Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Blood 34

Not so much a “murder mystery tour” but a “mystery mass murder tour”.

Blood 34 – Not so much war, as terrorism

After several days of the mass murder tour together with goshujin-sama, it was finally over. I’m worn out. All I want to do right now is sleep. During the tour I wasn’t able to sleep even once in the end.

I was suddenly taken away without the least explanation, spending every day conducting raids on the positions of some organisation from somewhere, just doing what I was told. At first I didn’t even know what kind of organisation it was – not even that. Well, I don’t know what that says about me who would just readily raid places as told without any explanation though. Part-way through I found out that it was an organisation of elves and their collaborators, after which I became more proactive about it.

However, despite not having explained such a fundamental point she gave me all these detailed instructions when on-site, giving me dos and don’ts. Like, at this position kill everyone without letting a single one escape. Or like, just let this one person escape. Or like, don’t let any unrelated humans witness it. For all that, all goshujin-sama did was deliver me on-site, and apart from that she didn’t even lift a finger to help. My status values might have risen but I’m too worn out to care.

I’m sure that she wouldn’t have explained even if I’d asked anyway, but I’m sure there was some reason behind those detailed instructions as well. Since this is goshujin-sama we’re talking about, I’m sure the reason would be something inconceivable to me but I wish she would explain things a bit more. Like, desperately.

While it feels like we went to all sorts of places, it’s not like I was able to do some leisurely sightseeing or anything. We arrived by teleportation, then went to a restaurant, then made a raid on the elf position. That was all each time. When one place was done we immediately teleported to the next place. Despite having the chance to come to some unfamiliar lands, why is it that the only sightseeing-like activity was food? I also find it dubious that having food every time was the only thing she wouldn’t miss out on.

Thanks to that I got stuck with having to accompany her despite my stomach being full. I wonder how many times I’ve eaten in a single day? I gained some skill called Overeating anyway. Maybe it’s just my imagination but the girth of my stomach is a bit…… Let’s cut down on the size of my meals for a while.

While thinking such things, I headed for my private room at the Demon King’s Castle. After I graduated from the academy, I was granted a private room within the Demon King’s Castle. I somehow feel like my place of refuge has been taken from me. While heading down a corridor towards that private room, I unexpectedly met Felmina.

「Oh my?」

Well, putting aside meeting with her, I wonder if she’s okay? It seems like there’s heavy shadows under her eyes at least, and her skin tone is obviously pale you know. Her back is still straight though, so I wonder if that’s her dignity as an ex-noble. While her physical condition is obviously poor, I wonder if I should admire her resolute manner despite her being an enemy, or something?

「Hey, are you okay?」
「That is no concern of yours.」

Here I am taking this rare chance to show concern for her, and she flatly refused me. However, somehow there was a lack of bite in her tone you know.

「Instead of acting tough, why not get some rest?」
「I will rest when I can. Unlike a certain someone, I shall not do something so irresponsible like disappearing during such a hectic time.」

That “certain someone”, is perhaps referring to goshujin-sama? Or instead, does she mean me?

「Is that, about goshujin-sama? Or me instead?」
「Both of you.」

She declared that with a resentful tone. Well, of course. The general who should be dealing with the aftermath of the war vanished after all. That responsibility was then entirely shifted onto Felmina.

「Where have you been until now?」
「Goshujin-sama took me out, to various places.」

I’m not particularly trying to dodge the issue, as she really did take me out to all sorts of places, not that I have any idea where those places were though. Perhaps Felmina also sensed that I was at a loss, since she didn’t probe deeply.

「Since you have returned, that means goshujin-sama has also returned, right?」
「Yes. She should have.」
「Very well. If you happen to catch sight of goshujin-sama, please tell her to come to the office immediately.」

After breathing a deep sigh, a truly deep sigh, Felmina began to walk off. Seeing her back, I unconsciously called out to her.

「Shall I help?」

Though I said it, I surprised myself. Even though I might be about to collapse, I never expected that I would actually offer to help this girl on my own accord. I guess I’m just that worn out myself. I’m undoubtedly so worn out that I’m unable to make normal decisions huh. That’s right, that’s got to be it.

「Are you quite sane?」

See. Even Felmina is doubting my sanity now. 

「Oh my? There I was speaking in good faith you know. You’re so cruel.」
「I am shocked that you even have the concept of good will.」

She really is cruel. Did she have to put it like that?

「Either way, I am fine. I have absolutely no need for the help of someone entirely lacking in competence, with the exception of fighting or being fawned over by men.」

She really, really is cruel! As I thought, I definitely hate her.

「Okay, fine. Then, do your best to overwork yourself to death.」

If we continue this conversation any further it’ll just make us both feel worse anyway, so I’ll take my leave already. I somehow feel that I’m excessively worn out.

The next day, I heard that Felmina really had collapsed from overwork, but it’s not my fault okay. Goshujin-sama is at fault for pushing all the work onto her. It seems that goshujin-sama had to take over from the collapsed Felmina and worked while crying like a baby, but, you reap what you sow you know.

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Nhat Hoang

Been a while since we see Nai wa~~


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