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Arc 13: Disturbance of Imperial Capital
Chapter 99: Territory, and the Wedding Funds

「There isn’t anything here is there?」

We saw the meadow and the forest. With hills and far away mountain. Nearby there was a river as well.

We had come to view the land that had been transferred to us by Belfast and Regulus, It was an especially featureless land. Well, it was better than having too many features.

「Now then… Search. Demon beasts that pose the possibility of harming humans」
『Understood. Displaying』

Pa- and red pins fell on the surrounding area and forest. There are a lot!

Well this is about 2/3 the area of Tokyo’s 23 Ward so I guess it’s natural. Now then what shall we do?
(tl: I wrote district in the last chapter but it is ward)

「Should we clean them out with magic?」
「If you were to kill that many demon beasts at once then……」

Yumina furrows her eyebrows. Well of course, it would make a mountain of corpses…… Even if the carnivores ate off the mountain, they wouldn’t be able to eat it all, normally. The stench would be horrendous as well. I could send them alive through the [Gate] but, it will be troublesome to send the demon beasts which might attack some person on the other side. Ah, they could also be sent to the sea?

「There might be demon beasts that have good materials, so it would be a waste」

What Elsie said is justified. If you don’t get money for them then they’re a profit loss. So teleporting them over the sea is wasteful too, huh?

「Then how about defeating several of them using 「Gate」. Ah, not summoning them but defeating them, and then teleport them……? Then take off the materials……but what to do with the corpses?」
「Shouldn’t they just be distributed through the mountains and forest like when adventurers take on a subjugation request? The animals will eat it and it will nourish the forest as well ~degozaru」

Nn- well it is not like it can be helped, right? What Yae said seems comforting.

「Let’s go with that. Lock onto a target. Activate 「Shining Javelin」」
『Understood. Activating 「Shining Javelin」』


「We’re finally done……」

I don’t wanna do any more. Peeling off the materials one after the other is pretty hard. Each demon beast had different values for each part, thing like the fangs, and claws is something we couldn’t judge individually. In the middle it was judged that it was impossible for us alone to do it so I called Logan-san Rebecca-san and Will from the Capital to help. Half of the skin from each of them was sufficient payment, and they were more than happy to help.

I also called the maid Cecil-san and Julio-san the gardener, as well as dragging Lyon-san to help since he was off-duty. For a part time job it was pretty decent, I think.

Lyon-san peel, and tears and rips them apart, I wonder if he needs money for something. 90% tells me that it has something to do with Olga-san. Maybe an engagement ring?

Contrarily Rue didn’t seem very used to it and had a bit of trouble controlling the materials so I teached her some tricks on how to do it. She understood quickly and I was astonished that she mastered the skills to some extent.
(LN version of Rue)

「You a princess. This is the first time you’ve done something like this?」
「Hai. But I want to learn this as well. I want to learn many other things so I can be as helpful to Touya-sama as good as the others」

(WN version of Rue)

While she says that, I pat Rue on the head while her face blushes a little.

「Now then, with this the dangerous demon beasts have been taken care of」

I opened the map app once more to confirm it. For the time being not a single pin fell. I suddenly had a thought and searched for humans and it turned out that there were several of them in a corner of the forest. Does someone live there? It’s dangerous here so I thought no one would be living here.

「They’re probably bandits」

Lyon-san mutters while looking at the screen.

「Recently there have been rumors of frequent infestations here. It’s probably their base. It should have a considerable bounty on it」

Certainly the forest is dangerous so it would be the best place to hide?

「…What shall we do?」

Lindsey asked, well it’s not as if we can leave it alone. Even this place was to become part of my country, so clearing out those thieves would be best.

「Well then shall we go there?」
「May I come along as well?」

Unexpectedly Lyon-san offered to go along. Well, there’s no reason to refuse the offer. We left the division of the materials to everyone else and the two of us headed toward the bandit’s hideout. It should take no more than 30 minutes to reach the place, so we’ll walk there.

「So? You’re after the bounty?」
「Eh? Aa- hahaha. You knew?」

Lyon-san laughs wryly while scratching his head. Even when it was with the stripping, he was mercilessly emitting a “want to earn money” aura.

「Is it to buy Olga-san an engagement ring?」
「Ah, well, I’ve already given her one of those」

I was surprised that he had already proposed. Lyon-san is somewhat serious after all…
It might have been「please go out with me with the intention of getting married」. But isn’t it a little fast? We’ll I’m in no position to speak.

「Ha-… Congratulations. But what for the money are?」
「Well- it’s to fund the wedding and the living costs afterward, if I can do that then I want to get a new house…」

Lyon-san laughed with a worried looking face, but he seemed happy. Well, I understand his feelings. But for that it certainly does require money.

「Can’t you get any help from your parents?」
「Well, my family is a 「Cut your own path」kind of family, and the other party’s creed is 「Money is something you earn yourself」…」

Aa-……The stanch attitude of a true servicemen and merchant respectively.

「We’re both living at home right now. Because I am the second son, as soon as I am married I have to move out」
「Olga-san is coming to Belfast, isn’t she?」
「I can’t become a merchant after all. But with this I may be able to call Olga-san here soon……」

Lyon-san sighs a little. Un—I could loan the money but, that might make the father General Leon angry……

「Oh yeah, what happens to the things that the bandits stole?」
「If possible they’ll be returned to their original owner. Anything other than that becomes property of the one who captures the bandits. Because there is no profit in rooting out bandits they’re usually left alone for a long time」
「In other words if the chief of the bandits holds a lot of money……」
「Actually that’s what I’m expecting. Of course the things with known owner will be returned」

If there isn’t anyone there to claim the great amount then it all goes into his hand.

In the map it was indicated that there was a roughly built hut on the edge of the forest. Is that the hideout of the bandits?

「How many of the bandits have bounties?」
「Three of them. A group of three sibling thieves」

I confirmed with the map and there were three pins there. Apparently this is all of them. Lyon-san drew the dagger that I had given him and set the blade to the ready.

Ok, I’ll leave this to Lyon-san. If I were to get involved then the reward would have to be split equally after all.


In the end, Lyon-san rooted the bandits quickly by himself. Although I say rooted, Lyon-san’s dagger was only set stun-mode and they were made incapacitated. It was a showy way of making money, and he had accumulated quite a bit. With a happy face Lyon-san tied up the bandits and I opened 「Gate」back to the capital.

I took the riches that the bandits had there and put them in「Storage」, afterwards, I would hand them over to Lyon-san. Afterwards I used「Gravity」and crushed the hideout. It would be a problem if some other weirdoes took up residence here later.

When we returned to everyone else, almost all the materials had been selected. I brought out some bags and wrote Rebecca-san and Cecil-san’s names on them respectively and put them in 「Storage」. It would have been hard to walk around with that amount of materials.

We returned to the guild in the Capital and went to the Buying counter, and brought out the materials to be sold from 「Storage」and placed them on the counter. There was such a great amount that the man in charge of purchasing them was shocked.

While the amount was being negotiated, I took Rue back to Prim-sans place.

「I wish to register this girl with the guild. Ah, there should be a notification from the Empire」
「Aa, yes! It did come but…… Um, is it true that you suppressed the revolt in the Empire alone?」
「It’s not accurate that I did it alone but, it is true」
「Fuwaa-…. It’s true. 「Mood Read」’s owner is an amazing person……」

While Prim-san was standing nearby admiring me, a different guild employee gave Rue the explanation. After hearing what was said, apparently Rue is a 「Dual sword wielder」She may have developed a taste for it after watching Carol-san and tried to learn it. She has no magic attribute and can’t use any either.

「Now then please submit your guild card」

As Prim-san has asked, I presented the card. Then she stamped the card with a different stamp than usual.

「This is proof that this person subjugated an advanced level demon in the Empire. As proof of the advanced level demon subjugation, on behalf of the guild, I present the title of 「Demon killer」」

There was「Dragon slayer」and「Golem buster」and now 「Demon killer」huh? The number of titles has increased.

「With this, 3 titles have been acquired. And because of the recommendation from the Kingdom of Belfast and Regulus Empire, your rank has raised by one. Congratulations」
「Eh? Is that so?」

The guild card that had been return was now silver. Oo, it’s pretty. With having received those titles, in addition to getting that was difficult, having such a strong person as protector of the country, the guild had no problem rewarding it.

「Well, that’s amazing isn’t it!? It’s been 18 years since this country last had a silver ranked adventurer!」

……Is that so? That reminds me I’ve never seen anything posted in the gold or silver areas of the request board.

「When you become gold or silver ranks, requests are usually received directly from the guild」

Hahaa, so that’s it? If it’s a gold or silver rank request then the difficulty is quite high and the people that can actually do it is quite limited.

Rue who had finished registering, gladly shows me her black guild card.

I took Rue and went out into the courtyard, the assessment purchase had just ended. Rebecca-san and others were pleased at the unexpected income. Cecil-san, Julio-san and others were ecstatic as well. It’s because of the unexpected bonus.

My and Lyon-san’s portion had been set aside and given to us just as we had come out of the guild. Apparently the bandits had been handed over safely. Because of the prize he had to do it in private, but after that was accepted he was able to receive his portion without problems.

With the money from the materials, along with the reward money for the bandits. Lyon-san should have obtained enough money to fund his wedding right?

Oh yea, I want to give him something to congratulate his wedding. I should ask everyone later.

Smartphone Chapter 98
Smartphone Chapter 100 - Arc 14: Brunhild Dukedom

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