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Kazuya stared at the pile of skillbooks being placed at his feet.
「Skills huh… I must decide on this before the day is over.」
「I believe there is no need to rush into deciding things. In addition, I have only purchased them temporarily」
「You purchased them temporarily, but the deadline for returning this stuff is today! Therefore, I must hurry…!」
Start of Kazuya’s POV
I had just contacted the librarian queen. “If it’s by today, I will accept the returns” with those words, the problem has been sorted out. During this period, although she was giving the you-are-also-in-deep-shit face; Izuna was used to it so I let it be.
The first thing to do right now is to decide on the necessary skills by today. All the other books will have to be returned…
If I don’t do that, money will be wasted.
Therefore, I am hurriedly looking at the front covers with the intent to choose some. However…

「…. I am unable to read the words of this world…」
I am able to speak it. However, I am unable to completely remember the letters/characters.
Therefore, which shall I choose? Frankly, I do not know.
「Ah, I see. I will keep you company. Which one do you want to read?」
「No… Which… Is it okay for you to accompany me?」
「 I don’t mind. The jobs for today has already finished」
「As usual, you are fast…」
However, Kazuya was really grateful.
As it is, Kazuya will be obtaining skills based purely on conjecture.

「Erm.. Well, for starters, what is this book about?」
The book that Kazuya held had a huge eye drawn onto it.
It was really thin. The book was only about 3 pages, so it’s probably better to say that it is an instruction book.
Izuna gave a bitter smile as she made her reply.
「Ah, that’s 『Analytical Eyes』. It is a simple skill whereby when one sees an object, the details will flow into their brain. Frankly, considering that it is something one can use magic to do; it’s unnecessary.」

「Hmm? Why is that?」

From what I had heard, it seems to be a very convenient skill.
「If you use the analysis magic, that’s the end. In addition, using analysis magic is really easy and anyone can memorize it. Therefore, at most, it can do nothing but translate the ancient language written in ancient books. Therefore, it’s a skill meant for hobbies」.
「Eh. Using it will allow me to become able to understand words?」
「Hmm? What? You have interest in it?」
「Ahh, If I have it, won’t I be able to read the words of this world?」
「Well, It’s true… However, it’s a delicate skill for hobbies? If you read any book, you will be able to obtain the skill. If you get that, you will become a gloomy pet, won’t you?」
It doesn’t matter, as long as I am able to understand the lettering. Right now, unless I ask Izuna and the family, I won’t understand. I don’t want to be in that situation as much as possible.
「Let me read this. If I am able to read words with just 3 pages, it will be good enough.」
「If you say so, it’s good… But…」
「Okay… I will read it now」
Speaking of which, Kazuya had opened the 『Analytical eye』
In that instant.

I felt my consciousness was being blown away. I had that kind of feeling.
…What the…
I am in a frozen state, where I was on top of a mountain of books with the book opened.
On the side, Izuna is also frozen.
However, right now the sight in front of me is nothing but words.
In a pure white space where there is nothing but words. The black words are the those of this world that I am unable to read.
That’s all to it.
Those words directly entered into my sight.
『What do you wish for?』
The words are carved into my brain.
『Do you wish for vision?』
The question that was asked seems to have entered my heart directly.
『Do you yearn for eyes that are able to discern everything?』
Therefore, I replied…
Within my heart…
Of my real intent…
『I wish for it; I wish for that vision』

「Ha-have you returned?」
When I had come back to my senses, there was Izuna’s face ( In front of me).

「I- I …」
「Umu, You seem to be able to use the skill book properly. Yoshi Yoshi」
Izuna gently caressed my head.
I was as though she was praising a kid who had done well.
「I will use them properly… however…」
「Hmm? It’s not much. There are cases where the consciousness of the user getting swallowed by the book if they do not have the aptitude or resistance. It’s a book that affects the heart. Therefore, it can be said as a side effect.」
「Oi. If that’s the case, isn’t this a relatively dangerous book?」
「No no, as long as you use it appropriately, it is not dangerous at all. Once in awhile, a king with insufficient powers gets sucked into the book. It’s okay. It’s okay. Basically, there is no danger at all.」
「So it’s very dangerous?!」
I desire to enjoy my comfortable pet life peacefully.
Why must I endure risks to my life?
「Well… Well, Isn’t it fine? Kazuya. It seems like you have properly obtained the skill, hasn’t it?」

「Eh? How do you know?」
「It’s here.」
And Izuna tapped on my nape.
「Ahh, my carved seal huh.」
Kazuya faced down and looked.
Just below his neck, he was able to see crest being added.
Kazuya for some reason, was able to read those crests.
Analytical Eye.
「Eh? Why am I able to read this? Analytical eye seems to be written here?」
「That’s so. 『Analytical Eye』 has been properly registered.」
I see. That’s the reason why.
「So I am able to read this world’s characters huh…」
「Ah, it’s all thanks to the skill book, Kazuya.」
「..Ng. No. I really just read the book. Just by opening the book, I am really able to memorize the skill huh…」
「Didn’t I say so in the first place?」
「…. Yeah. Thank you, Izuna. It’s really much appreciated.」
「Mu-Muuu. Yo-You staring at me and praising me directly, won’t I feel awkward?」

While saying that, Izuna, who had no trace of dislike on her face; pat on Kazuya’s shoulders.

「However, for you to gratefully accept I am happy… Kazuya」
On top of that, she clung onto Kazuya’s shoulder.
「Ah, I am happy as well… During the time when we go out shopping, I am now able to read the explanation of the items. So things such as, 『I will leave it to you』 will not be said anymore; and we will be able to stop wastage.」
「The thing that you are happy about… Is that?!」
While clinging onto his shoulders; Izuna hung her head, tilting her upper body.
「Gan*Shock*… I am really happy for you…」

“Her way of feeling down is also very cute” Kazuya thought as he caresses her head.
「Ahh, I am sorry Izuna. I have misspoken… I am really happy to be able to read the same words, and understand things together with Izuna. 」
With this we have a subject in common, since something like that is certainly possible.
When Kazuya said that, Izuna who was clinging on his shoulders brightened.
「U..Un! If it’s that, I have the same opinion as well! Let’s look at more things, looking at similar stuff, having more conversations; my buddy.」
「Ah. Let’s do so.」
With that, Kazuya and Izuna begun to chatter and went on classifying skills.

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