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Chapter 84: Former Hero – Disciplines the Child

The following morning, I (who was hungrier than usual) ate twice the amount of my usual breakfast.

This morning had nicely served rice.

Usually, loaves of bread were served with breakfast, according to the general custom. Did the serving of rice have anything to do with the guilt of denying me supper yesterday? Mina was being a kind girl, as usual.

By the way, it’s not like I especially love rice.

It’s just that, since I was loved by Mina this much, I couldn’t help but to be the most willing man on the planet.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty normal morning.

If I think about it again, it’s been repeating for a while now.

I’ve been in this world for almost a year now. . . Or perhaps less.

I didn’t even expect that when I first became the hero of Andarugia, I would be. . . No, being able to live together with these girls. I’m glad that I got sent to a different world.

And for your information, my birthday is just around the corner. . . .

Birthday, huh?

Actually, I’m not really sure about it myself.

In fact, I had someone else temporarily decide when my birthday was.

Though, I have no particular fondness toward that certain day.

Even when celebrated, all I got was mostly only sweets or cakes.

Then, how about a birthday in this world?

Do the people here also celebrate it?

If so, I might have to make preparations when it comes to everyone else’s birthday.

I better ask about this to others who might know.

Since I don’t have one myself.

[Ne, Haruto. Does this look okay?] (Rithinia)

While I was submerged in my own thoughts, suddenly Rithinia called me out.

Oops, my bad.

I was in the middle of teaching Rithinia magic.

[Aah, sorry. I was wondering about something.] (Haruto)
[Mou. . . Please pay more attention.] (Rithinia)

Saying so while puffing out her cheeks, the sulking Rithinia gave an appearance of a lovely youth.

Well, no matter how you look at it, I was the only one sitting here, aside from her.

At the moment, Rithinia was practising the magic to produce water.

Other than that, I had also taught her how to stabilize fire magic before.

However, some time ago, she realized that she couldn’t grasp imagining fire producing magic, and so she decided to switch to water magic.

By the way, for some reason, when the ladies are practising magic, they always wear shrine maiden clothes.

On the side, when I asked about the shrine maiden outfit, it’s the kind “used as formal wear during a ritual for Gods” because (in my opinion), it is due to the belief that it’s “recognized by Gods and may help in mental concentration”.

All in all, it was just a sad excuse to see everyone dressed in shrine maiden outfits once in awhile.

That “feeling pleased already by seeing women dressed in that outfit, such a man is. . . “, remark by Laurier isn’t easily forgotten.

That girl, what is with that strangely sharp erotic tsukkomi?

Because there were only four shrine maiden outfits available, Celes and Tanya don’t usually wear one.

I should have had the shop {Jack of all Trades} in Malt prepare more.

However, after I obtained the other costumes, all that was left in my wallet was a bunch of moths. . .

Even when I get to Anhel, I’ll be looking for the same kind of store. Therefore, it has become necessary to get more money from requests in the Adventurer’s Guild.

It’s been a long time since my wallet was this light. However, considering the cause of it. . . .

Due to the travel expenses that has nearly left me broke, the money is now managed by the Marquis.

Perhaps, I might be the most poor. . . .
Or, unless I show some resourcefulness. . . !

[Haruto-kun!!] (Rithinia)


As I was thinking again, Rithinia’s angry face was in front of my eyes.

With her eyes looking up, I am looking down upon a large chest.
And a clear gap of the shrine maiden’s erotic collar.

This is the God of the Three Sacred Treasures.
Also, a horrible snob of a God.

What am I saying?

[S-sorry. . . . .] (Haruto)

Not good.
Somehow, recently I haven’t been able to concentrate.

Ever since coming to the world, I’ve run into Laurier and little mustache Asmodian, and came into a fight against a Golem in a labyrinth. Probably because of that, life is now far more laid-back for the hero of the current era, which might have gone missing.

And, taking care again, I try to concentrate on giving guidance to Rithinia.

[So, you’re still unable to grasp the image of water?] (Rithinia)
[No, this is perhaps too much. . . ] (Rithinia)

Toward my question, Rithinia is showing a pouting expression. She is obviously dejected.

[This. . . When I tried to touch the water with my hand to feel it, the image is only so-so] (Rithinia)

From Rithinia’s hand, there is water running into a bucket.

While splashing water around, Rithinia is getting depressed.

Uhh, what should I do with this?

First, the practice for manipulating water, is having a bad result.

I haven’t taught the others water magic yet.

After everyone is finished working on fire magic, I will have them start working on water magic. If by then Rithinia is still unable to do it at that time, there will be quite an awkward feeling then.

But still, this is related to the talent of the people themselves.

It’s not like Rithinia isn’t talented with magic. There is just always something someone can’t do, no matter what.

Well, this is too early to give up.

We should try various things to help.

[Let’s see. . . . Hmmm. . . .] (Haruto)
[Haruto-kun, what’s the matter?] (Rithinia)
[Well. . . .] (Haruto)

What should I say?

Aah. . . how about getting thrown into a pool, and then telling her she might die if she is unable to manipulate the water! Though, it’s something that only appears in hot-blooded mangas.

I was told that by the Royal Magician who taught me magic, though.

[Well, let’s try to do image practice inside a pool filled with water.] (Haruto)

Of course, it’s unreasonable to throw Rithinia into such a situation.

However, entering a pool seems to be effective.

[Pool. . . Eh. I see. But, it might be a little hard to practice.] (Rithinia)
[Yeah, I know. Although I can make it something like taking a bath, we might catch a cold if we enter a cold water bath at this moment.] (Haruto)

Rithinia understands from my explanation.

Even though the day is quite warm, with all the sunshine, the cold water might still be pretty harsh.

[Is. . . Will it be effective if we do it in a hot water bath?] (Rithinia)

Rithinia, who is thinking about something, gave me a suggestion.

Hot water, eh?

I see. . . Hot water. That kind of idea didn’t cross my mind.

However, in this case, it seems I need to be able to manipulate hot water. . .

Nn? What is it like? Maybe it is similar?

Oh well.

Let’s try it for the time being.

[That’s interesting. Instead of cold water, using hot water might be good.] (Haruto)

Although I can cast water, I’ve never tried to make hot water.

When I want to make hot water, usually I warm the water using fire magic.

If, from the beginning I can produce hot water, the baths during travel are gonna be easier.

I will practice it secretly.

[Even though it’ll burden Haruto-kun to make the bath now, is it still possible to practice tonight?] (Rithinia)

Rithinia, raising my motivation.

Now that I think about it, it’ll be the first bathing with Celes if I make the bath for tonight.

Don’t tell me that I’ll be left out again. . . That’s not gonna happen, right?


We’ll be reaching Anhel in the afternoon.

On the way, when we’re encountering monsters in the field, Sharon and Rithinia deal with them.

We leave everything to Rithinia’s taijutsu and Sharon’s fencing/kenjutsu. No matter where we saw them, we progressed smoothly.

Sharon is starting to move well, like her Master.

As for the body strengthening, Rithinia is much better than Sharon.

As expected, the problem is not because of her talent for magic.

If I learned more about the issue, I might be able to make some methods for helping her learn.

During the night.

When everyone is busy preparing supper, I am preparing the bath.

As per usual, I poured water into it, but the differences now are at the edge part of the bathtub. I create chairs now to make it possible to sit.

Also, to make it comfortable for the human body, I consciously made some gentle curves. My consideration is pretty good.

Recently, I’m enjoying this kind of work.

Eventually, the design of the bathtub. . . Would it be possible to produce it by using magic?

Magic is pretty complicated.

Let’s discuss with Celes if it’s possible to do or not.

Nn? Am I a bath craftsman?

. . . . . . After a little while, the usual bath is completed.

[Haruto-kun. Is it done yet? Thanks for your hard work.] (Rithinia)

When I’m confirming the heat of the water with my hand, Rithinia gave her appreciation from behind my back.

[Yeah, the temperature is just right.] (Haruto)

When I’m turning around, Rithinia, who has wrapped herself with a bath towel, peeped out from behind the blockade.

That kind of outfit, of course, is on purpose for training magic with me.

Behind the bath towel, there is two big seductive swellings.

However, this time, I’m back to myself.

[Rithinia-sama. . . Why are you wearing that kind of outfit?] (Haruto)
[Eeh?] (Rithinia)

Towards my sudden objection, Rithinia flinched.

It’s definitely gonna be taken off when soaking in the bathtub. Of course that’s why she has that kind of outfit.

However, I continue.

[Rithinia-sama. This is not for bathing, but for magic training. That is why, you should wear the miko outfit, right?] (Haruto)
[Eh? The shaman, miko outfit? Etto. . . R-right. . I guess?] (Rithinia)

With my emphasis on dignity, the confused Rithinia gave her consent.

[E. . . Etto. . T-Then I’ll get changed, please wait.] (Rithinia)
[Yes.] (Haruto)

Rithinia obediently followed my order, and she returned to the Kurato quickly.

I’ll take off my clothes while waiting.

After a few minutes, Rithinia, while wearing a miko outfit, appears.

[Forgive me for making you wait. . . Tte, Haruto-kun has already undressed.] (Rithinia)
With the evening sun on my back, Rithinia said that while she saw me already in my trunks.

Looks like I’m not ‘full of spirit’ yet.

[Then, let’s start and bask ourselves in the hot water first.] (Haruto)
[Y,yes. Please take care of me.] (Rithinia)

Leaving aside Rithinia’s tsukkomi, the magic training began.

Rithinia placed her knees on the washing place that I prepared beforehand, and the hot water poured from the bucket to her head.

Oo. . . Wonderful!

The how water made the miko outfit stick onto Rithinia’s body, and her curves started to show through.

Apart from the red parts, through the white part, it became transparent, and shows the skin underneath.

Moreover, the shape of her two hills can be perceived well.
Uwaa. . . What the hell is this.

What should I do with this.

The eroticism is different compared to when she is naked.

This, let’s not make only Rithinia, but let’s have everyone else do it too. . .

No, let’s just enjoy the body line of Rithinia for the time being.

Eh? Why are we here again?

[Even after bathing in the hot water, I’m unable to grasp anything. Can I submerge myself as well?] (Rithinia)

Rithinia asked me while turning around.

That’s right. The magic training.

[A,alright. It’s become cold, so let’s go ahead.] (Haruto)

Rithinia and I are soaking in the bathtub.

Of course, I’m taking off my trunks.

[Then, try to yield yourself completely to the hot water. Please imagine yourself combining with it.] (Haruto)
[I understand. Hot water. . . In general. . . ] (Rithinia)

Under my guidance, Rithinia shut her eyes and muttered while floating in the bathtub.

Because Rithinia is wearing a shrine maiden outfit, I sat on the chair in the bathtub so I won’t sink, while holding her back and supporting her.

Before long, it became quiet due to her full concentration.

Only her face was above the surface of the hot water. . . No, not only the face. . .

Unexpectedly, there is something like islands elevated. . .

What a scene.

Her breasts are floating in the hot water.

No, the main reason is because I am supporting her body.

However, that’s awesome.

Although she’s not naked, it’s become this lewd.

My feelings are making me want to pinch the tip.


No, it’s not good.

We’re training right now.

It’ll give a bad example to everyone.

I renew my purpose here once again.

Even though I said it to myself, why is there a lack of persuasiveness in it?

But, I’ll endure it.

Without disturbing Rithinia’s concentration, I endure quietly.

[Ano. . . Haruto-kun? Well, how should I say it. . . On my back. . . ] (Rithinia)

When my mental state became clear again, Rithinia has already opened her eyes while blushing, and her body is nervously fidgeting around.

Oops, this guy can’t do it.

There is one wild kid which doesn’t have endurance.

No, wouldn’t it be better to call it a raging kid? Just kidding.

[Good grief. . . With its condition pressing on my back like this, it’s impossible to maintain concentration. Maa, although I understand why it became like this.] (Rithinia)
[So, sorry.] (Haruto)

Rithinia rose up from the water, and then goes and sits on the opposite end of the bath.

Criticized by Rithinia, I apologized and sit in dogeza.

[. . . .Therefore, why don’t we calm down the kid first?] (Rithina)

In my direction, Rithinia is approaching quietly.

And then, she started to gently discipline the raging kid.

Aaa. . . Rithinia’s magic training is not advancing at all.

No, I’m really sorry.

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