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Chapter 68

When my hand touched the hilt, the sword flashed for an instant.

When I used all my strength to draw out the sword from the scabbard, it came out so easily.

“Eh? Was it such a beautiful sword?”

Selva gazes at the sword wonderingly.

I also confirm the change in the Holy Sword.

Star Sword

【Stardust Healing】

The magic power that dwells in the stars is bestowed upon the owner.

【Stellar Blaze】

6 Star Rank Will not lose sight of your way.

5 Star Rank Will not lose sight of your position.

4 Star Rank Gain Night Vision.

3 Star Rank The surrounding temperature is always comfortable.

2 Star Rank Attacks below a certain level are invalidated.

1 Star Rank Gain the power to cut everything.

Oh, it’s not a Holy Sword but a Star Sword.

I guess since a hero used it long ago it’s also a [Holy Sword].

I don’t know the cause but I can only use the rank 6 effect right now.

Incidentally, I’m facing north.

“That sword was made from a shooting star according to legend.”

So it’s a kind of meteoritic iron? If that’s the case, this holy-like sword has an interesting history, he thought while nodding his head.

“However, it’s not too good of a sword.”

“Because it only has so so cutting power. It can barely cut through dragon scales.”

I feel if it can just wound a dragon then that’s enough.

“Moreover it’s abilities are subtle. I mean you don’t really need MP regen right? How could anybody exhaust all their MP.”

What a dragon-like thing to say.

“My lord father came across this sword somewhere and just gave it to me when he came back. Do as you like.”

The [Star Sword] doesn’t seem to have any use to dragons.

“In that case, I’ll take this.”

“Eh, that’s it? You know there’s even more amazing weapons? Among other things there’s a sword which slices mountains, a sword which parts the sea, also a spear which will always pierce the heart. However, it’s not allowed to offer a Dragon Slayer.”

“I’m good with this.”

“Is that so? Hibiki is unselfish.”

Sword in hand, I returned back to Ayla and the others where they had all finished picking out the thing they wanted.

Ayla chose a pendant with a small jewel.

Amy smartly chose several unknown alchemy volumes.

Vir chose several bottles of dragon brewed liquor.

Sai was gratefully clutching several stacks of gold coins.

“Though it’s a bit late let’s break for tea.”

Selva guided us out of the management layer and past the gate to a residential area.

The reason for the treasure storehouse to be on the management layer is because those adventurers who were aiming for treasure that came there will be satisfied with the management layer and leave.

“Therefore I’ve never wanted to consider someone entering my home until now.”

We started chatting while drinking a rich tea in her parlour.

Ayla, Amy, and the others are restlessly peeking at the unusual dragon castle.

Zir is properly enjoying the tea and sweets.

Since Sai is unable to keep pace, he started gulping his tea heartily.

Since he is missing one arm, he struggled to add sugar in the cup and stirred with a clatter.

Tea and sweets were placed in front of Ruby also. Ruby puts out a feeler more dexterously than Sai, inclines the cup, and takes the tea into its body.

“Irene-san and Selva, are you family or something?”

I abruptly brought up the subject. Selva and Irene are too stunned to say they are lord and servant.

“It looks to me that you are related, correct?”

Selva was confined in the labyrinth and it seems that Irene’s human mother looked after her.

Well, about 30 years ago, when Selva’s elder brother came to check on her state, Irene’s 25 year-old mother fell in love at first sight and they became partners.

After that they cultivated their love in this labyrinth for five years until Irene was born.

On the 6th year, Irene was born and it became necessary for Selva’s brother to return to the dragon’s village.

Originally, it was the job of Irene’s mother to watch over Selva, so she remained to raise her child while taking care of the big dragon child.

Thus, when Irene came of age (in this world it’s also at 20), she immediately left for the dragon’s village where her husband was at.

“I see… That makes you auntie and niece?”
(TL note: Obaa means Aunt but is used for any middle-aged women.)

“A-auntie, please don’t call me auntie!? I’m only 220 years old you know!?”

As you would expect from a dragon. With a hikikomori period that’s incomplete at about 80 years, is she going to pass as a parasitic 2nd generation? (Darknari: A 2nd generation is someone whose parents had worked their asses off so they could laze around doing whatever they want)

“Go work, NEET.”

Neat? Selva adorably cocked her head to the side.

“That reminds me. Hibiki, you have a [Divine Protection], right? How did you get it? Did you get your new power from the temple?

“What? What’s wrong? Did you not gain anything? Or have you not realized it?”

“No, I obtained it. Is a power obtained when you go to a shrine?”

“Eh? Didn’t you know? The god gives out powers though it is not absolute.”


As I recalled, the 【Oracle】 descends.

Let’s go to temples regularly from now on. Because this place is distant, I’ll have to look for closer temples.

After finishing the tea and sweets, we started talking about returning.

“Y-you’re leaving already?

“If we stay much longer, we will be a nuisance.”

“No, not at all.”

Selva started to get flustered but we have to take Sai back to Yakuu’s place.

“However, it’s night outside the labyrinth now. Shouldn’t it be fine to leave tomorrow morning?”

It’s difficult to keep track of time in the labyrinth. Outside is apparently already very dark.

“Th-that’s true. Leaving tomorrow morning would be best. And if we oversleep we can stay another night.”

We accepted Irene’s kind offer to spend the night in the dragon castle.

Nevertheless, if we oversleep we would still leave the next day, so we kept in mind that ‘we have to do our best tomorrow’.

The next day, we don’t oversleep and leave early morning for town.

Is it good that both of them expressly came out of the labyrinth to see us off?

“Do you have to go?”


“Th-that’s right. Another time I want to go and meet Hibiki. Is that okay?”

“I think it’s fine.”

I glanced at Irene-san who nodded in assent. It seems that it’s not a problem.

“Well, well then I’ll go now. With Hibiki.”



Selva who had started to get onto our wagon returned dejectedly.

We had various encounters but we departed for Welburg.

Picasso begins to walk slowly and gradually leaves the labyrinth.

“I will definitely go. I will go soon!!”

From behind us, Selva was waving so hard it made a whirring sound.

I also wave back lightly.

Our first dungeon capture was finished in this way.

While we slowly enjoyed the inn’s bed after such a long time, I noticed something.

The [Star Sword] is a [Holy Sword] but it is particularly a [Sex Sword]. (TL: Pun here, Holy Sword and Sex Sword are both pronounced Seiken)

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【Stardust Healing】

The magic power that dwells in the stars is bestowed upon the owner.


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