Demon Lord’s Pet Chapter 17

ペットのスキル芸 act1
The art of Pet’s Skill – Act 1

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TLC: Renbo, Frosty, Xrain

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Kazuya decided to try aforementioned skill.

「I wonder if Analytical Eyes can be used continuously.」
「Yeah, that’s right. I’ll ask just in case but, do you need an explanation on how to use it?」
「No, I don’t need it. It’s already in my head…….」
For some reason, Kazuya knows how to use Analytical Eyes.
There was a feeling of the knowledge that was etched into the Skill Book swirling in his head
After reading the book and regaining consciousness, the knowledge of [How to use it] was included

「It’s just looking at things with my eyes, like normal」

When I gather strength into my eyes, surrounding the eyes a gear type lens appear.

「Ohh, I felt the magic power of the skill」
Since you can’t touch it, it doesn’t look like it’s not made of anything physical, but rather it is made with magic power..
It seems that I can analyze what I see through the len, analysis is possible. That’s how it’s used.
With the help of this, without having to borrow Izuna’s power, I read all of the books at my feet.
「This… [Toughness] skill book. This one is the [Flame Resistance] skill….. There is really quite a variety」
「Of course! Skills of this world, evolve as time passes, and become more diverse」
「That’s why I think there are even more useful things than those eyes」
「Even if you say it now, it can’t be helped. Izu…」
As I was saying 「na」, I tried to look at her and noticed. (TLC:Na as in Izu」na」)
「…..Izuna. It seems like there are some numbers floating around you」
「You’re not using magic, are you?」
「Umu, I am not using magic at all」

Then why can I see numbers floating around the area around Izuna’s head, waist, chest and so on.
Is this possibly…

「Is it the effect of the [Analytical eyes]?」
「Oh, Analysis magic is able to see through the target’s body unique characteristics and their forte.. If [Analytical eyes] have the same effect, it must mean that.」

So basically, 143cm, 43 kg are some of her numerical values
So, considering the combination of the possible numerical values and recognizable units,

「Heeh? These eyes seems to be able to derive height and weight 」
「Waaaa!? What are you looking at!?」
Izuna quickly crossed her arms and guard her body, It appears that her actions is unable to deceive the [Analytical eyes].
「 80-60-76 huh…. Surprisingly big….」
「Waaa, Why are you peeking at a maiden’s secrets without permission!」
「There is also body fat percentage and visceral fat percentage… It’s better not to say it out loud…」
「Why!? Please say it! It’ll make me uneasy you know?」
Iyaa, this figure simply cannot be said. I should tell her to make her own meals, and try to improve her own body. Yeah, let’s do this
「Uuu….., as soon as he acquired that skill, Kazuya became cold」

After saying that, Izuna faced the other way
It was slightly amusing but I may have picked on her a bit too much

「Ma ma, please don’t sulk like that . Thanks to you i had obtained a wonderful ability, so I wanted to try a few things. I’ve wanted to thank you
「Looking at my three sizes is not a way to say thanks Kazuya ! 」
「Ma ma, isn’t it fine? This way I am also able to check on you health of your internal organs as well. 」

I feel like I’m becoming a human health status meter. Or perhaps a human BMI meter
(Ningen Tanita – ->Tanita = Scale maker)

「You are able to see all the way to my internal organs… My clothes have a magical barrier cast on them, you shouldn’t be able to analyse more than necessary.」
「Oh, Is that so?」
「Perhaps the [Analytical eyes]’s effect is much stronger than the one from the [Analysis magic]」

I see. If that’s the case, this skill sure is useful.
By putting more strength into it, I can see through clothes and body. Essentially an, X-Ray.It has the feeling of being able to see through everything.

「Why is such an amazing skill like this is made light of?」
「Although I do not understand analytical magic to that extent. However in battle or investigations, there is not a need to analyze to such an extent. It’s enough to know the weaknesses and attributes」
「So it’s something like that huh」

Even though it’s so convenient.
I can see the interior of the castle. I can even see inside the dust.
With this, we can tell exactly if a place is dangerous
See look, if you put in a lot of power, you can see through any physical body.

「No, I can’t see it alright?」
「Is that so? That’s a pity, Izuna」

And, the second I turned my eyes to Izuna.


Kazuya noticed something.
That being able to see internal organs through the clothes means that if with skillful adjustment, you are able to see through just one layer of clothes. (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

「Ka, Kazuya? Your eyes are scary you know? Wh, what happened?」
「There’s nothing wrong with me, IIzuna. Yeah, nothing, wrong with me.」

Kazuya is, adjusting his eye power while looking at Izuna.
Once he found out it was possible, he wouldn’t be be satisfied until he tried it out.
His instincts were telling him that.
Certainly, it’s not because he was ridiculously interested in her naked body or anything.
Un, he certainly does not hold such wicked feelings.
….. Therefore suppress it, suppress it, me.

Don’t get excited. If you put too much power, you can only see a nude spine.
Even if you see a spinal cord and bone marrow, as a man, I wouldn’t be happy

「O, Oi, Kazuya? Somehow your eyes are starting to become bloodshot?
「Dont worry. there’s nothing wrong with me」
「I, iya, but, your eyes are bloodshot, the area around your eyes is getting really red」
「Don’t worry Izuna.Nothing will happen to me」
「Hasn’t the meaning changed somehow? Kazuya!?」

Just a bit more. Now, I’m just about to see through the clothes.
If i relax my concentration at all, I’d end up putting in too much power and see through everything.
So I can not relax my focus. But I also can not relax my strength.
It’s difficult having to do both of them but,
…..Just do it, me!

The gear lens revolves with a gashagasha sound.
The lens got bigger and small as adjustments are repeatedly made.
But, for some reason, I can see something that looks like a small transparent distortion above her clothes.

「Ku…. My sight is hazy」
「O, oi, Kazuya? I said this earlier but there is a barrier put up okay? It probably won’t be effective to a certain extent, but there’s still resistance okay?」

I already know that. Even if i put in this much strength, I still can’t see!
But still, if I’ve decided to do it, then I have to see it through to the end!
That’s who I am. So

My eyes were filled with the greatest level of fighting spirit and exhaustion.
For a second, a silky white skin, a place where some pink was mixed, jumped into my eyes,
「I saw i…t.」

The gear lens, broke.


Like so, blood starts rushing from the surroundings of Kazuya eyes, and he collapsed.
It seems like, If you use analysis too much, you will take damage.
This day, Kazuya learned that.
In the end, it’s just analysis. Try to do any more or any less than that will come with equivalent risk and a necessity for power adjustment.

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