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Chapter 65

“Why is there a door in such a place?”

I approached instinctively and steadily looked at the door.

“Master, what happened?”

“No, there is a door here.”

“Door, is it? Where is it?”

Amy looked around restlessly disregarding the door in front of her.

It’s rare for Amy to say a joke.

“Haha, that is an interesting joke. Isn’t in front of you?”

“……I’m terribly sorry, master. It seems that there is a door which isn’t visible to my eyes.”

Amy’s eyes seemed to be very sad. She seemed to really not see it.

“What went wrong? Aren’t you returning above ground?”

Everybody came over here in succession.

“There is a door, do you see it?”

All the members had the same answers of “I don’t see a door”.

Impossible, is it a door which only I can see?

It’s becoming scary, I grasped the doorknob.


“What, it was really there.”

“You can see the door!?”

“You, what did you do this time?”

Everybody had came to see it, too. However, aren’t Sai’s words terrible?

“However, what is this door?”

It seems to disappear to everyone when my hand separates from the doorknob.

I had asked Zir to check the other side of the door, but she said that it was just rock.

“Probably, the door is the work of magic. Is a person who passes through the door made to transfer somewhere?”

The stairs for the return have already appeared. In other words, this door was completely outside the norm.

“How should we do this?”

It was the labyrinth of a dragon here. The labyrinth that the dragon had prepared should be up to the lower layer.

In other words, this door may lead to the staff room.

Then, it could be said that a dragon may be ahead of this door.

The labyrinth, particularly the lower layer, has become tattered and they might resent that.

“Should I not go?”

The purpose of this labyrinth search was accomplished. It might not be necessary to brave a pointless risk, either.

Though I thought so…

“Is it safe to open the door and see the inside?”

If I can see ahead of this door and it seems to be dangerous, then I can just immediately close it.

I turned the doorknob slowly and look inside timidly.

“Welcome, to the [Management Layer]”

Inside was a beautiful girl in good tailored clothes. She looked young like in her early teens.

She beckoned me with a smile.

“Who are you?”

All members came to visit while carefully passing through the door.

“I am the master of this labyrinth, Selva the Scorching Dragon.”

Selva, if I remember correctly was the name at the entrance. However, I heard that this labyrinth was made 50 years ago.

The girl who introduced herself as Selva was too young.

When I directed a look of doubt, the female dragon nodded with a “uh-huh uh-huh”.

“That’s right, even if a young dragon like me is said to be the master of this labyrinth, I would not believe it. This labyrinth is the thing which I made at the age of around 160 years.”

If living conditions were to be put in order, a dragon’s lifespan slightly exceeds 1000 years.

Selva seems to be a rookie at the expected tender age of 220 years. As for the making of this labyrinth, the adults of the village seemed to have considerably helped with the set-up.

“Are there only 3 groups, including you, that have been able to capture the lower layer of this labyrinth?” (Darknari: I believe Selva is talking to herself here)

Selva had a little bit of a troubled face. She apparently seemed to be dissatisfied with the number of people that were able to capture it.

“You, for the first time in 40 years are the one that traversed and mastered this labyrinth dungeon.”

Selva expressed a joyful smile this time.

“That door is a transfer door which only appears when an adventurer who captured the lower layer has [Divine Protection].”

Divine protection could be succeeded from parent to child.

It seemed to be a measure to gather even a little bit of human beings with power.

“Usually when the lower layer is broken through I move that door from the lower layer, however you were quick to find the door so I have been waiting for you in the [Management Layer].”

If the human appeared to be promising, it seems they are invited to the [Management Layer] because of that she was laughing loudly at the time saved.

For some time her expression had been constantly changing.

The tension might have became strange at having visitors after a long absence.

“Then, I invite you to my mansion. Ah, slaves and monsters will be disposed of properly for my peace of mind.”

“Wait, what is with the disposal thing?”

“Hm? Well, because you will become my companion, right? I am self-aware that I’m a deeply jealous person even among my race. Do you think that I could possibly be able to bear it if there are other females near you during our newly married life?”

I’m already a companion for this fellow. My opinions don’t matter.

It was the exact way of thinking of an absolute dragon king.

Though I gave a dirty look, but she likely noticed. A motion of concession has been suggested.

“Do you hate it? Then, when the newly-married life ends, will similar fellows gather?”

She doesn’t change her intention of disposing of Alya and the others.

Apparently, she doesn’t seem to be able to allow me to smell of other females.

“I don’t have any intention to become your companion. I only came to this labyrinth to make money. ”

I informed Selva that I was not interested in her dragon body but just in the treasure.

“……Would you tell me your name?

No way, I didn’t think that she would ask my name with this flow.


“Is that so? Hibiki, I said a while ago that I’m jealous. You know that you are already an irreplaceable existence for me?”

Selva began to talk bit by bit with a dark face.

“After seeing you neutralize the griffon in the upper layer with a strange method and making it a subordinate, I considered what to do this time while being excited.”

“In the middle layer, I was surprised when after having gotten utterly lost in the labyrinth you had abruptly entered the [Guardian] room.”

“When the town in the lower layer was burnt, my stomach hurt from laughing too much. As for when the goblins betrayed me in the mansion the feeling of consent was stronger than anger. If I told you to become my friend, would you end up saying yes?”

“I saw you defeat the Minotaur here. When the door appeared, I felt it was [Fate].”

She had been talking for a long time. Meanwhile, we moved to a place considerably away from Selva.

While speaking, Selva’s body rapidly grew larger.

She who was a cute beautiful girl was already not there any longer.

Instead there appeared a dragon which had bright red scales.

[Dragons are a race that have strong monopolistic desires. Female dragons are especially very jealous. The number one cause of death for male dragons, who have no natural enemy, is supposedly being killed by a female dragon.]

“Say that earlier!?”

[Incidentally speaking female dragons seem to be stronger. There are various opinions for why this is, although it is likely that the tolerable amount of potential magic power is large for female dragons because a dragon may have the power of two bodies to conceive an egg.]

The information that wasn’t wonderful also became available. This damn [Book of wisdom], wasn’t it greatly talkative?

During this expedition, I carried the Book of Wisdom.

The height was just right for a pillow when sleeping out in the open, I noticed that it had became especially difficult to crawl in with a woman at night if there was this fellow.

Indeed, there was no girl who will still act while hearing this fellow’s voice.

The story has wandered. Did I escape from reality?

When I compiled the newly available information, originally, female dragons which are jealous are stronger than the males of the same race. Damn it, she saw my behavior in the labyrinth and was pleased with it, I have to decline from being her companion by all means.

Eh? Isn’t that the worst?

The information of that [Book of wisdom] fellow doesn’t lead to one positive information.

“Surely, if these fellows are gone, will you choose me? Hibiki?”

Selva mutters lines like a yandere and approached. (TL: death by snu snu)

The aim was to attack the others and not me.

This was bad, Ayla and the others can’t bear an attack from Selva.


If I don’t turn the interest of Selva to me.

I started running immediately and thrust the sword into Selva’s right forefoot.

I hear a *screech* sound and the tip of the sword slipped from the scales.

“Shit, no good!?”

“You must not disturb, Hibiki.”

While saying that, the thick log-like tail attacked me.

I moved to evade it immediately, but the tail refused to go away.

“U, gah!?”

I was blown off into a tailspin. It’s power had just grazed me.

Immediately, 【Self-regeneration】 was useful.

As it was a lot of magical power was taken to recover but I somehow managed to stand up.

“Eh? You put up quite well. I thought that you wouldn’t be able to move for a while.”

Selva said that slightly happily despite failing to bring me down.

My magical power will probably be used up in restoration if I receive about the same attack.

While Selva was preoccupied here, the goblins began the large cross bow preparations.

Ruby ran with Ayla towards me. If I can link up with Ruby, I can replenish with various potions.

The minotaur who recovered its health earlier with a potion faces Selva.

Though the minotaur wrestles with all its power and somehow managed to put Selva down, but Selva wasn’t daunted at all.

“You good for nothing hindrance.”

Selva just shaked her body a little and the minotaur was blown off.

“Well, who to begin with first?” (TL:talk like a psychopath)

Selva looked around the surroundings and confirmed the prey.

There, the large crossbow which had finished preparations launched an arrow to attack Selva.

“Yeah, the attack that defeated the minotaur. As expected, there is only force. I have to step back slightly.”

The arrows that hit Selva have the pointed ends of the arrowheads smashed. And the scales of Selva don’t have one wound.

“Gimme a break.”

Sai can’t follow this situation and muttered a few words, which was in everyone’s mind.

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[…] Chapter 65 […]


[…] Takami no Kago 65 […]


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If you’ve seen Tio, you’d probably retract that statement and ask for a normal female dragon…

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