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Translator: Bob
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Chapter 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It was in the middle of the night when we arrived at Welburg.

As expected, I decided to stay at our usual inn saying that we should take it easy today.

We decided to rest all night and go to the guild tomorrow morning because Sai’s stamina was considerably worn out by the wagon movement.

When I asked him if he should return home, I heard that he doesn’t have a base in this town yet. (Bob: Quite a guess here.) (Darknari: fixed it)

Since we are tired it would be difficult to find Yakuu. Even though he wants to meet immediately, he will just have to endure it.

Well, Sai was covered in wounds, but we were not. No, I should say we were not except for me.

[These past few days you were sleeping outdoors, so naturally you haven’t kept the others company.]

The [Book of Wisdom], that was put in its usual place, analyzes the present condition.

“I’m sorry, may I have your affection though it is shameless?”

“Due to sleeping during the day all this while I am not somnolent at all, so allow me to be thy companion.” (TL: Zir? needs work) (Darknari: fixed it)

“Master. Umm, thank you very much!!”

Apparently, my girls seem to have plenty of stamina.

Tomorrow, I’ll take Sai to Yakuu alone. Since they won’t be in a condition to stand up.

“Good, I’m coming.”

I was going to fight until I ran out of stamina.

But I noticed the unusual phenomenon after about the third round. I was gradually coming upon my usual limit but there was completely no problem.

On the contrary…

“Ca-can’t we take a rest for a moment?”

“My lord is assuredly bottomless this present day. As expected, I am knackered.”

“Master, master!!”

With the exception of Ayla, the rest are exhausted.

Accordingly, I was pretty surprised.

“I-it seems I’ve gained infinite stamina.”

In other words…

1: Stamina and fluids are lost

2: 【Self Regeneration】 keeps recovering as long as there is MP

3: The star sword instantly recovers my MP

4: Return to #1 and repeat

And so it goes.

“Fu-fuhahahha!! I finally obtained it. The strongest (sex) power!!”

That day three people were loved to their heart’s content. With this I can maintain the dignity of a master.

“Today you were very passionate.”

“Yea, there wilt beest no dissatisfaction, if thee love us this much at each moment.”

“It was amazingly pleasant. Again, thank you very much!!”

I tasted a women’s vitality. However, it is the truth that I have no physical limitations.

Perhaps this might be the best crop harvested from this time’s dungeon.

The next morning I head towards the Adventurer Guild to introduce Sai and Yakuu.

Yakuu was sitting near the entrance to the guild. She seems to have been waiting here for a long time.


“Yakuu!! Nii-chan has returned!!”

Yakuu dives into Sai’s chest. Sai manages to somehow catch Yakuu’s ramming attack.

“That’s great. I thought you had died.”

“Ahh, I was able to survive and return thanks to your request to Hibiki.”

*Grab*, Sai hugs Yakuu tightly with his remaining arm.

Yakuu seems happy but after noticing his missing arm her face darkens and she chokes up.

“N-nii-chan!? You lost your arm!?”

“Ahh, I blundered in the labyrinth and lost it. Don’t worry, the wound has already closed.”

“B-but, then being an adventurer…”

There are not many guys who can remain as an adventurer after losing an arm. Not to mention that Sai dove into the labyrinth solo.

It’s probably hopeless to try and remain an adventurer.

“There is no help for it, we must express our gratitude for just being able to save my life.”

After that, Sai turned my way to talk.

“Because of that, even though I’m terribly sorry can you wait on the payment for a little while? I can only give you this for now.”

Saying so, Sai presented the gold coins gotten from Selva’s treasure warehouse.

“Paying the reward all together is fine. For the time being, consider it as a loan.”

“That’s not what you said before!!”

The reward is 6 gold coins. After discussing it with Sai in the wagon it was decided on.

Although I feel that it is a little too much, but there is no such fool who would usually go to a labyrinth for a rescue, so I don’t know what I should charge.

At first it was an even larger sum of money but it was obvious that they couldn’t afford that amount.

That being the case, they should be able to pay off this amount of money steadily little by little.

“Don’t misunderstand, Sai. I’m only delaying the repayment of your debt and intend to to take a little interest.”

“However, even if you say interest…”

The talk of interest has been handled properly. It’s a fixed amount of 12 silver coins per year.

The principal won’t increase so long as they don’t forget to pay a silver coin every month.

“Work diligently to at least pay off the interest every month”

“…Sorry for troubling you. I’ll try to repay you as quickly as possible. Absolutely.”

Sai, as a dog beastman that possessed a strong sense of duty, declared with an earnest face.

Sai and Yakuu left the guild at once in order to search for their next job.

“Well, what should we do?~”

When I am looking at whether or not there is any requests that seem interesting…

| Escort the trading caravan to the town of Brett Client: Alchemist Guild |

I discovered such a request.

“Brett? Can contact be made with them now?”

I could recall hearing about Brett from that natural Hero and suffering Shinto Priests disaster of an event.

A little curiosity sprung up so I decided to visit Giren’s office.

“Oh, You?”

Gieren responds without surprise as he has gotten accustomed to my uninvited visits.

“I saw a request to the town of Brett, is it already safe?”

“Ah, is that so? Frankly, we just got news from them two days ago. Those guys with sharp ears have already left.”

Right. While I was out of town, communication with Brett seem to be restored.

“I’m told, the Hero candidate played a large part by laying waste to a 1000 monsters.”

Lux, huh. However, 1000? As expected.

“Nevertheless, by the church’s report various things have to happen so he is still the Hero candidate.”

I think it’s the fight between Seira and Baara on which [Holy Woman] will select the hero.

Personally, I’d recommend Baara.

“Is that so? Thank you the info was helpful.”

“Don’t mention it. Are you going to go to Brett?”

“I don’t have any plans to at present.”

“I see. Please inform me if you travel to another town even if it’s not Brett. It helps a little.”

“To say something like that, do you also have some plans or something?”

Giren shakes his head. He must not have had any ulterior motive.

“Well, ok, see you later.”

I leave the office and head towards the Alchemist Guild next.

I asked for Frank at the reception desk and he showed up at the waiting room about 10 minutes later.

“Hey, hey Hibiki-kun. And Amy-san welcome. The other person was also in the lord’s castle, recently.”

“Hello, Frank-san.”

“What kind of business do you have today? Come to think of it, is Latia-san not here?”

“Did you submit an escort request to the Adventurer Guild for a trading caravan.”

“Ahh, that’s right. Because trade with Brett has restarted, we want to immediately spread the [White Porcelain Ware].”

Is it as I thought? Usually, the Alchemist Guild sells goods to the Merchant Guild at wholesale. The purpose of not doing it now might be to monopolize the market.

“Is that so? Then more [White Porcelain Ware] than before is necessary?”

“Th-that’s right. I was just going to talk to you about increasing the production.”

Presently, we supply the store with two sets of round plates per week. Latia and the goblins understand the process up til the delivery of goods.

Production increase might not be too difficult as long as the white clay can be prepared.

“I see. How much do you need?”

“For now, I’d like as much as possible to be made for the next 2 weeks. At that time is the departure of the trading caravan.”

“That is fairly slow? ”

“Right now, it’s because there are very few adventurers that can act as guards. We can’t travel unless enough can be arranged.”

“That must be difficult. Then, I’ll make the delivery in 2 weeks. I think a total of 10 sets of the usual products can be safely supplied.”

“Ahh, I’ll entrust it to you. I’ll have to reconsider the list of cargo.”

I part from Frank and walk through the town. I decided to do some shopping before returning to the goblin village.

“Well now, where should I go?”

“Ah, hey, [Annihilation].”

From behind me, I hear a voice that I’ve been hearing a lot lately.

“Uncle Stew. What’s the matter?”

“There is a guy who wants to meet you at the Adventurer Guild. He requested that I go find you.”

“Although I was at the guild this morning?”

“Well then you must of just missed each other.”

“Who is waiting?”

“Who knows? Maybe he wants to hear about the demon incident. Many people have been loitering around the [Seal Stone of Sobbing].”

Since it can’t be helped, I return where I came from.

Well, what kind of guy is there?

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