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Chapter 67

“Please wait.”

I heard a voice from behind and looked back to see the maid from the [Lower Layer]’s mansion.

No, she’s very similar but slightly different. The difference is a horn growing from the top of her head.

[It is a ryuujin. I have heard that there are many people who live together with dragons, too.]

That is, if the father or the mother is a dragon, then the child will have dragon characteristics as well.

For now let’s confirm her status.

Irene Drakelord Maid

竜人 Lv.38   25歳
Ryuujin Lv.38 Age:25

Status Rises Indoors.

【 Blood of the Scorching Dragon】★★
Can reproduce the abilities of a dragon. However, the effect is deteriorated.

Drakelord, the same family name as Selva.

“Would you please leave the attack at that? I think that Selva-sama will also reflect on this painful experience.”

“Why did she attack without any warning?”

Based on levels as well, I shouldn’t drop my guard against these opponents.

“Anyhow the reason for secluding ourselves within the dungeon’s [Management Layer] and rarely going out is that the conversations and such of this personage with the remaining people… No, the remaining people and dragons, were just awful.”

Do they have trouble in society?

“She hasn’t exercised at all and only relied on her natural abilities as a dragon. She’s really hasn’t trained at all.”

Is this hikikomori (shut-in) actually weak for a dragon?

“She also has a particular weakness to alcohol, when Master learns of it he will give her a severe scolding.”

Well, that alcohol that was concentrated to the limit is closer to a disinfectant.

“The attack on the body’s insides before didn’t even have very much damage, how deplorable to get surprised and faint from that.”

My trump card’s damage was nearly nothing as well? Then it’s seriously no good to use it in a pinch.

“Selva-sama. Please wake up already.”

She began to crack a very thick whip that was 10 cm at its handle. It made a loud smack as it struck Selva’s face.

“I-it hurts. What? What is it? Geez, don’t be so quick to hurt me!”

“Please transform into human form without being half-asleep.”

“I-I understand already. Geez, Irene will get angry soon if I don’t.”

I’m interested in that whip that was able to easily damage Selva, so I checked it’s status.

Whip of Dragon Destruction

【Dragon Killing】★★
Able to pierce all of a dragon’s defenses.

It’s a Dragon Slayer. I haven’t heard of a Dragon Slayer in the form of a whip.

Afterwards, when I visit the dragons’ relatives I should get my hands on some Dragon Slayer items.

“If we don’t know where the weapons that can kill us are, wouldn’t you agree our safety would be compromised?”

It is certainly justifiable. It seems that currently the method to make 【Dragon Killing】 weapons was lost so those that exist are all that there is.

Surprisingly, it seems this country’s relationship with the dragons is in high enough regard in order to make deals for 【Dragon Killing】 weapons.

With a rustling sound, Selva shrinks and returns to the form of the sweet cute girl I saw at first.

Of course, as with convention she became naked when returning to human form. Because of that our lady started to pout and grumble.

“Truly, I am very sorry. ”

Irene-san bowed very deeply in apology causing Selva to bow despite her swelling bruise.

Irene-san shot Selva a glare causing her to fluster and to start bowing repeatedly.

“Originally, dragons don’t randomly attack people. We especially respect people who challenged the labyrinth. Forcing someone into marriage is not done.”

Since the dungeon opened only 3 people have traversed all of it, and only I was a man that had a divine protection which they wanted to obtain and it resulted in them desperately hoping to invite me.

“Would you please accept a gift as an apology?”

We are intruders who forcefully broke through the dungeon but she wants to give us a gift as an apology?

“Because the dungeon invasion was desired by us.”

Seems like it’s okay. (Darknari: They’re freakin’ mind readers, lol)

“Speaking of, you took all the layer [Guardians] as your subordinates, right? We have a contract with farms and workshops to purchase suitable replacement [Guardians].”

Why expressly tell me that they hold all control of the rules of the dungeon?

“While the dungeon’s pretense is searching for a suitable spouse for dragons, it’s just a pretext to enjoy ourselves. For such a reason, Hibiki, your novel method of capturing the dungeon was very enjoyable.”

So, no problem. Or so I’m told.

If that’s the case, I decided to take the apology gift.

Incidentally, Irene-san is exactly like the mansion’s maid so that maid was modeled after her.

Naturally, the scene where I was frisking the body was seen too. I had a moment of shock when I heard that.

The [Shrine] can be seen from the plaza where we are at. There seems to be their aim.

It was about 10 min until we arrived at the shrine, then Irene unlocked the shrine’s gate.

“Please pick from among Selva-sama’s treasures in this warehouse. You should be able to find something you find pleasing.”

My spirit perks up a little when hearing about a dragon’s treasure storehouse. Dragons in this universe seem to also have the habit of collecting shiny things.

“To open up my treasure storehouse to someone beside Irene, I-I’ve become a little nervous.”

Selva doesn’t seem to have friends, either. Without minding her all the members entered the treasure storehouse.

“Ho, it’s quaint good.”

“It is amazing.”

“M-may I also enter?”

The treasure storehouse overflowed with various things.

Decorative weapons and armor.

Accessories that I don’t understand how to wear.

Gold and silver coins that were piled into mountains and were scattered around carelessly.

“How do you like it? My things are pretty good, right?”

Selva heard us and entered with a triumphant look. I simply ignored her while I kept searching.

I pay no mind to Selva’s voice behind me as she clings to Irene.

Everyone started choosing whatever they wanted.

I caught sight of a sword separated from the rest in the back of the treasure storehouse.

Checking it’s status.

Seiken (Holy Sword)

【Curse of Concealment】
The true power is hidden and sealed away.

There was a holy sword. Because of the curse I can’t tell what effect it would have.

“Oh, so you zeroed in on that sword? You have sharp eyes. That’s the [Holy Sword], which was used by one of the previous heroes or some warrior to possibly defeat, or maybe not, some kind of Demon King or something, I’ve heard.”

I can’t understand that messed up explanation. I don’t even get if he was overthrown in the end.

Still since it’s cursed that means it must have come in contact with a fiend, right?


There was a sudden response in my head. I look around but Selva is only staring blankly in puzzlement.

“Eh, What?”

“Selva, did you say something just now?”

When she heard that Selva suddenly burst into tears and ran to Irene’s side.

“Irene~, Hibiki has not forgiven us yet.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, Hibiki-sama, I understand your anger but we apologized so please be a bit more nicer to Selva-sama.”

“No, I just heard a voice besides Selva’s just now.”

I look around the surroundings restlessly, but there is only Selva and Irene with me in the depths of the treasure storehouse.

“Is someone there?”

A word of denial rings in my head. I check my status to see if my skills have increased.

You can ask god’s opinion with two choices.

Gives a status effect corresponding to your title.

The effect increases and decreases based on the recognition of others.

Labyrinth Explorer
Hero of Welburg
Lord of Goblins
Disciple of Flame Whirlwind
Demon Killer
Black Magic User

Apparently, some time ago there were [Yes] or [No] revelations from god.

【Fame】 seems to strengthen my status when a title is attained from being more well-known.

Currently ‘Disciple of Flame Whirlwind’ and ‘Demon Killer’ are about as effective as ‘Labyrinth Explorer’.

Will recognition by goblins also lead to an increase in my status?

The enhancements are…

All Status Rising:
Labyrinth Explorer
Hero of Welburg
Demon Killer

Goblin Morale Rising, Leadership Rising:
Lord of Goblins

Effect of Fire and Wind Magic Rising:
Disciple of Flame Whirlwind

Chance of an Abnormal State Against Opponents Rising:
Black Magic User

So what’s the bottom line?

Seems like if I fight in front of a lot of people my status will increase faster.

Well, that was a tangent, back to the [Holy Sword].

I reach out to grab the scabbard and lift up the sword.

The [Cursed] state didn’t come undone, is it because I haven’t touched the sword?

I slowly reach towards the sword hilt.

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[…] Takami no Kago 67 […]


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