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Chapter 66.

You might say that this situation is hopeless. However, I will be killed if I give up.

While I was confirming the status of Selva, Ayla and Ruby once again commenced their attack on Selva together.

Selva Drakelord

Scorching Dragon Lv.55 220 years old


【Scales of the Scorching Dragon】

The scales reduce all attacks.

This is especially the case for magic in the flame family that the scorching dragon rules over, which is useless against it.

【Fang of the Scorching Dragon】

Fangs that crush everything, even steel becomes food for the Scorching Dragon.

【Wings of the Scorching Dragon】

The Scorching Dragon’s flight is in short beautiful.


Even the format of the explanation is myth-like.

And, what is etc!? Is it electronic fee collection system!?

There is no time to be discouraged at the big difference in treatment and levels, so I approach Selva.

Firstly, Ruby the raid commanding officer rushed to attack.

Ruby’s predation attack that always captured the enemy’s whole body only managed to capture the left forefoot.

Though it tried hard to slurp and dissolve Selva’s scales, it would regenerate after melting a little. After repeating it over again, it seems it can’t be expected for there to be an effect more than restraining the left foot.

“What is this? A slime? As if a slime could be a hindrance to me!!”

Selva shakes her body like that time she threw off the minotaur.

However, Ruby changes its body viscosity to be flexible to elude the attack.

It is difficult to approach because Selva, who did not have things go as she wanted, began to rampage and throw a tantrum like a child.

“Here I go!!”

Ayla plunges into such a place.

She drew closer with a speed that the eye couldn’t see and she repelled the forthcoming right forefoot back with the 【Hand of Protection】.

She seems to have invoked 【Impact Reflection】.

In addition, the left forefoot was not able to move freely, and because the right forefoot was flicked off, Selva’s posture broke and she pitches forward.

The minotaur promptly begins to suppress her by pinning her down. I used earth magic to cover Selva’s body to seal her movements a little.

“T-this!! I won’t receive damage from such an attack!!”

Exactly as Selva stated she will not sustain damage. 【Scales of the Scorching Dragon】 will also be effective for physical attacks.

I approach and also touch Selva’s body. Because this restriction will not last too long, I set up the trick.


I finish with the trick and immediately the restriction was dispelled.

The only restriction is Ruby on the left forefoot.

<<Master, forsooth thither is almost no damage even if tis done hither.>>

Zir’s voice was heard from the whisper ghost.

The cooperation until just now was from Jill’s helpful directions.

I placed several ghosts around Selva and was able to perform a precise attack because she always reported the situation.

“For now, the trick was readied on Selva’s scales. Please give the order to Ruby to prepare [that]. I will drive it into a good position after letting it weaken a little.”


I finish communication with Zir, and begin to approach Selva to help Ruby.

Selva inhaled in a big breath motion.

“This is bad!?”

It is the too famous attack method of a dragon. The [Breath].

Selva who had finished inhaling turned to the area where Zir and Amy are.


Scorching flame is emitted from Selva’s mouth. The flame hits the [ground] that appears in front, bounces back and burns Selva’s own body.

“Whoa, what is this!? What is happening!?”

After all, it seems she will not be damaged from her own flame.

Speaking of the thing I did, I put magic power in [a certain book].

The certain book was the [Book of Summoning]. When I approached Selva before, I pressed the book onto her and attached the mark.

In other words, to the place where Selva was, she was [Summoned] by slightly shifting the coordinates and angles.

This time, I moved her about 50m from her original place and [summoned] her in a posture with her face towards the ground.

“This, this time!!”

I reconfirm the position of Zir and Amy, and [re-summon] Selva, who was going to vomit breath there again, approximately 30m away from that place.

“Shit, this again!?”

*Bam* Selva made a terrible sound when she collided with the ground.

Even if I can’t cut her with a sword because of the scales, I want to believe that the impact influences her somewhat internally.

I perform a third [Summon] before Selva fixes her posture.

“Don’t think that the same move will pass many times!!”

When she was deposited in a place far from the ground like the previous [Summon], Selva extends her wings in the air to try to fix her posture in the air.

At that instant the large crossbow corps aimed at the left and right wings and hit them.

Though the scales repelled arrows, as expected they could pierce the thin membrane.


The pain of the piercing was perhaps not that much. However, she was flung against the ground as her posture collapsed.


Somehow, the damage seems to have spread internally as well.

Selva stands up while grimacing in pain.

But, Ruby is already waiting there.

It wraps up both of her forefeet immediately and seals her movement.

At the same time, Ayla and I hurled a large quantity of phials at Selva.

“Whoa, pfft. What is this? Liquor!?”

An anti-dragon trump card, it is [high-purity ethanol alcohol].

[Dragon], the appearance is that of a body as big as a dinosaur and membrane wings like a bat.

If it’s body is close to a reptile structure, it could be a [poikilotherm]. Furthermore, reptiles have a good sense of smell. (Darknari: poikilotherm is a creature whose internal temperature varies considerably, commonly known as cold-blooded)

Ethanol can carry out a simultaneous attack of an irritating odor and dropping the body temperature due to high volatility, these were two features that were deemed effective. (TL: check, feel like author making up shit to sound smart…..) (Darknari: it seems possible check this link for more info)

I assumed that there would be a battle against a dragon because I was going to a labyrinth which a dragon controls so I prepared for it, but there wasn’t anything decent.

As for saying that, it is because the said dragon is a recognition that an ordinary adventure couldn’t easily bring down.

It is heros or a country’s army that could subdue a dragon.

A dragon is something like a natural disaster such as a typhoon for adventurers.

[Escape if you encounter a dragon. Give up if it is impossible.]

This was the mental attitude I had when I challenged this game labyrinth.

It seems that it is a custom of adventurers in Welburg to propose a challenge to the dungeon virgin adventurers as a test of courage. (Darknari: raws literally said dungeon virgin)

Inevitably, a large amount of liquor was turned into the highest degree of purity with Amy’s 【Refinement】 from the liquor bought from town.

“Goa, Gwuuu?”

Her vigor disappeared a little while ago. Rather, instead of suffering, she seems to be drunk.

That’s remind me, I have a feeling that there was a story about a dragon, either from the Orient or a Western dragon, that was easily subdued when it was dead drunk on liquor.

Ruby won’t really be affected and get drunk even if it takes in the alcohol with it’s sense of smell since it’s body doesn’t have organs.

Ruby starts to swallow Selva little by little. From both forefeet it creeps up to the body, and swallows half of the body leaving the long neck.

Of course, it isn’t possible to finish digesting it, so the offensive trump card is taken out.

It is a ball of demon steel the size of a soccer ball. I came across some in my spare time and continued to [Charge] them full with 【Shock Magic】.

“Selva~, Ah.”

“Hm? Ahh.”

Because of the effect of the 【Scales of the Scorching Dragon】, even if I throw it just as it is there won’t be much of an effect.

Selva who had completely become drunk easily opened her mouth when I did a gesture of an open mouth.

I throw in the demon steel ball without hesitating, then I prompted Ruby to withdraw.

I confirm that Ruby is slowly creeping back and escaped, then I took out a demon steel ball the size of a marble.

When it took on the 【Shock Magic】the surface began to crackle with electricity.

As for the demon steel ball not long ago, if the magic for detonation is not given from the outside than the magic in the ball won’t release.

This globule is like the match that ignites the fuse.

With a flash I flicked it with my finger, it shot into the air and I operated it with 【Mental Force Magic】 and put it inside of Selva’s mouth.

After a short time, together with a dull thud sound white smoke rose out from Selva’s mouth.

“Ah, ga, ga, gaa.”

Her eyes were wide open completely showing the white of her eyes. With this it will not be too difficult to give a decisive blow.

I was going to take a second demon steel ball out from Ruby, but then a voice appeared from behind.

“Please wait.”

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[…] Takami no Kago 66 […]


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