Skill Taker and Recruitment

Hi Guys, Cyro here (I’m not dead).

So I approved Skill Taker for the site, and some of the staff promptly moved it into the private section because the TL was low quality. They are probably going to yell at me later. 😛

Anyway, the chapters are all short, and from the small bit I looked at it wasn’t hard to MT. Kyoukoxren is working on it, but he could use an editor to smooth them over. As usual with RTD, our editors need MTL software so they can double check any bad sounding translations.

RTD’s MTL guide to help you start out. Part 1 and Part 2.

(Update by Fairy)
I was the one who brought it down. Currently, all our translated novels do have editors and translation checker to reduce the inaccuracies ensure the story flows. We pride ourselves in providing quality translations to everyone. Why so? Because we care.

We will get an editor for him and post the chapters shortly. Please wait till then. As for people commenting why are we picking up “New Series” when we have tons of dead series. IE:  Master of *cough* Mons*cough*.  He asked for permissions to post them onto our site. Anyway, your opinions are heard. Let the Fairy work out some magic.

Staffs Needed

2 X Editors ( Skill Taker, Shinka/TnK)

Come to discord and ping the admins or the mods there. There will be a mini editing test for those who are interested. If not, just join the discord and say that you wish to be part of Dr Tran’s Harem. He would happily oblige you. His harem will certainly welcome fresh blood

Machine Translating to give a bit back to the community.
If you want to help support/encourage me, you can add me on Patreon.

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unfortunately I cannot consistently do this due to college but if no one else volunteers I could help when I have spare time since I have a basic grasp of Japanese from taking JAP101, high level English courses and prior experience editing, but due to college I am unsure if I would have enough time therefore I am only volunteering if no one else comes forth.


I nearly reported u guys for false/accidental posting of chapters on NU. :/ Hope u get those done soon or at least delete the links on NU


Have u released the new chapter officially? Can we read them now?

The viewing/availability of the chapters seems to be intermittent right now even after resetting my browser


We don’t post on NU. It picks chapters automatically. We decided to take the chapters down for our reasons. If they are still on NU, they should be the ones taking them down. Thank you.


Well I’m not picking this up, and I just tried my hands on translating Eps.137. Read my unpolished version or wait for RTD’s release.

RTD, I’m not poaching the novel ok, it’s just a teaser and I’m still waiting for your version so I can compare mine to yours. (So I’ll learn form my mistakes)


At the very least leave a link to the previous web page if we want to catch up to where you guys are taking over


Apparently, I still can’t join you for neither to become editor because my english is so-so, nor to become translator since I’m still learning japanese in my college.
But can I join the discord? Or is it specially for admin only? I would like to join if you have discord for general discussion.


Come to discord. ^


what happened to andrew?


So, is this dead?