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Arc 13: Disturbance of Imperial Capital
Chapter 97: Airtight, and the Chemical Slime

I jumped over the rampart and saw the soldiers that had collapsed in the courtyard, then shot the servicemen in the feet who started to attack me one after the other with Brynhild. In addition to 「paralyze」 not working on these people, paralysis bullets didn’t work either. I’ll have them be quiet for a while.

Demon lord turned toward me and shot something from both eyes at me. That was dangerous!? I was able to evade the beams that scorched the ground instantly. Seriously, is it a heat ray?

The heat rays kept flying at me one after the other. This guy……needs to get a clue.

(Since it is an image from LN, the demon may look different)
I ran along the castle wall at super-speed with accel-boost and jumped into the air over the Demon lord’s head. I brandished the large mythril sword and set it for a super-heavy attack.

「Take a nap for a while」

Gokya!! The sound went and Demon lord’s head rolled onto the ground. Magic nullification won’t do a damn thing here. It’s only a sword with a magic effect added.

Zusun!! The great demon’s body fell to the ground, but even still he still tries to get up with his arm.


I shot the magic at the ground under the demon’s arm making it slide, and so it fell from its shoulder. Without missing a beat I swung the huge sword at the wings on its back and cleaved them off.

『Gyauaaaaaa!!』(that was in english)

While the demon screamed I finished it up by shooting infinite slip bullets at the demon’s feet.

The result was the demon, which kept falling forever. Every time the gigantic figure fell it caused earthquakes. It’s a bother to the neighbors, it was.

I left the demon alone, and flew up to the nice wide balcony of the Empire’s castle. The pale faced general Bazuru was there.

「Well then, time for punishment」
「What are you!? That’s a high level demon!? That’s not something just one person can defeat……!」
「Even if you say that. I did just that」
{translation version:
[Translation: Welcome to Mochizuki Touya’s house of pain!]
[Translation: That’s cheating, no fair! I’m telling mommy on you! Mommyyyyyyyy!]
[Translation: If yo face!]

While the demon kept falling over and over, I answered.

「Ku……But, that won’t happen to me. The「Bracelet of Defense」makes physical attacks meaningless. Even for magic attacks there is the「Magic Nullification」. Even if I were to fall then I would absorb that magic with the 「Imbibe Demon’s Bracelet」 rendering it useless!」

The general starts to laugh strangely very loudly. Is this what they call 「Frog in the well」? I have a feeling there should be a better proverb but I can’t remember which one.

To shut the general up I took “that” tool out of 「Storage」

Don! A cube that’s exactly 3 meters on each side was taken out on the balcony. All sides excluding the base were transparent as glass, the insides were completely visible.

The poisonous looking slime was inside . Contrary to its coloring it don’t have any poison, and it is primarily lives in the water. It is basically harmless monster. That’s right 「basically」.

「Wh- what is that!?」
「Allow me to explain, This one is called chemical slime, they clean the water, such a wonderful slimes they are. However, they have one fault. 1 hour after they have died they give off a horrendous odor. Though it goes away after 2 hours apparently. These one died about one hour ago, see?」

While explaining, I look at general with sidelong glance.

「Yo- you wouldn’t……」

A magic circle appears under the general’s feet and he falls in like falling into a stone pit and disappears. It didn’t target the general directly so「Magic nullification」had no effect. It is a magic that connects one place to another. The next moment the general appears in the clear cube. In that moment……


From within the glass (thick iron plate made to look like glass) the general screams, and pinches his nose. His face goes pale and perspiration starts flowing.

「St- It stinks!? The smell!! What is this smell!? Oueeeeee!!」

It really does stink. His face started to turn purple. In my former world there was a thing called fermented herring that gave off a frightening smell, but it seems that this is far worse. It’s surprising to see a person pass out from the smell. Oh?

The general tried to concentrate on the iron glass plate with magic and try to break out of the prison. However he wasn’t able to perform a proper spell. He abandons it and sits in a corner of the box and doesn’t move. He looks like he’s trying to endure it, but it’s useless. The general’s surroundings are nothing but stink and his face cramps every time he breathes, the only thing he has to suck on is stink.


Oh, he weakened. His face is sloppy with tears, sweat, and snot. There is an air 「Gate」at the top so he shouldn’t suffocate. I tentatively connected it to an unpopulated area of the mountains, but at most it will inconvenience the animals that live there.

Ah, he trembled. He can’t even focus any more. He falls to his knees and falls just like that. His eyes are completely rolled back. He seems to have fainted.

Well, even if I didn’t do this, there was the option of throwing him into the middle of the ocean…… But he could probably summon the demon again and have it save him. I also thought about a burial at the bottom of the sea, but I’ve never been there. I wouldn’t have been able to open the 「Gate」anyway.

Let’s transport him back over here for the time being? I opened the 「Gate」just as I had before and transported-


What is this!? It’s like the smell of garbage concentrated several hundred times……!! Oeeeeee!!

I immediately closed the「Gate」but, it wasn’t from the 「Gate」, the general is the one who stinks! Uwa!

I quickly removed the bracelets from both the general’s arms and returned him inside the box once more. The bracelets also extruded the same rotten smell. If It has been more than two hours since the slimes had died, the smell would had dissipated however for things that the smell had seeped into it didn’t disappear. It gave a strong odor that left the impression that it would never disappear.

When I realized it, the demons had disappeared from the Imperial Capital. The Demon lord who had continued falling also disappeared. The magic supply had been cut.

With this the demons are no longer a problem. All that remains are the servicemen?

For the time being, I opened the「Gate」and called the Emperor’s group.

「You really cleaned things up all by yourself……」

The Emperor said in a clearly amazed tone, he looked at the white-eyed general who was inside the box.

「It kind of stinks though……」

Lyon-san holds his nose while saying that.

「I am sorry. It is the Colloidal slime’s death stench, inside there. A little leaked out」

The winds had changed considerably, and the smell only drifts faintly from the bracelets. The 「Imbibe Demon’s Bracelet」and the「Defense Bracelet」huh? They seem convenient but just having these seems to warrant caution. To dispose or not? They stink. I think that the fingers that touched the bracelet have an ungodly stench……

Because the bracelets became like this, the general probably is something unthinkable of, I guess….

Belfast’s knights went to the underground prison and released the Empire’s knights.

During that time, the Emperor came out onto a corner of the balcony, and set up for broadcasting the image once again in order to inform the people of the Imperial Capital about the results of the situation. This time it was a live broadcast. I held the smartphone and queued the Emperor.

『People of the Imperial Capital. We have troubled you. The leader of the rebellion has been captured and we have regained the Imperial Capital by our hands. Please be relieved』

The smartphone panned to the box projecting the white eyed runny nosed, covered in drool, fainted general who had fainted. Hopefully the service men will surrender after seeing this…

…It had to be done but it might have been a little cruel.

『So that this will never happen again, we will be making amends. For now I wish to once again apologize to you all. I am sorry』

The Emperor bows slightly. Hee, he’s apologizing. From the stories I heard, he was a pompous person. But I wonder if the sickness changed him.

After the broadcast ends, the Emperor stares gloomily at the general.

「What’s wrong?」
「Well…… I thought this person was pitiable. He was someone that had strong feelings for the Empire, without reflecting on any sacrifices he entered the army at a young age. If I think about it he reminds me of how I was at a younger age. Had I not become ill then I may have met the same fate. So because of that I feel pity……」
「Even still, did this person not commit an unforgivable crime?」

He summoned so many demons. Each one required at least 10 lives to be sacrificed, meaning he roughly sacrificed 500 people. And it’s not like every one of them were condemned, it wasn’t fine even if they were condemned.

「I know. A crime is a crime. He must compensate for it. He has caused great trouble this time. There must be a distinction made」

The Emperor let out a lonely laugh. That’s right, even this person was a victim.

「Your majesty!!」

The knights noisily ran onto the balcony and collapsed like the fallen snow. Aa, these were the knights that had been confined in the dungeon? From within the group was a one-eyed black haired imperial knight that bowed on one knee to the Emperor.

「Your Majesty……it is good you are well! And it appears that you have improved as well……this is……!?」
「Ou, Knight Leader Gaspar huh? It is thanks to Touya-dono there. I have become healthy, and General Bazuru was captured as well」
「My word……!?」

The knight leader of the Empire looked at me in surprise, and looked alternately between myself and the fainted general inside the box. Whether the emperor became healthy due to me or not, he doesn’t really understand.

There came riding Kohaku were Elsie and Yae. Also Kuroyou and Sango came a little behind, those two were in mini-mode though.

「It has tentatively been settled. The majority of the soldiers fainted」

Elsie reported while disembarking Kohaku. Apparently the remaining soldiers had been taken care of. It was a relief to see that they were safe as well.

「Alright, arrest the soldiers that have fainted. Do not do anything to the soldiers who surrendered beforehand」

The Emperor gives directions to Knight Leader Gaspar and they depart the balcony.

So the riot had come to an end right? It’s good that nothing really happened. All that is left is to leave things to the Empire’s people.

Aa. I have to return the summoned beasts that I called out.

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