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Chapter 64

“I am the butler left to manage this mansion.”

“Likewise I am the housemaid.”

This place seems to have the setting called the Deceased Aristocrat’s Mansion.

The vindictive spirit of a noble who had died a regretful death came out to wander every night, it was that sort of setting.

“The town mayor was on a friendly terms with the noble during his lifetime, he was grieved in the heart about the strangeness in this mansion.”

I stood dazed in the interior of the spacious room.

“U, u, gaa~~”

Suddenly, the housemaid attacked me.

The knife which was aggressive unlike the knives for household use was gripped in the maid’s hand.

“Yo~, to.”

I quickly evaded it and it was blown off by my sheathed sword. All the same, it was unpleasant to make a bloody entrance.

“Hey, hey, are you ok!?”

“Th-this!? The hell!?”

Sai approached me while worried. I informed him that I was safe, and asked for help to tie up the maid.

Though the butler acted surprised, it was transparent.

This fellow also had a knife in his breast pocket.

Why do I know such a thing?

That is, when I entered the mansion the first time, I frisked the doll.

In truth, I was going to take away the knife, but it was fixed with non-destructive magic so it was impossible.

Therefore, I expected to some degree of being attack by the housemaid.

It was correct to also do a full pat-down on the maid-san.

She was the owner of a considerable threat (bust).

“Haha, a most wondrous manner, to beest truly suffering as a sir.”

“Don’t you want to confirm the feeling? Do you also often touch the body of Ruby?”


I advanced ahead while not being discouraged by the cold eyes from the women camp.

The butler who regained his composure with surprising swiftness guided us.

“The town mayor should have came here. However, it is locked and it is not possible to enter inside. The mayor had the key and he has been inside.”

I ignored the butler’s drawn-out trivial explanation on the setting, I prepared the indicated keys which were the [Important Items] which I collected in the town one by one.

The door made a *click* sound and opened when I turned the third indicated key around.

“Incidentally, it has been heard that there is a spare key in the town. However, I don’t know where it is.”

The butler still continued to speak his speech because he was in the middle of his explanation.

We proceeded beyond the door without caring about it.

“Zir, there might be a device that begins to move, please search the mansion again.”

“Yea, as was expected the dolls has’t begun to move. Thither art goblins in the room with the may’r. The way they hadst came out wast from the adjoining waiting room.”

When the room was opened, a large quantity of goblins would attack me. A standard trap.

“The [Guardian] tis beyond that room. This, is’t a Minotaur?”

For the time being, I went to the room where the mayor was.

I heard a voice and it seems that the butler was still besides the door.

“It is here.”

“Yea, thither shall beest swarms of goblins.”

The goblins who were inside all looked towards us at once when I opened the door.

Despite them being goblins, I will not finish unhurt if I’m attacked by this number.


“Well done. Is the work progressing?”

I called out to the goblins inside frankly.

“Gigi, gugi!”

The goblin who was slightly bigger than other guys approached. I confirmed the work progress from him. It seems to be a little bit more.

I have already met them once.

When I entered the mansion illegally, I found a hidden door when I checked this room carefully.

I had a ghost probe the inside of the door because that was the residence space of the goblins, that being the case I cooperated with Ruby and added all the members as subordinates.

There were 36 goblins in total, they were commanded to safeguard the room and they seemed to have been kept living in the adjoining residence space.

They might have been disgusted with such a life, they had easily acknowledged to become subordinates.

Therefore, I made them prepare to move before I left the mansion.

Amy, from the rear, had a slightly bad complexion. It might be because of the trauma caused by goblins.

She still reacts to strange goblins. (EN: as in strangers)

By the way, if it was the goblins in the village, I was familiar enough with them that I could distinguish them by face.

Particularly, the 3 goblin artists, I treated them as ceramic art apprentices.

The things which all goblins are good at seemed to be different.

“Pl-please help me!! I’m being surrounded by goblins!!”

From the depths of the room, I heard the mayor’s voice.

Perhaps, when the door was opened and the state of the mansion had activated the event might have been generated.

The mayor’s impassioned performance resounded silently in vain.

I ignored the mayor and met the end condition of this room.

The condition was [The goblins are gone from the mayor’s view] so I blind-folded the town mayor quietly.

I had the goblins here teach me this.


“Thanks, I’ve been saved.”

Apparently, it seems that I was able to fulfill the end condition well. The stairs appeared near the mayor.

“The hell, what are you?”

Sai had a face that showed he had seen an unbelievable thing here.

“I’m just a ordinary adventurer.”

I moved the blindfolded doll uncle, that kept saying thanks with pleasure, and with everyone went down the stairs which had appeared.

Incidentally, the butler did not attack me.

Maybe the scenario which he attacked me was at the time when the first door was opened with the key.

When I went down the stairs, I arrived at a open space with barred rock surfaces.

I recognized again that this here was a labyrinth.

In the depths of the open space, when I confirmed the Minotaur’s status who was the lower layer [Guardian]…

Minotaur Lv.40


【Self-regeneration】 ★★★

The damage to the body and the decreased health was recovered.


Able to give protection to a target. In addition, it can grasp the target’s state.

Present target → Hidden Stairs

The upper limit of the target that can be protected depends on the level.

It showed itself here, the strongest enemy had appeared.

Lv.40 was the same as Evin, but the minotaur should probably stress physical attacks.

It would recover even if it received a little damage because of its skill.

Is the skill 【Guardian】 a required skill of a boss monster?

Because it was possible to confirm it with the status, that there were hidden stairs was leaked.

Apparently, it doesn’t seem to attack us immediately even if we just came down the stairs.

Because it was just right, I began a strategy meeting with the new goblin companions.

I got ready and approached the Minotaur.


The Minotaur plunged in full of motivation. It lifted the huge battle axe in its hands easily and aimed towards me.

About your determination, I am sorry, but this wasn’t the place to honestly confront that fellow.

I issue instructions to the labyrinth goblins at once.

“Large crossbow corps, ready!!”

It was a [Weapon] used to attack in sieges the so called ballista.

Already, the 10 handheld personal weapons that boasted of offensive power were arranged in a line. (EN: so these are probably scorpions which are portable ballistae)

“Target, frontward minotaur. Odd corps, release!!”

Five long, large arrows were shot by my command.


The big body, approximately 3m in stature, caught the arrows and was blown off backwards.

The arrows, that were around 1m and similar to a spear, pierced deeply into the minotaur’s whole body.

One arrow was sticking out through the pierced right eye, and the arrow was unhesitantly pulled out.

The wound where it was extracted from emitted smoke and was closed like crazy.

By the way, this ballista. It was something that was produced in the goblins’ village.

Originally, I let them make it to defend the village, but because of the good workmanship I was going to try to sell it in town.

However, once I noticed the size of the goblins I gave up on selling it and had Ruby store it, so it’s somewhat useful for this maze capture.

“Odd corps, reload!! Even corps, ready to fire!! Release!!”

The second relay was shot and the minotaur’s posture was destroyed.


When 10 shots had been fired, the regeneration speed of the minotaur declined.

At the beginning, the lost body parts were regenerated instantly, but now the restoration is a mere shadow of its former self.

It was already pierced throughout its body and it didn’t have any energy to pull the arrows out either, it collapsed and stopped moving.

Apparently, 【Self-regeneration】 seemed to cure health and wounds by using MP.

Now, Minotaur’s magical power was nearly empty.

Probably the health that remained will run out if it received one more attack.

I urged it to become a subordinate in that state. It appeared absurd, but the minotaurs were a tribe that followed strong individuals.

If it was defeated with any method, it will follow the victor. However, it was extremely difficult to weaken it here without killing the minotaur.

Sai couldn’t believe that such a minotaur was knocked down by goblins even though they had such numbers.

The goblins in the rear also seemed to be excited because they were able to overcome the minotaur.

Originally, these goblins seemed to have settled down in the upper layer, but the orcs, which were their natural enemy and also their rival, appeared there and defeated them in a struggle for existence.

Then, they found Selva the master of the labyrinth, they seemed to have kept protecting the mayor’s room in the lower layer.

Because those guys, who didn’t have confidence, could knock down a minotaur, who was at a higher rank, with their own strength, it was impossible for them not to be happy.

The open space was filled with the merry noise of excited goblins.


The minotaur let out one feeble cry and lowered its head. With this, the war potential considerably increased.

Especially, my being able to use 【Self-regeneration】 was huge.

From what I saw from the minotaur’s wound recovery, it was almost immortal if a steady supply of MP was received.

There were also gains in the labyrinth itself, Yakuu’s elder brother was also firmly found, it was a quite significant expedition.

I can leave the labyrinth in an instant if I climbed the hidden stairs which emerged after defeating the minotaur.

The exit of the stairs were connected one way to the entrance of the labyrinth.

In the olden days, it seemed to be so by the story of the adventurer who had cleared the labyrinth before. Well, the person in question seemed to have died already.

When I looked around the surroundings while thinking such a thing for some reason or another, I found that there was one door standing alone in the barred rock surface.

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My bet is on the dragon girl room mentioned few chapters back


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