep the following in mind? Those who are saved with kindness alone, don’t amount to much.」
「I was saved by that kindness. Also, doesn’t that mean you’re also denying ourselves?」
「I guess so. Which is exactly the reason why you and I are at odds with each other.」
「You have no intention of withdrawing, then?」
「……Very well. I will associate with you for a little longer.」
「Just what I’d expect of Kuro-chan! You’re so-o reasonable!」
「However, if the time comes when I cannot agree at all, then I will show no mercy.」
「Gotcha. I pray that such a time won’t ever happen.」

As soon as the conversation is over, Kuro leaves in a bad mood. Once the Demon King has seen him off, she heaves a big sigh of exhaustion.

「Sheesh. I thought I was gonna be killed.」

Although the Demon King is undoubtedly the strongest existence within this world, she’s no match for Kuro who is a god outside of the laws of this world. Even though she was vigorously arguing with him, it seems that she was quite tense inside.

「Demon King.」
「It’s okay. Don’t say it.」

When I tried to explain about the situation, I was restrained by the Demon King.

「Or rather, I don’t want you to say it, I guess. Because it feels like my determination will falter.」

Saying so, the Demon King turns her back towards me. With my eyes, even if her back is to me I can still tell her expression. The Demon King still has the same frivolous smile as ever. However, beneath the surface, I can tell that she’s almost about to cry.

The Demon King had known. The reason why I had taken unexpected actions. That what those actions imply. That what she is trying to achieve, was rejected by none other than the person she was trying to save.

Even though she had known, she was scared of hearing me speak the truth. That if she actually did hear it, that then she would want to stop. And also, that if she had actually stopped, then the Demon King would probably no longer have anywhere to go to. I think it’s because the Demon King understood that, that she refused to hear it.

However, putting it the other way around, it also means that she still has no intention of stopping. That even if the Goddess rejects it, she still intends to proceed.

She’s so strong. The Demon King is strong. Putting aside things like being a god, or status values, and so on, she is the strongest person I know. Dazzlingly strong. I envy that strength. Because there is nobody with more pride than the Demon King.

In my case, I don’t yet have a belief that I can be puffed up with pride over. I have no pride. That might be the exact reason why I seriously want to help this proud Demon King.

With the Demon King still facing away from me, I embrace her closely.

「It’ll be okay.」

Though I have never before done anything like comforting a person who is feeling down, I thought that now’s the time that I should do this.

「I’ll be with you.」

While there is the agreement with D as well, on top of that, with my own personal feelings, I intend to watch over the Demon King until her last moments. That’s why, until that time comes I will always support the Demon King.

「If it’s like this, then you can’t tell which one of us is the onee-san you know.」

The Demon King says that jokingly. Since the Demon King has the appearance of a young girl after all. Seen from the side I would certainly be the onee-san instead. In actual age the Demon King is far greater though.

「Rather than onee-san, it’s more like obaa-san though.」

Because I was born as a child to Mother, and it was the Demon King who gave birth to that Mother, it’s correct to say that we have the relationship of grandmother and grandchild. So, arguing over who’s the onee-san is wrong either way.

「Ahaha. That’s a fair point.」

Granny smiles.

「Thank you.」

And so, granny thanked me. It’s the least I could do. I’m a granny’s girl after all.

The full conversation between the Demon King and Kuro can be seen in “Human-Demon Great War Secret”.

Shiro’s personal “strength of heart” power ratings:
Demon King > sensei > the Goddess = the pope > oni-kun >>>> The unsurpassable wall >>> vampire girl > loser (Kuro)

This is ultimately Shiro’s personal opinion, so other opinions are just as valid.


Translation notes:

In the original Japanese the title uses the internet lingo of “BBA” to refer to grandmother (ie Ariel) but that really doesn’t meaningfully translate at all. So within the text I’ve translated it as “granny” and most of the time that “obaa-san” (normal word for granny) is used in the original I’ve left it as obaa-san.

On a related note, Ariel has a tendency to playfully refer to herself as “onee-san” when talking to Shiro, as seen here. It does slightly add to the sense of Ariel both being playful and either slightly teasing Shiro or acting like a despairing elder sibling over the actions/attitude of a younger one, or alternatively, acting like a somewhat ditzy elder sister.

When Ariel refers to the Queen Taratekt as “spider-san” I had thought about leaving it as “kumo-san” but since Shiro used to be referred to that way before she got named, I felt it was better to do it this way. On a side note, while Shiro was a special case, it’s not normal to refer to animals (or monsters) with -san, though it’s something that children often do.

As the author notes at the end, some of the conversation between Kuro and Ariel here has already been seen in the chapter Human-Demon Great War Secret, previously translated by Turb0.

When Shiro calls herself a “granny’s girl” at the end, this is in the same sense of someone being a “daddy’s girl” for example.

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I was reading this while humming God Knows from Haruhi and somehow it fit perfectly.


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