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Translator: Pingu
Editor/TLC: Darknari
Slave/Misc.Worker: Raizu

Chapter 63.

For the time being, as a basis I decided to earnestly gather information from the residents in the town.

[This is the town of Selva.]
[A strange face. Are you a traveler?]
[The mayor’s house is up ahead of this road.]
[Mmm, it’s troublesome, it’s troublesome.]
[Hello, Mr. Traveler. Have you already gone to Mr. Mayor’s house?]
[Ah, It’s troublesome.]

Surprisingly, about half of the residents of the town that were talked to were extraordinary interested in the mayor, and more than half of the residents that weren’t interested in the mayor were troubled.

“What kind of town is this?”

For the time being, I’ll visit the mayor’s house who has come out to be the most talked about.
Perhaps, the mayor might speak directly.

[It is said that father went to the old mansion that exists at the outskirts of town but he hasn’t come back after 2 days. Mr. Traveler, will you look for father?]

Why do you abruptly make another person who had came to visit the mayor to look for the mayor?
In the first place, what was with this daughter who leaves her father unattended for 2 days?

Maybe because I’m anxious about the thing that I had not become motivated about in games, that I’m actually strolling around to complete the [Errand Quest].
I could only say [Yes] or [No] in a game. In some cases, I had no choice but to select [OK] or [Yes].

For now, I’ll complete the [Errand Quest].
First of all, I went to the old mansion to look for the mayor. I arrived from the mayor’s house in only 10 minutes.
I had tried to enter the old mansion, but the door was locked and wouldn’t let me in.
When I went around the mansion, there was a silhouette of a person on the inside so I told them to open up, but there was no indication of a reaction.
I kicked the mansion door with all my might as an experiment, but there was no damage.
Because there was no helping it, I opened the lock of the door with 【Mental Force Magic】. (TL: use the force, Hibiki.) When I entered inside, the maid and butler at the entrance stood staring at the air without saying anything.
Just like a doll. No, probably it might be a doll.
It appears that the characters will not move because I haven’t entered the room with the normal route.
I began to search the mansion, but all the rooms were locked so I was stuck with using 【Mental Force Magic】 every single time.
Maybe about 15 minutes had passed since the search had started, though the person who seems to be the town mayor was found, this person said nothing as expected.

“Still, do I honestly have to look for the key of the mansion?”

I returned to the town reluctantly.
Then, the residents of the town had increased. Was this because the event progressed?

[Hey, were you able to meet with the mayor?]

First, I don’t think I’ve met you though?

[As for the key to the mansion, man A has the key.]

Who is man A? How do you know that I am looking for the key to the mansion?

[Ah, it’s troublesome, it’s troublesome.]

Be troubled for life.

[If it’s man A, it was said he was going to go to child B’s place.]

Therefore, who is child B!?

[Child B does not seem to get along with man A recently.]

So what!?

[Welcome, this is the town of Selva.]


When I was exhausted by repeating the back and forth arrangement, an injured man was sitting down on the edge of the road.

“Is this fellow an event character, too?”
“You, you can talk!?”

The reaction was amusing. No, should I say it was a proper reaction?
Apparently, this man was not a resident here, but was mostly likely an adventurer.

“Four days have passed since I was confined here. Monsters don’t come out nor is there a [Guardian]. Even if I went back to the top I would not last to the surface with this injury, I was at a loss.”

The man had lost his right arm. First aid seems to have been reliable, but has considerably weakened, but there was no danger to life.

“You, are you Sai?”

I revealed the name of the elder brother which I had heard from Yakuu.

“Why do you know my name?”
“I received a request to help you.”
“That can’t be, I don’t have such a friend that would be worried about me. If so, I would not have come alone to such a place as this.”
“If there is no companion who would worry, is there a family?”
“Could it be Yakuu!? That’s not possible. She doesn’t have such money.”
“Ah, therefore, it is necessary for you to pay the fare when we get out of here.”
“Did you receive it by a deferred payment!? I could have been dead long ago!?”
“At that time, that girl would pay with her body.”
“You bastard!?”

Sai glared at me with a furious face. (TL: I got rhinoceros for Sai, lol)

“There’s no problem if you’re that energetic. For the time being, have a potion and take a rest somewhere.”

Sai, who judged that it was a joke from my appearance, retracted his anger and received the potion.

“However, are you really siblings?”

Yakuu was a normal human. However, Sai had dog ears and a bushy tail.

“We are from the orphanage. Yakuu was a baby left on the same day when I was abandoned at the orphanage.”

Sai seemed to have become the elder brother of Yakuu on that day.
With Yakuu’s age, she might have already noticed that they were not true brother and sister.
Even so, she put out a request when she wanted to save her older brother.

“I see, your little sister was raised well.”
“You, if you lay your hands on Yakuu you’re not going to get away unscathed.”
“What are you saying about such a brat?”

Sai was made to shut up, and the information gathering for the lower layer capture was restarted.

[Welcome, this is the town of Selva.]
[Welcome, this is the town of Selva.]

I pointed a sword to the detestable doll in the shape of a woman who would not have an important role.
I did not use my favorite sword as a precaution.
To become useless by such an experiment would be a problem.

The doll’s right arm from the elbow was chopped off with the sword. I heard a *shaa* sound, and from the severed surface something like blood flowed out in large quantities.

[Welcome, this is the town of Selva.]

The ringleader that had an arm chopped off repeated the same words as if nothing had happened.

“As I thought, won’t the destruction prevention magic start?”

I grimaced slightly at the blood-like thing which gushed out, this alone there will never be a time I’ll grow accustomed to it.
In this town, there was a mixture of two kinds of structures, non-destructive and ordinary structures.
The [Mayor] who was in the mansion was treated as a non-destructive structure. I was certain because I tested it out carefully.
Because I confirmed what I wanted, I decided to start the lower layer capture.
The method…

<<M’lord, our part of the preparations art complete. We has’t most assuredly hath left the town.>> (EN: Zir talking through a whisper ghost)
“Alright, then I’ll start.”

I covered the whole town with a soft breeze. Because of the considerable scale, I raised the wind slowly.
When the wind grew to some degree, the fire was set. Similarly, I spent time bringing it up.
*Rumble* the flames burned brightly and engulfed the peaceful town.

Even though I set such a big town on fire, not one scream or angered voice was heard.
In such a state the arranged activity was repeated.
Indeed, it just might be a suitable end for the town of dolls.

I waited slowly while adjusting the wind so the flame wouldn’t spread outside of the town.
About 2 hours should have passed.
In that place, sporadic buildings and people, which were entirely unaltered from before the fire was set, had remained.

“Yeah, it became slightly better with this.”

We did not do such an absurdity from the beginning, either. For about 6 hours after finding Sai, I seriously went along with the [Errand Quest].
And yet, the first objective with the [Mayor] still could not be met, even the key to enter the mansion wasn’t found.
It was the same as the middle layer, solving the problem wasn’t difficult but finding the problem was.
There were a lot of irrelevant mob characters and buildings to the quest.
Evidently, the buildings that were set on fire and have retained their original form was about 30%.
Because the fire was completely out, I called back Ayla and everyone who was taking shelter and the capture was resumed.
First of all, I gathered the [Important Characters] that were burnt out of their homes into one place.
Next, I broke into the buildings which remained unburnt and stabbed the characters who survived in the building and sorted out the important characters.
In addition, I went around to pick up the non-destructive items which were in the houses.

Number of non-destructive characters ・・・68 people.
Non-destructive buildings・・・23 houses.
Non-destructive items・・・13 pieces.

When I had finished collecting everything, the names of the people and items were examined with a status check.
Each story was heard, and the related things each one needed was collected.
I had digested the [Errand Quest] like routine work and finally got the [Key to the Mansion] in hand.
When the key opened the mansion and I entered, the maid and butler at the entrance spoke with a smile towards me.

“”Welcome, thank you for coming. How may we help you?””

Somehow, it seems that the story has finally started.

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[As for the key to the mansion, man A has the key.]
Who is man A? How do you know that I am looking for the key to the mansion?
[Ah, it’s troublesome, it’s troublesome.]
Be troubled for life.
[If it’s man A, it was said he was going to go to child B’s place.]
Therefore, who is child B!?
[Child B does not seem to get along with man A recently.]
So what!?
[Welcome, this is the town of Selva.]

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